Brexit: The Empire strikes back

Brexit is approaching, and so far it seems that years of negotiations have been useless. Let us not overestimate the capabilities of the British negotiators, but the European Union's action will not interfere with imperial policy. Why would Leonid Brezhnev be pleased with the current Eurofederalists, and why is it clear from the beginning that the EU does not really want to agree on anything?

In addition to constant information on several years of negotiations between the EU and the United Kingdom on Brexitu, a message appeared that Britain concluded an agreement with Switzerlandwhen both countries said that after Brexitu they will trade together according to the same rules as before.

It is also worth mentioning that already in 2016, the representatives of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA / EFTA) statedthat they are ready to take Britain back.

What a contrast to the European Union.

An empire without opposition

The European Union is acting like an empire hereto which a disobedient colony is torn off. The EU, which was created by the agreement of the sovereign states and should therefore be subordinated to them - including the United Kingdom - shows here its effort to create from itself "to rise An institution that is more than individual states, individual governments, parliaments, and electorate.

The effort to maintain a uniform doctrine in the EU institutions is then beautifully illustrated by the efforts of an aged MEP Jo Leinen on "the approval of the formation of a parliamentary group by a majority in parliament". This is such an absurd proposal, as if, for example, the establishment of an ODS club had to be approved by a majority in the Chamber of Deputies, so if YES did not wish, the ODS would not have a club and equal resources compared to others. One rules over all, one preaches to all of them. A "one-party" government.

No one works in this way cannot be considered democratic.

The effort for the non-existence of any opposition can then be seen in clear communication, where any small success of the reform or Eurocritical forces in any country in the EU is taken as "threat to the whole of the European Union ", as a threat to all other states.

The empire punishes with a human face

That is why the EU treats the United Kingdom as one who needs prevention punish - deviation from the official Euro exchange rate of unification and elimination of intergovernmental competition, from the exchange rate defacto oligopolization and cartelization of states in the market of tax and legislative competition It is taken as a threat to everyone else who does this cartel participates.

From the current EU perspective, it is therefore necessary to point out the warning that how to turn with those who will not play by our rules.In fact, the European Union never wanted to agree - which was indirectly stated when he was appointed Brexit Negotiator for the EU Guy Verhofstadt, founding member of the Spinelli Group, which aims to federalization European Union. Absurd.

The doctrine of limited sovereignty

However, this approach it is nothing unusual and new. "Turning away" from Eurofederalist tendencies is taken as a matter not of a particular country, but as problem of all stakeholders.

In the past, we have seen it in Europe as the so-called "Brezhnev's doctrine ", which was, for example, behind the military

Brezhnev would like the doctrine of shared Euro-sovereignty
Brezhnev would like the doctrine of shared Euro-sovereignty

interventions in Czechoslovakia in 1968.

I firmly believe that if we left the Union and state institutions out of the Brexit negotiations and followed only the views and behavior of specific citizens and companies, arranging Britain's departure from the EU would be much easier and faster.

People want to work together and do business. If you have acquaintances around you who are originally from Britain and now live in the Czech Republic (I have), you absolutely do not understand why these people should suddenly start applying for visas and worry about their future in the Union. If you buy and use British products, you probably won't find a reason why anything should change about their availability and the way to our market.

Union namely does not act in the interests of "citizens-voters"but in their own interest. The Union has transformed itself into its own caste of bureaucrats and politicians intoxicated with power and dreaming of a great European state that will make them stars of world politics. After all, how many Belgian prime ministers would you know if it weren't for the EU?

Verhofstadt as Putin

For such policies, then, the threat to the strength of the EU institutions and possible democratic control is the worst thing that could happen. Control binds power - the power that the virtually uncontrolled rulers of the Union now enjoy to their heart's content. They don't want to lose it.

In this then there is no difference between the representatives of the Union and, for example, the authoritarian Vladimir Putin. So if you don't like the Empire, wait for its crushing blow.