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Orbán's school - education in the captivity of ideologies

In Hungary, they banned gender studies - officially due to low interest in the field; practically and according to other Hungarian government officials for ideological reasons - the conservative government does not like Gender studies. For some it is a "voice of reason", for others it is a "violation of academic freedoms." The problem is in public education as such and the solution is in freedom of education.

Maria Theresa for 2030

Education is a field that is densely (directly or indirectly) regulated and controlled by the state. This has many negative consequences - it makes economic calculation in education impossible, Besides.

Prices transmit information and signals. However, in a densely regulated and state (enforced) funded field, we do not have real prices that would arise from an agreement between a buyer and a seller, so we do not have real information.

We do not have information about what is not / should be learned, we do not know what there is interest in the market of opportunities after study, we do not know what students are really interested in. Bureaucratically, education is able to respond only to stimuli from the past. Figuratively, we educate children for the year 2030 on the basis of information from the year 2010. For example, Maria Theresa for the 21st century will no longer be so relevant.

Education in the grip of ideologies

As a result, education is managed bureaucratically - not only is the goal not efficiency, but expansion of the bureaucratic apparatus, while education is becoming at the same time political instrument.

The example of the intervention of the government of Viktor Orbán is that beautiful example. The government does not like any field, so they simply arrange for its ban or cancel its financing. Real we do not know if it is really a non-useful field. We really do not know whether students would actually study this field anyway on the free market (or not). No one - neither the post-graduate market nor the students themselves - had a chance to really show their preferences at real prices.

Instead of all the actors really involved deciding on the non-usefulness of the field, one person enters the whole situation - Viktor Orbán - who it has nothing to do with students, schools, or the market of opportunities, and on the basis of his personal ideological convictions, decides to abolish the field.

Lots of conservatives applaud him. What if next time a field close to them is banned or distorted? At the moment, it is not about education, but about ideological indoctrination - by the government of Viktor Orbán. The fact that from the point of view of conservatives "Gender Studies" are ideologically indoctrinated does not mean that the same, but with the opposite sign, is the solution.

It is absurd that one person can decide from the table on the study and destiny of so many people. It is a relic of central management, where the fate of people is decided centrally.

There is only one solution - and it is system change.

Free education

When will the bureaucratic apparatus, ideological interventions and distortions disappear from education? When will education really become the result of interaction between students, schools and the "post-study market"? When will education decisions return to those affected?

This will be the case when:

  • education will be more important than "education"
  • education will be nationalized
  • education will only be privately funded on the basis of voluntary decisions of people (market)
  • there will be free competition in education
  • education will be decided by people through voluntary transactions

In other words, it will be at a time when education will be free. There is, of course, a long way to go, and I doubt that such a thing can be achieved by revolution, but rather by evolution.

However, every step towards freer education is a step in the right direction.