On checkouts and weekends

Here person "A" wants something buy on the weekend. Person "B" wants to sell it - even on the weekend. And person "C" can sell it - even on the weekend. Everyone can, they want, they don't have to. These are voluntary decisions by individuals whether to accommodate each other. Where is the space for state intervention? Does the country spin differently on weekends?

I worked as a cashier even today I revolve around that work. I have a family cashier-mom, cashier-grandmother and cashier-sister. And so I'm interested in the current hysteria over trying to limit opening hours in stores by law.

First of all - in my opinion it is unfortunate effort. We're talking about adults and I have always lived in the belief that adults can agree on their own, and only a person who despises the personality of another tries to force him to compromise by force. Here, person "A" wants to buy something at the weekend. Person "B" wants to sell it - even on the weekend. And person "C" can sell it - even on the weekend. Everyone can, they want, they don't have to. These are voluntary decisions by individuals whether to accommodate each other.

Where is the space for state intervention?

There are even people who work on weekends, holidays, nights and the like directly search. Work is better paid, they are behind it surcharges and / or compensatory leave. Both are good for them, why stop them? By what right does anyone think they can talk to them when they want to work - and when not?

There are also people who claim that must. That they have to work the weekend, but they don't want to. But why does he have to? Because they have signed an employment contract, a voluntary agreement between themselves and their customer - the entrepreneur - which stipulates that they work as the entrepreneur instructs them in the schedule. He must of his own accord. By their behavior, they declare that they value their jobs more than the weekend off. Must - but for myself. Voluntarily. He just can't admit it, so he attacks his superiors. These people do not recognize the personality not only of their superiors, but also their own personality, because they cannot confront their own decision.

He is, in a way, a minor. Only children need parents who decide from a position of power.

That there is no alternative? Always is a choice. Work for entrepreneur A or B? Do a cashier or something else? To work or not to work?

By our actions, we then declare what we consider to be a better option.

Cashier and employer

And so I got a reference to a discussion where one energetic lady is defending the legal limitation of working hours. Let's look at her arguments.

Do you have to and done?
Do you have to and done?

If the boss says "you just have to go to work on the weekend," it means nothing more than:

"You have voluntarily signed a contract under which you agree to follow the shift schedule, so if the schedule says weekend work, you must meet your obligations."

That's what decent people do. The independent cannot cope with the consequences of their voluntary decisions and throw mistakes at others. No one forces you to sign an employment contract. That you feed your family? It's up to you how. The businessman is not forcing you to do anything. You are in the same position vis-à-vis him, if he does not fulfill the contract, you can terminate it.

Another world of the weekend


For the weekend shift there is a surcharge of 10% of the hourly wage, regardless of the compensatory leave. On public holidays you have a 100% surcharge, or leave. Even though these are actually completely normal days. At least for me and a lot of other people. What is the difference between Wednesday and Sunday? Does the earth spin differently?


It doesn't matter if Radim knows anything about working in a store. Why does the cashier do his job? Works in services - serves the customer. Yes, the customer is the master here. If the customer wants to shop at the weekend and the entrepreneur wants to meet his needs, the entrepreneur offers the customer a service. The cashier is here for the customer and for the customer. The customer pays her and does not need to know anything about her work. In other words, this complaint is as absurd as the following situation:

The cashier was uncomfortable with the customer and insulted him. The customer complains when the manager says, “But please, what do you know about her work? Nothing at all, so what are you complaining about ?! ”

Whether one knows or knows something is absolutely here irrelevant. The accusation about children and nature is also completely out of the question.

Nobody cares why anyone ever wants to shop. Some want to buy, some want to sell. There is no room for anyone else. Just like someone wants to go to nature at the weekend - and someone wants to take him there. Demands service - offers service. There is no room for anyone else, regardless of motivation. The claim that my view of how to spend free time is more correct than the view of others and therefore it is imposed on others by the force of law it is an example of great conceit, an example of feeling one's own superiority, when:

I am the one who knows better than others how they should deal with their lives. I am the one who has a greater right than them to decide their own destiny.

Cashier and Pol Pot

I'm sorry, but I think I have a greater right to decide for myself than the quoted discussant. By what right does he want to speak to my life and determine it for me? I don't do it and I don't feel entitled to do it. Your job he actually does so of his own choosing. Like any other cashier, no one is interested in the personal motives. Just as there is nothing for anyone after what personal motives who ever buys. This determination that my dream lifestyle must be met by everyone it is not only extremely disgusting, cheeky, and incomprehensible, as dangerous. Taken to the extreme, he has already shown it to us Pol Pot. It's about you glasses you heard?

Yes, we are talking here about the same line of opinion with the same core.

And why not us?
And why not us?

You know when someone will jump out the window, will you do it too? Everyone can shop in a week. Or on the weekend. Is here freedom of choice for everyone. Anyone can make a cash register. And it doesn't have to. Is here freedom of choice. Everyone can make an appointment. Or find another - more accommodating - employer. Freedom of choice. Nobody forces anyone to do anything. Just the debater.

