The state is a pervert: does it want to view your nude photos as well?

The new law from the workshop of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic is nothing more than the already rejected empowering law from the workshop of Interior Minister Hamáček disguised as the centralization of hygiene. It is a dangerous law: it restricts our freedoms, our rights and rehabilitates the pre-XNUMX practice of communist governments. How come?

Quotes from

"The new central office of the State Hygiene Service under the Minister of Health should be able to decide to close shops or universities without a state of emergency and also gain the power to monitor any citizen's mobile phone if an official assesses a coronavirus user."

Yes, the title is somewhat overshot- It goes onlythe ability to request data location of your phone 3 weeks ago, however - that Hungarian MEP József Szájer should avoid the Czech Republic by arc - you know, this is how you start a conservative nationalist political party and end up in gay orgies in Belgium, you don't even know how.

Szájer, the founder of the Hungarian conservative-national party Fidesz, was caught in Brussels with more than 20 other men in gay orgies. Nothing against it - but how does he explain this to his constituents, to whom he claimed that marriage as a union of a man and a woman should be in the constitution?

And even 3 weeks after that, they can find out about you.

Centralization of hygiene? Just a cover!

Everything is hidden in the centralization of the state hygiene service, where the Minister of Health can:

  • without parliamentary approvalwho is a representative of the people and who expresses no / confidence in the government
  • without public control
  • on a de facto basis of arbitrariness

close universities, shops, establishments, restrict gatherings or travel or request data on the person's movement - location data up to 3 weeks back - all data where the person stayed for at least 20 minutes.

It is the beginning of December 2020. The United Kingdom is preparing approval in the coming days of the coronavirus vaccines . The vaccine will be in the Czech Republic at the beginning of 2021, which is already the case of XNUMX month. The number of cases is declining. Until the spring of 2020 no-one needed such powers.

The law also includes good things - for example, easier outsourcing of some activities, for example to call centers, which would help tracing. This is certainly a much more practical proposal, but we have been waiting for it since about March 2020.

It's December and there's a proposal on the table that allows you to track you up to 3 weeks back at will. That he is just a "demonstrably infected person"?


What if the bad ones ruled?

The fact, that today the leaders of the government are people who probably do not abuse this possibility, does not mean that it can not happen in the future. Once a state has approved such power, it will never let go, and the worse people lead this state, the more likely it is to be abused.

We will only hear that "how would the state deal with a pandemic, for example, if it occurred, without these powers?"

Well, as It should have done now, and It doesn't need the powers of scrutiny.

Control by the House makes sense: if we live in rule of law, in the state where the source of power is the citizens, in a state that is democratic; then we live in a state where it is not a government that has power over its citizens: but the citizens who lend their power to the government, through its elected representatives in parliament, who - on behalf of citizens - do or do not express confidence in the government and who - on the basis of the mandate of citizens/voters - control the government.

That your movement, your work, your study, your gathering, your travel - yours fundamental freedoms, including the fundamental right to privacymay be restricted without authorization from parliament - from citizens - is enacting of official arbitrariness.

Rehabilitation of communism pre-November practice?

It is not only an act that completely treats ours freedoms and rights, but also a step that partially rehabilitates government practice before 1989.

Avoidance of official arbitrariness by the principle that a civil servant can only do exactly what the law allows and everything else is forbidden,While a citizen can do anything that is not prohibited by law, is one of the main ones revolutionary points of our law arising from the Velvet Revolution and fall of the communist regime.

The official arbitrariness was the practice of STB (secret police under communist rule) or Police under the communist regime. It is not only an act that completely treats ours freedoms and rights, but also a step that partially rehabilitates government practice before 1989.

Something like this must be completely rejected. Centralization of hygiene? Simplified outsourcing? Please, if necessary.

But in a time when is vaccination close, when we have (almost) a hundred-year pandemic behind us, when it is necessary to start preparing for the "time after" the enforcement of such a law is only a half-opening Overton window to further permanently restrict our rights and freedoms.

The BIS (current Czech intelligence agency) tried it. Interior Minister Hamáček tried it. Minister of Health Blatný is trying. Others will try.

The fight to protect freedoms and rights never ends.

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