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100 years of Czechoslovakia: why is independence important?

Today it is 100 years since Czechoslovakia was founded - after several centuries the first state unit in the Czech Republic (and Slovakia), which was independent of the supranational empire, independent of decision-making in the imperial center "somewhere in Vienna", and which placed state greater power - legal sovereignty.

A united Europe is a good Europe

In today's world, we have something great around us - a connected European market, open borders and more open up new opportunities for generating wealth and living great and interesting lives. This is one of the greatest successes sovereign states.

From a long-term perspective, it is the will of voters who, sovereignly in their states, through their elected representatives, have led individual states to things that clearly benefit freedom and a free life, and it was just that. the independence and sovereignty of smaller government units - not the expansion of multinational empires - which brought us to this state.

Warning: the empire is harming your health

Unfortunately, in addition to these great things, something else has emerged - an inefficient bureaucratic moloch, on the functioning and decision-making of which virtually no citizen has a direct influence and which thus limits the sovereignty of individual citizens - it is about political and bureaucratic apparatus of the European Union.

This apparatus behaves as expanding empire - which is a natural consequence bureaucracy in the management of this Moloch, where every official, trying to gain social prestige and defend his existence, tries to expand the agenda entrusted to him - and at the EU level it is thus an international (and internal) imperial expansion.

Every area that moves in decision-making to the EU level of moloch, every chapter of decision-making that can be voted by a majority of states against the will of the minority, reduces the share of individual citizens in power.

If a majority of states vote to move Area A to EU-level decision-making, it is a dictate to the minority and a clear violation of the independence, sovereignty and sovereignty of the states "in the minority", because the source of such a decision is not the will of the electorate, "Sovereign" decisions of the citizens of a given country, but the will of foreign states. It is as if the Hungarians and the Austrians agreed, so they overruled the Czech Republic for Austria-Hungary…

To be against the EU from the point of view of freedom is to be against the democratic deficit, against the bureaucratic-political apparatus, against the principle of majority voting at the level of independent states.

Your own state is needed

It is always better to be 1 voter out of 10 million than 1 in half a billion and have more influence over what is happening around me. It is always better to live in a world where they are neighbors and different legal systems competebecause competition leads to improvement and pressures individual states indirectly to improve the rule of law - be it tax competition, competition in the field of commercial law or competition in the field of rights and freedom, where the voter can ultimatelyvote with your feet".

In a unified EU, this is disappearing - a unified legal order means the end of development and the beginning of decay. Instead of dealing with the essentials, a caste of exceptional bureaucrats is emerging who are dealing with a directive of several hundred pages of caramel.

The division of Czechoslovakia was correct

And that's why it's good that in the end Czechoslovakia was divided - good neighbors make a good fence. Instead of dealing with the "Slovak national question", the dash wars and others for another 25 years, individual states could focus on the essentials.

Today, thanks to this, both countries are richer. The citizens of both states gained a greater degree of "sovereignty" because they no longer decided on a "two hundred", but only on their state. The Czechia did not have to deal with Meciarism, Slovakia could do progressive economic reforms at the time of the rot of the Czech Republic under the CSSD governments.

Citizen sovereign

The problems of Austria-Hungary died with the disintegration of Austria-Hungary. The great empires have never been able to create an open market in Europe, open borders, because it is a matter of disruption imperial principle of extensibility. They were sovereign democratic states deriving their power from the sovereignty of the citizen, it was up to legal competitionwhich proved this.

However, the artificial unification of legal systems "from above", the distortion of legal competition and the distortion of the sovereign decision-making of the citizen bring us back and forth The European Union is making the Empire again. That is why the Eurotrh is one of the most closed to the outside, that is why it is one of the most regulated, therefore it limits the sovereignty of individual citizens.

It is precisely the decision-making system in the EU that is a threat to freedom, and it is the democratic deficit that prevents us from resisting it.

That is why we need an independent state - and the same reasons led us to independence 100 years ago.