For example, we have people who do not want to work on the weekends - because of the family, for example. But when there is an emergency, you can sometimes talk to them. They do a perfect job during the week. He can teach newcomers very well. There is confidence in them. They meet - we meet. It is not hard.

And what about Christmas!
And what about Christmas!

What does your work entail?

And my mom takes the Christmas shift again voluntarily. I also. Lots of my colleagues too. Dinner later, there are extra charges for it - or leave on another day of the holidays. It's just an individual, a matter of agreement. And the fact is that people work in a field that includes work on holidays. It involves other fields several years of language study, another again life risk, another again responsibility for human life - and the work of the cashier's work on holidays. In this perspective, actually not so bad. And if it happens to someone like that, why does he do the job, when he hates it so much, when he sees only the negatives in it… Sad life. Or would it be different with the "only negatives"?


For me, I need the opportunity to go shopping on the weekend or holiday a necessity. I lived in a place where you didn't even buy a moldy croissant on weekends and holidays, and yes, it limits my rhythm of life - which everyone has absolutely nothing to do, because it's my rhythm, and I'm really not sorry to pay anyone for makes it easier for me. I believe so to someone he also doesn't regret comparing how much he would have earned if I hadn't given him the money and he didn't have a job at all.

And at the same time we return here to what has already been said: already I don't need it, so everyone adapts to me. So arrogant and violent!

And what about the authorities?
And what about the authorities?

I see. So someone here angrily stomps his feet: if I don't have sanctification, no one will have it!

At least traders, if not the authorities…

You don't even know how much I would like the authorities to have office hours like normal shops. The demand would certainly be for that, but there is one BUT. Authorities are paid from enforcement. They are not forced to adapt to us - customersBecause whether we like their work or not, they get paid. They have it simple. Not traders, they have to satisfy your wishes customersto get paid.

If the offices were paid as traders and had to compete for customers, the service would be different immediately. No one would force the authorities to pay. The authorities would suddenly find that they have to offer such lucrative ones serviceto find it advantageous to someone to pay them voluntarily. It would be a beautiful world.

At least those traders can do it. Too bad someone wants to deprive us of it. There is no place for the state.


  1. As a cashier, the employee earns a maximum of CZK 100 per hour. No more. This corresponds to 16 gross, ie 12 net. The boat will not pay for this salary by renting an apartment, food and clothing. He has to either get into debt or work in two jobs. Wages are illegally low in the Czech Republic, the Declaration of Human Rights says that the applicant must match a person from the social benefits system in order to ensure a dignified life.

  2. The intervention of the state must be, but in the form for work on a holiday not 100% surcharge but more eg 500% in order to pay off for employees and employers. today's 100% is not enough. And what you write that you voluntarily signed in the contract you have it. I have a salary of CZK 10000 in the contract, but I get, for example, 200% above my salary. And if I work on the weekend, I get a surcharge, but I still never get over 200% surcharge. And what would you like an employee to do on weekends and holidays? And there is a weekend field on the salary, but suddenly the reward is only 150% over 10 and the rest are the weekends. The employer also came to see me to sign liability insurance and life insurance. I did not want to. Then he literally told me, you won't sign, you will get your salary of CZK 000, that's what you signed, you won't get any surcharge. So mudrlanti and now work. When someone waves your hand to reduce your salary by 10/000

  3. On the other hand, it is necessary to realize that all entrepreneurs have freely and voluntarily decided to do business in this state and have freely agreed to respect the laws of this country. If the state definitely decides that it is more appropriate for people not to go shopping on Sundays (as well as decided when there will be public holidays or that we will drive on our right), it is necessary to respect this decision. Just as today an entrepreneur has the free opportunity to decide when he will be open, so the state has the free choice to restrict this freedom. The paradox then remains the statement that all parties can decide freely 😉. And this is not yet covered by an EU regulation, a divine regulation, or a global agreement on personal oxygen consumption on non-working days.

  4. First of all - in my opinion it is an unfortunate endeavor. We talk about adults, and I've always lived in the belief that adults can agree on their own, and only a person who despises the other's personality tries to force him to compromise by force. Here, person "A" wants to buy something at the weekend. Person "B" wants to sell it - even on the weekend. And person "C" can sell it - even on the weekend. Everyone can, they want, they don't have to. These are voluntary decisions by individuals whether to accommodate each other.

  5. Nice cashier 😉
    However, a nicely written article, the pity of such people is no more…

  6. If the state did not force children to go to school from Monday to Friday, but schools would be private, the teaching would be adapted to parents. If parents had time off on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, their children would go to school on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. By banning work on holidays and weekends, the state is only trying to "correct" the evil it has done.

  7. Beautifully written. I myself don't like having to spend a weekend at work, but it's always my decision. The idea of ​​state intervention in these matters also scares me a little and it seems to me more like bullying of traders…

  8. I agree with you in principle, but to the repeatedly repeated question: “What is the difference between Wednesday and Sunday? Is the earth spinning differently? ”

    So yes it spins. Family life looks different when children are not in forced school re-education and both parents work 5 days a week and have time off at the weekend. On a day like this, the world really spins differently.

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