Legislators, do you have the courage…?

Do Czech legislators have the courage to stand before us and tell us plainly what they are doing? And why don't I get summed up?


I have a question for the Czech legislators: do you have the courage?

A few questions

If so, I want to know your answer to a few questions. Before I put them to you, I will explain the situation.

The census is approaching. The state will cost about 2.5 billion crowns. The CZSO website lists 7 reasons to add it up. The first point says:

These data are necessary for the creation and changes of the pension system, education system or health care, but also housing and transport policy. Data interconnected in this way cannot be ascertained in any other way.

- Census pages

In other words, the state will take me 24% from the price of my work (1.34 times the gross wage here is 100% of the price of my work on the market) without ever agreeing to me for the state to plan my pension, sick pay and pay someone I often do not even know, unemployment benefits without me agreeing.

In order for me to plan all this (mainly my pension, but also others), he has to carry out a census every ten years, which this year costs 2.5 billion crowns. The state will take 1/4 of the price of my work without me agreeing to it, and then plan my pension for the amount of a beggar (what an effective system!) And even dear politicians are thinking about how to save.

Dear politicians, what if you take almost everything from me in different ways for your experiments? If, without my consent, you only pay me about 40% of the price of my work with various direct taxes, if I am an employee? If the price of my work is CZK 26 (CZK 800 gross), I will receive just over CZK 20 and I have to give you the rest against my will so that you can play? And I'm not talking about other, indirect taxes, which you obviously can only increase.

I didn't ask for your concern. I don't care what you do if you do it for your money. Please, let me be. I don't care what you think. I don't care who you trust. I just want you to leave me what's mine and let me decide for myself whether my pension will be a beggar or a decent annuity. Let me decide for myself - I don't want your leadership. I can secure my own funds for retirement. Please politicians, stop stealing from me my means to satisfy your intellectual masturbation over inventing a more foolish state pension system but "we will be all the poorest."

I don't want to fund your friends' business. I don't want corruption. I want to spend or save myself. I want my money, about the fruits of my own work, decide for yourself. I don't want you to decide for me. I'm not asking for your care, for your beggar for the pile of money I have to hand over to the system that is an extract of your exhibitionism. It's little music for a lot of money. No, I really don't want that - I can get a better old age without you. Please give me a chance.

Do you have the courage?

Dear legislators, so I ask you:

  • You have the courage here come to me and tell me that from your regulation I have to pay you more than 25% of the price of my work to get a few hundred in my old age?
  • You have the courage here Tell me in your eyes that you will take more money from me to get you tested, how more or less bad is the system you created?
  • You have the courage here stand in front of me and tell me in the face, that you have my money (which I got for my work) more claim than myself?
  • You have the courage here not me through TV screens, but personally say that you will rob me of a lot of money and that I should "save voluntarily for old age" from the rest?

I doubt it. You don't have the guts. However, we can continue with the questions:

  • You have the courage here come to any of your young colleagues who is 21 years old and tell him that it can decide the lives and destinies of millions, but he cannot decide and life and destiny of his own?
  • You have the courage here You stand in front of me and plainly tell me that you have to take my money so that, for example, I don't have to pay for the education of my future children, because you need it to buy voters?
  • You have the courage here tell me that I am actually your slave and you are my slavers?
  • Do you have the courage to stand in front of the mirror in the morning?

You just a bunch of cowards, who is afraid of that if she let people decide for themselves, they would find that no one really needed you. To maintain the illusion that I am unable to decide for myself about my retirement, you are slowly saying that without of the Holy Census we would all die on the day of retirement.

No. I will not be added up. If you don't either, join Nechcisecist.cz.

I don't want to add up!
I don't want to add up!


  1. It is grief over grief that a person must, as well as "for totations," think about how to go through a situation that wants to bend his back and threatens to be fined for disobedience. I think that it is still difficult to talk about freedom, democracy and the rule of law. Scitani is a small tragicomic demonstration of the state of our society.

  2. what you are writing here points everything against the government and the panic reform and not against the SLDB, you probably confused the concepts with impressions. Scitani has been done for a few decades and I think it's quite important, but I do not contradict it, dear. A central register of inhabitants, which unfortunately is not here, would be much more efficient.

  3. I refused to take over the forms here… the lady wrote in the papers: she refused to take over… we'll see what happens next :-)
    since the census is "Anonymous", I don't know how they want to cover it.

  4. It would be possible to write a whole story about the nonsense of addition. It is true that it is not primarily this government that is to blame for this stupidity, but the government that was here before it. Apparently someone played "little house". However, this government, while boasting names that it grossly violates, could at least have repealed a meaningless regulation by amending the law. Then, unlike most of her steps, everyone would applaud her. The reference of some stupid dolls to EU regulations is very false. Just read the relevant EU decree, see: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:32008R0763:CS:NOT

    and in particular point 4. It is clearly said here that data collection by the census method is only one possible method. We know that all the necessary information in the updated versions is in the state registers. Unfortunately, when choosing them from these registers, it would not be possible to pass on 2,5 billion friends. After all, poor people and the sick and retirees will pay for it.

  5. But you know they'll tell you in the eye. Although with the assistance of personal gorillas and the Police of the Czech Republic, they will tell you because they don't care what you think. They need to provide for themselves, if possible, and therefore they are in a hurry, and if we do not go to the streets, to the Chamber of Deputies, to the government and deal with them by hand, they will laugh in our faces and rob us with that smile. .
    There is nothing to wait for. We chatter and they act.

  6. I don't want to live like them either, don't be afraid at all… I was shocked by this "redistribution". The EU is also a great socialism… One Spanish village will use pesetas in addition to the euro… If it works, I think it will take over the whole of Spain.

  7. Alessandra:
    These people support STAT mainly because they know that thanks to the status I live at the expense of other people. From their money.

  8. But, Lukáš, do you know what the main problem is? Most people have no desire to make their own decisions. It just suits them that there is a state, they work theirs, they take theirs, they swear at news at home, but they live from month to month and they are happy that they are happy.

  9. "I did not ask for your concern. I don't care what you do if you do it for your money. Please leave me alone. I don't care what you think. I don't care who you trust. I just want you to leave me what's mine and let me decide for myself whether my pension will be a beggar or a decent annuity. Let me decide for myself - I don't want your leadership. I can raise my own funds for retirement. "

    This is something I would underline and sign.

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