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BIS letter: It will be you who has to reach for your conscience

Security information service (BIS) won the "for the law, which opens the way for intelligence services to make uncontrolled use of facial recognition technologies"Big Brother" in the category "The official snooped„. The BIS did not like the designation of the "biggest official invader of privacy" of Czech citizens in 2019 - and the spokesman thus responded with a hurt letter. But to such a reaction the civilian security service has no right. Let's explain to her spokesperson the importance of fighting to reduce state power and supervising its citizens.

Dear Mr. Šticho,

through you, I would like to respond to a letter in which you - as a spokesperson - responded to the award on the BIS letterhead "Big Brother" in the category "The official snooped".

The letter can be read here. What did the BIS get the Official Snooping Award for? See the Big Brother Awards website.

To begin with - I must say that I appreciate the work done by the security services in the Czech Republic. Although I am in a position to consider the state and its organizations as very dangerous to the freedom of the individual, I have to admit to myself that I personally have always met only with professional dealings security forces and that I appreciate the work TO - because, although perhaps for no reason at all, I believe that performs excellent work in ensuring the safety of citizens of the Czech Republic.

I was even more disappointed by the letter. Take the following lines as paraphrase to your reaction. I believe that you are an intelligent and educated person and that is the way it is you will understand the reasons why you were awarded the prize.

BIS: Naivety in times of freedom…

Today, you have managed to react as a naive and trusting representative of the security forces. You have decided to support the view of those who express theirs in times of peace and quiet the need to centrally collect sensitive data on citizenswho are in that state sovereign and naively does not consider the consequences of such steps. Every citizen is for them suspicious, everyone has committed something, everyone is dangerous and you need to have something for everyone. The same members of the security forces are then not ashamed to fight and to oppose any attempt of civilian controlwhen citizens want to have rightly supervision of the institution, which is trying know and supervise every aspect of civil life..

You are also your letter he muttered all those who in times of freedom they fought and sometimes even put their lives on the line for the secret services not to become (or could not be so easily) an instrument of violence persecution own citizens, a tool oppression or protect other citizens from and often illegal malice secret security forces State at a time when, as a state organization, served not so freely inclined rulers and oppressors.

Definitely you does not excuse ignorance or naivety - You are certainly too educated and intelligent for that.

Today, with this letter, you are calling for blind and uncritical trust in the security forces of the state, because "there is now democracy and freedom" and "it is not possible for someone to come to power who would use the tools to violence and persecution. "

Let me call you irreparably naive.

BIS:… obedience in times of oppression?

The threat of totalitarianism, dictatorship, seizure of power and control of the state monopoly on violence against its own citizens has increased in recent years. has not changed significantly, but also thanks to the efforts of activists, politicians and civilians fighting for civil / democracy control and restriction of the exercise of state power to no reversal to totalitarianism in the Czech Republic in the post-November development - in contrast to other countries of the former Eastern bloc - has not happened yet.

However, if it does happen, it will be you who will ask: where they were advocates of freedom and restrictions on state power? Then we will hold your letter in hand and you will stand in the face of victims and survivors after those that the new non-free or totalitarian state power will be persecute, liquidate, oppress, it will be them threaten, it will be track and variously different misuse the tools, information and procedures by which in the name of the fight against terrorism now you call it.

It will be you who will have to reach for your consciencewhy you wished so much in free times omnipotent, all-seeing, all-hearing, all-knowing state apparatus, which as the only entity in the world he can use all this against people without consequences, without punishment, without bankruptcy, without loss.


Lukáš Kubec

PS: Dear Mr. Šticho, you can also read as it appeared last time when a "democratic government" controlled the "secret services" in times of "peace and freedom."

Or look straight at how The "democratically elected party" has succeeded in controlling the security forces and turning them into an instrument of terror for its own population.

And there are far too many such cases in history and around us.