Who and what is Devian.cz?

Lukáš Kubec portrait

Devian.cz is a web-blog maintained by Lukáš Kubec since August 2009 with the aim of spreading ideas of freedom, independence and tolerance based mainly on economics and classically liberal and libertarian political philosophy.

Since then, over 220 articles on political, economic, philosophical and social science topics and several other authors have been published on this website. Since November XNUMX, all content is also published in English with the help of neural and machine translation. Translations of new articles since then are being human-reviewed. Translation of older articles are human controled based on publication on social media or based on number of readers of such articles.

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Lukáš Kubec

I was born and have been living in Prague for almost 30 years, living all my life in services and gastronomy - as a manager I had teams of dozens of employees and managers under me. At present, I am mainly engaged professionally in E-commerce and digitization, and I am workin in one company all my life.

As a blog, I started writing Devian.cz in 2009 as a form of self-realization. Economics, political philosophy, issues of freedom, respect and tolerance; The theme of open society and nonviolence, logical analysis are my lifelong loves. It is possible that the older the text you read, the more typos or errors you will find in them. I apologize for that, after all - I have been writing since I was 17 years old.

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What articles would I recommend to you?

I am especially proud of several texts (random order):

Where can you read me elsewhere and can you use local texts?

You used to be able to find some of my articles at Finmag.cz, I came across something in E15 or Penize.cz, I became a part of some anthologies of texts, I am quoted in at least one (unfortunately unsuccessful) constitutional complaint.

A lot of other texts were taken over by a lot of other servers, serious both more or less - if you state the author and the link incl. resources, you can publish articles from Devian.cz anywhere you like.

Where do I get resources and inspiration?

I speak, write and read fluent English (my work is in English), so I use a lot of English resources, as well as from my library, everyday life and live conversation with inspirational person give me the most. You can find an interesting person in Fastfood, at the 6th department of the General Hospital, on the street, in a bar or a club. You never know! I love movies, theater, other worlds, my worlds, your worlds.

A piece of my library. FA Hayek is by far the most inspiring author for me.

In addition to economic books, my library also contains books on management, people management (fluctuation, retention, recruitment, excludment...), sociology, basics of psychology, personal development, Kaizen, marketing, history, law, political philosophies, LGBT / Queer…

And also Jestrab, Harry Potter, Stephen Chbosky, Paul Coelh (2 books exactly) and more. Books are an incredible source of inspiration.

How am I alive?

Hyperactive, distracted, I speak fast (and when I speak, I can't be stopped), fast-thinking, open, trying…

You just have to see it alive!

Or read Devian.cz.