Martin Nejedlý - Advisor to the President of the Czech Republic, source:

Nuclear chess: why is it necessary to break CEZ?

Politics, not a prudent economic and business decision - this was the completion of the Temelín nuclear power plant. However, this is an important policy - thanks to the completion contract, various interest groups can gain a huge influence on the policy of the Czech Republic and thus on the fate of all of us. CEZ and energy thus function as a weak point in the Czech Republic - all you have to do is gain influence here and you have the whole country under your thumb.

Russian energy empire

For the completion of the NPP Temelin pushing especially the Castle, apparently under the influence of an adviser Martin Nejedlý. Inedible, "President Zeman's unpaid external adviser without any official office“, Which he has at Prague Castle office with three rooms, has a long history business relations with Russian energy companies, especially by Lukoil, which, although formally a private company, has in its top management, apart from foreign investors, practically only people connected in some way to the Russian government.

Especially after liquidation of the "pro-Western" Yukosu in the years 2004-2005, although formally private Lukoil quite often it acts as a state-owned enterprise Russian Federationdefending her interests. We do not know whether out of fear of the fate of Yukos, or because of the connection of the company's representatives with the ruling personalities of Russia, or because of a combination of both. The important thing is that this is the case.

Inedible he has served as vice president in the past Zeman SPO and apparently secured funding for the presidential campaign. If we add to this the above-standard care that Russia pays to its own representation at the embassy in Prague and the risks associated with it, which the BIS draws attention to for several years, we come to a clear conclusion:

The castle is pushing the completion of Temelín by Russia, because it is Russia's effort to gain enormous political influence in the Czech Republic and the possibility of (not only financially) corrupting all important political figures in the Czech Republic. It's about Russia's imperial power tool.

Why would Russia do that at all?

The Czech Republic, as the "easternmost western" country NATO has or has historically had its representatives in the top positions of this alliance. Another country of the former Eastern bloc is already under the direct or indirect control of Russia, and the Czechia is thus another part in strengthening Russian influence in Europe and NATO. NATO - and therefore the Czech Republic - is an enemy according to Russian military doctrine.

If Russia succeeds in tearing the Czech Republic out of NATO and EU structures in a situation where it will have such a fundamental influence as the completion of Temelín can provide, it would mean for the Czechia - and future generations of Czech citizens - return to the "eastern bloc" under the rule of Russian imperialism.

The solution is free energy

The fact that the government is now beginning to put itself in a position where the whole contract and thus this geopolitical threat, postponed for the term of office of Miloš Zeman (and Martin Nejedlý), may be the solution now, but it is only the question of happiness and political resilience of specific personalitiesthan the system solution.

Just let the government fall, install someone who is more favorable to the whole situation - or, on the other hand, indirectly control the structures CEZ - and the whole threat is here again. How will we resist then?

And in general, isn't it absurd that a foreign power can decide our future for several decades through lobbying pressures on one company and one building?

The solution is simple - the state must lose influence over energy; it is necessary to liberate the energy market and to break up and privatize ČEZ.

CEZ Republic

CEZ, which arose from the transformation of a former state-owned enterprise and the subsequent merger with distribution companies (by the way, during the reign of Miloš Zeman), is so state-created molochthat dominated the energy market - practically to the order of the state. By the decision of the ruling politicians, we have thus created a moloch, which is weakness of Czech geopolitical security - Just control one company and you control the whole country.

So how to solve the whole problem systemically? The solution is chaos - it is necessary to break ČEZ for as many small companies as possible that will be privatized - partly through direct sales, partly through the stock market, partly in any way - mainly somehow; so as to ensure the largest possible number of different owners of various branches of CEZ.

The chaos that would initially arise would create the conditions for the optimization of a free energy market - companies would merge and disconnect in different ways, different owners with different strengths would enter them through the stock markets.

Controlling such a market clearly and dominantly is much more difficult than controlling one company - and most importantly: at a time when energy is not a politician in the hands of ruling elites, no foreign power has a way through this market blackmail the whole country.

After all, the state is not here to bring electricity to your home, turn on your light bulbs and turn on your computers or build power plants.

Therefore: let's break CEZ to defend Russia's energy imperialism.