Andrej Babiš and the opinion on the senate

The Senate is delaying Babiš, and that is good

Andrej Babiš doesn't like the senate - he will interfere. He says that no one is "interested" in the senate, that "it costs a lot of money" and that it is "useless". Other politicians do not need the senate too much - they would like to replace it with a "regional council". But there is one important thing behind this displeasure with the senate - the senate does not allow you to "just arrange it" from a position of power. And it's good.

Do we want an effective state?

An "effective state" sounds nice. Under it, most citizens imagine convenient communication with the authorities, fast handling of anything and a friendly approach.

But from long-term view is not possible in bureaucracy. "Effective state" actually means "effective exercise of power"

  • "Effective tax collection" = cost you out of your wallet takes "effectively" more money
  • "Effective enforcement" = become you "more efficient" limits in everyday life
  • "Effective bureaucracy" = the bureaucratic apparatus is growing "effectively" and is looking for new areas of activity
  • "Effective legislation" = the state responds "effectively" a binds with his power anything new

The exercise of power and a monopoly on enforcement is the main activity of the state, and so if the state is effective, v In practice, this means "more effective" bullying.

In practice, "digitization" will rather lead to the release of state resources for regulation and "effective" enforcement in broader and new areas. Do we really want an effective state?

Are you going red?

How many times in your life have you switched to red? How many times when traffic was zero and it didn't make sense to wait for the green light to go?

An effective state is the one who charges you for each of these offenses against the rules set by him Punish "effectively".

The Senate obstructs autocrats

Andrej Babiš and others consider the senate "ineffective" because it prevents them exercise power and enforcement.

In the Chamber of Deputies, which you conquer with a strong marketing campaign and transform into your image with one election quite anonymously, you will get a comfortable majority. You will occupy the government, you will put your people in government offices, you will live like a king.

And then there it is examined senatewhich returns laws to you and thus delays their validity, does not allow you to change the constitution, does not allow you to change electoral laws…

… And you will not conquer the senate either by elections. It is not possible. Senators have been there for 6 years, that is 1,5 parliamentary term. They are elected gradually in thirds, One strong marketing wave is not enough for your choices. They are elected by a majority, so on personality. It's difficult to vote in two rounds, no one enjoys it, and you can't even get those people to choose you.

The Senate is enough cleansed of fashionable waves of opinion, waves of changes in government, waves of changes in the layout of the Chamber of Deputies. The Senate costs a lot preserves before its development.

Just all wrong. You dream yours dream country, form of exercising power according to you and some 70 years old Kubera will you gossip about it?

You just run the state as your private business will not allow. You don't just make slaves slaves like that.

Do we want a fast state?

And so for all possible Babiš and Okamura, (fortunately) rule is not fast. You want censorship? Find a popular reason, run it through the House of Representatives and without a senate with senile president voila!

  • You want to change of the Institute?
  • Leading role parties…?
  • Close borders due to migration?
  • Killing people for taking drugs?
  • Change the state to personal dictatorship?

In a state that is quick These things can too stand fast. The fast state responds quickly to current trends in opinion and quickly exercises power. Quickly start watching, restricting, spying on, enclosing, indoctrinating, controlling, censoring, commanding, taxing, registering, reprimanding, exploiting, persecuting, judging…

Fast state means rapid implementation of a monopoly on violence.

Thank God for the Senatewho is against this force. Every tool that follows delays a state institution is a tool that expands our freedom in today's world.

And that's why Andrej Babiš doesn't like him.

The picture is from David Wiltsich's 2016 article