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CTK news: Greece, OPEC, weapons, Kalousek and will it be here or with you?

When I read newspaper articles (even online ones), I often read two articles. One that's actually written and the other that's in my head. It is a translation into the language of "causes" and "consequences". So when I'm reading, for example, České noviny from ČTK, it looks something like this:

One thing bothers me in many Czech newspapers: its "independence". I want to read the facts - and their opinions, different perspectives, even controversial ones.

So when I read newspaper articles (even online ones), I often read two articles. One that's actually written and the other that's in my head. It is a translation into the language of "causes" and "consequences". So when I read České noviny from ČTK, for example, it looks something like this:

Cars are not for sale

The rate of decline in car sales in the EU doubled in November. Someone remembers here scrap metal? A miracle cure for the automotive industry?

"In Germany, which is the largest car market in Europe, sale decreased by 3,5 percent. It fell more than 19 percent in France and more than 20 percent in Italy and Spain, ACEA said.

We are better than Greece. Who would expect that?

The Czechia outpaced Greece in GDP per capita, and is in 17th place in the EU. Wow, wow! We were able to skip the state without own GDP! And speaking of Greece, then…

The eurozone has decided to unblock billions of euros in loans to Greece. Well, this is absolutely magical:

"The release of money is related to the implementation of the bond repurchase, which Greece has undertaken in recent days. Athens buys its own bonds in the amount of 31,9 billion euros (over 800 billion CZK). He pays about a third of the face value for them. Its debt will thus fall by more than 20 billion euros (over half a trillion CZK). "

The Fed will buy the bonds. Again.

The Fed strengthened the stimulation of the economy, set a criterion for zero rates. Yes, the Fed will print money and buy bonds for it. The state will get new money with the old value and try to make money on it by giving it priority. But lo and behold, won't the money lose value in advance, because everyone already knows?

By the way:

"Bernanke predicted at a press conference that the unemployment rate is unlikely to fall below 6,5 percent until mid-2015."

Yes it is good trick. To say that the situation will improve only in XY years. That's your current statement hardly anyone will remember and in 2015 it will be said that it will be better in 2018. On the other hand, 2 years is quite a long time so maybe it hits.

They don't have a oracle ball, so they basically suck similar predictions from their fingers.

OPEC fears a boom in shale oil production in the United States. Did you hear that too? Cartels are bad, aren't they? They need to be regulated, right? Nor did anyone believe you that "cartels will one day fall apart on their own, because someone will develop a new technology on which they can have a competitive advantage over others… and thus earn more than they gain from the existence of the cartel… and the same applies to competition from outside “? Nor did anyone believe you that "possible regulation only strengthens the cartel's profits and thus prolongs its existence"?

Enjoy the moment, we can say, "I told you so!"

For Obama, arms control is said to be a priority. Yes, Barack, that's it. We will liquidate the legal arms market so that only the illegal one remains, where only murderers, thieves and other bastards usually get access to weapons. Safety first, Yes we can!

Hašek's wine for 84 million

The new chairman of the board of the Wine Fund is President Hašek. Congratulations on your new post. And if anyone is interested, the Wine Fund is a tool for paying marketing to winemakers from the pockets of taxpayers, such a tool of wine socialism. Why doesn't the state finance the Beer Fund, the Becherovka Fund, the Vodka Fund, the Homemade Cake Fund, the Morning Coffee Fund? What makes wine more than anything else? And above all: how did 6 employees of the fund in 2009 earn 84 million crowns drawn either directly from the budget or with the help of the state?

Indoor food, the phenomenon of higher VAT

Klaus: The government is miscalculating when it expects more money from a higher tax. Everyone who can think sensibly knows this. You know - I'm going to raise VAT, so it's better for people to avoid paying it. Everyone who has worked in the private sector knows this - on the frontiers of buying "across the line", elsewhere various spells on how to reduce VAT as much as possible (for example in fast food by selling "with you"). You may have noticed that in Prague, chains have been expanding in recent years bakeries, kebabs, etc., where do you actually have nowhere to sit and where to eat? Such stores "half inside, half outside"?

Why do you think it's spreading? Because it makes a profit. But I do not know if this is understood by the former chairman, deputy, multiple minister, MP, member of several governments and the current Minister of Finance, professional politician without experience with the real private sector, a man apparently without knowledge of elementary economics and the best Minister of Finance in the Czech Republic and the surrounding universe, Mr. Kalousek.

Bastiat is immortal

Industrial production in the United States rose sharply due to the recovery after Sandy. You know that broken window? Disaster strikes and destroys the wealth built up for many years. Then, logically, everything that has been built over the years must be rebuilt. Decades of lost years. No moving forward, just a painful waste of time re-creating something that had been here for a long time, instead of moving on.

Is this really recovery? I do not think.


  1. The absolute truth. In an even worse case, you will read four media, all of them half-copied an article from ČTK and nothing more about it… Unfortunately, today there is not much media with good reasoning. But I can think of, for example, the Czech position, which clarifies water relatively well.

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