Trans flag

Your body is state property

That your body is yours - and so it should be your right to decide how to deal with it, something is obvious to a lot of people. Why should it cost you to dictate what you have to do with your hair, what tattoos you have to do, if you have to wear glasses? Unfortunately, what is completely standard for most companies is something special for some. Even today, in 2018, the state usurps the right to dictate how one treats one's body.

Trans issues and ideology

Trans people exist. Rejecting their existence, fighting them as "strange deviations", fighting "malignant gender ideology" may be a life's work for some, but it does not change the fact of the existence of these people.

It's people like you or me. They have two arms, two legs, they live, they work, they are not disadvantaged in any way, except that…
… Their physical box does not match the settings of their body. Either they have a penis and they appear as men on the outside, but in the "head" of personalities they are set like women, or vice versa.

By no means am I an expert on trans issues. On the contrary - I'm a complete layman in this, so instead of learning about ideological lessons, I like to learn something about "how these people have it." I understand that the mismatch between their gender and physical gender is a big problem that can ruin the lives of these people. Who are we all to judge?

Unfortunately, the state sees it differently - it usurps the right to decide on the body and life of these people down to disgusting private details. And that is an ideological question - Is it the state or you who have to decide on your body and life?

Volume cancellation

The first disgusting invasion of privacy is the annulment of unions - if you get married or enter into a registered partnership, your union will legally expire after the change of gender. No one asks you or your partner.

The state has determined how your private partnership life should be regulated, regardless of your opinion. The state - someone else - usurps a greater right to control your intimate bonds than it attributes to you. Private intimate matters thus become politicians, decided on from a position of power. This is a dangerous precedent - one day it may be your private life that will be shattered from a position of power against your will.

This practice must be rejected. It is a problem of state institutions - and not of its citizens - that he has usurped the right to regulate marriages, and it is therefore a problem of the state that anomalies, such as trans-people, enter its "system". The fact that the state cannot cope otherwise with this cannot justify such a huge interference with the right to dispose of one's body, the right to life, the right to privacy.

Parental rights

Another thing that happens to you is that your parental rights towards your children will be judged by a court in the event of a gender reassignment. If it were at the instigation of children or the other parent, it is a classic dispute and you can not mind - let the court decide.

But no one asks here in advance. Judicial review is necessary and indisputable, required by law. The fact that the wishes of children may be "taken into account" does not justify a state-enforced practice in which the parental rights of all trans-people are widely questioned.

What could be a greater challenge to the social institution of the family than just this? Where are all the conservative "family advocates", when there is obvious bullying of the family by the state in practice?

Trans people and castration

Gender change in official state documents in the Czech Republic is conditioned by castration. Yes, you read well - you are born with a defect, where there is a possibility to change the situation with the help of hormones, operations and one's own lifestyle.

You will be born with male genitals, but you are a woman internally - until you get castrated, until you have a state-imposed procedure done that will damage your body, which is for you superfluous and which is exercised only because of the will of the state power, every time you come into contact with the state, every time you look at an identity card, passport, official document, you will be reminded: You are weird.

This is harsh state bullying, mainly due to its inconspicuousness and everyday life. It is similar to the designation of Jews as a Jewish star in Nazi Germany.

Forcing castration is the worst: the state blackmails you into not allowing you to solve your problem unless you damage your body. The state is behaving like the worst here slave and sadist.

State documents

Why should the state address any gender at all? Why does it have to be stated in personal documents, why does such a pile of state documents ask for it?

This figure is completely for officials unnecessary and its detection and presentation is completely unnecessary. It is not the role of the state to bully its citizens, to manage their lives. It is not the state that rules the citizens - they are the citizens from whom the power of the state is derived. The state has no right to monitor, spy on, restrict or unnecessarily annoy its citizens. The state has no right to dictate to you what you are or are not; what sex you have or don't have, who you are / can be or if you are / should be castrated. This is not the role of the state - the state should serve its citizens.

So much for at least the theory of a democratic state; but in this case it is beautiful to see that the practice is completely different. The state acts as an absolute ruler, usurping the right to decide your life down to such disgusting details as whether or not you should be castrated.

The fact that he is not exercising this power on you means nothing - you are only still privileged to behave freely. But that doesn't mean you're free.