A cauldron in a Nazi uniform

Why is it good to have Kotleb?

The Slovak elections have completed the rewriting of the political map of our eastern neighbors: none of the parties that have now entered parliament it did not exist 20 years ago. The phenomenon of changing the Slovak political map is a sign of several differences in the development of our countries after the division in 1993. But one phenomenon is exceptional here - and it is good for our Czech reality to look at it closely: it is the Kotleba phenomenon.

For the nation - the white and the Gentile.

Who exactly is that weird mustachioed guy who marched in a few years ago? imitation of a Nazi uniform in Slovak cities to subsequently become mayor, deputy - and until recently almost a candidate for winners parliamentary elections?

"Of all the strange faces, which are united not only by a strong anti-Slovak attitude, but also by a very interesting physical, non-Slavic appearance, I will mention three names… Mesežnikov, Samson and Gál, “

Marián Kotleba in a parliamentary debate to Grigory Mesežnikov, Ivo Samsonov and Fedor Gál, who are known to be of Jewish origin.

Marián Kotleba is a Slovak politician who built his career on the neo-Nazi movement Slovak communitywhich he chaired - officially in office Leader. He emphasized, for example, the use of the Hlinka Guards motto "On guard!“, Racist, anti-Semitic statements or, for example, the public celebration of the fascist Slovak state. Its deputies then often evaluated the Holocaust in an interesting way - so that it happened to everyone, but formally they didn't actually do anything wrong.

Marián Kotleba is in my opinion simply ordinary Nazi, carnival, racist, homophobic. Man against freedom, man in the position of dictator dangerous, a person living in functions mainly for his own benefit; who puts it all into the pleasing garb of religion and the nation, especially as long as it is white and Gentile nation. The most disgusting thing you can take from human society and concentrate together - that is Marián Kotleba.

Defenders of freedom on the wrong side?

And what do the discussions of some defenders of freedom in the Czech Republic about this person look like?

"If I take how our media portrays the National Front or Kotleb as far-right, and yet they are left-wingers'"

it is an authentic quote from a representative of a political party that defends freedom as one of its goals.

This is absurd - I would not fight in my life for Marián Kotleba to be imprisoned for his views. But whether anyone calls him an "extreme rightist" or an "extreme leftist," my first reaction will certainly not be to what is and is not the right.

My first reaction will be that it is of course a monster.

And if we evaluate him on the basis of some criteria as "right-handed" or "left-handed", it is up to him secondary. For a man of this format, there should be a primary consensus for anyone who defends freedom a little bit - and I really don't care if you defend yourself to the left or the right:

It's a dangerous and disgusting monster.

Such a monster that you definitely do he deserves nothing to ease his efforts promote their views and ideas. He doesn't deserve to be a martyr. He doesn't deserve to close and draw attention from his disgusting opinions that he was poor thing political prisoner.

Penalty of free competition

The only thing Marián Kotleba deserves is the penalty of free competition: he cannot sacrifice his worldview to the pedestal, because he did not undergo any. He must send his views into the ring with advocates of freedom and tolerance. He deserves to be a punching bagwho, without that political-prisoner baby, just shows his emptiness and stupidity and gets such discussion and opinion loader, that anyone who, even a little, upholds some of Kotleb 's theses on white and even whiter, will look like simple idiot.

Such is free competition: she is heavy. You have to succeed in endless competition - and she's insidious. The better you are, the better trained your competition is, if it's just a little capable. They are not always afraid of competition and need state violence to protect them from it. Competition always goes against the incompetent and superficial.

Thus, the traditionally more conservative Slovakia has a guarantee in Kotleb that the tempting - in a way conservative - thesis will be grasped by someone sane, because competition leads to it, and that liberals will be constantly pushed to improve their argumentation. It will work out for them in Slovakia one day.

Liberal, tolerant, cautious politician from PS / Total or SaS or decent a Catholic conservative from KDH they probably won't have the chance to let go ostentatiously kneel with an emergency for „their harmless and mere words"Will not be able to report how"this regime is free only for someone"Because they said something somewhere. They don't in principle the possibility of simple populism. It must therefore be better, more efficient, more credible and there is no better training punching bag than such a simple carnival as Kotleba.

In this way, I will always defend Kotleb's freedom of speech, and I will always oppose that similar creatures be closed only on the basis of what they have said. Not only because of a certain principle of freedom protection, but especially because because I don't feel obligated to make their efforts any easier - either by punishing them and imprisoning them, or by diluting discussions about their disgusting attitudes into something like this secondarysuch as whether they are right or left.

This is the very smallest problem that we can leave to political scientists in practical life.

None of the forms of this luxury doping opinion neither the Nazi nor the Communist deserve it.