For mandatory smoking!

The situation around smoking in Czech restaurants is relentless and requires a vigorous solution. Directly a society-wide solidarity action, which will finally turn with the scandal that has been with our society for so long. With a scandal that hurts us all. With disgusting, tasteless and barbaric non-smoking!

The appearance of the average non-smoker who discovers the truth.
The appearance of the average non-smoker who discovers the truth.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers, the situation is relentless.

Traditional places to enjoy the gourmet flavors and smells of cigarettes, pubs and restaurants are being attacked.

It is quite clear that this is an unjustified attack. Pubs and restaurants have always been a place of harmony and tolerance, peace and quiet. And as is well known, it is smoking (cigarettes) that they bring peace and peace into the nervous system of many of us.

However, let us look at those poor, sick addicts who, due to the oppression of society, resorted to the last thing they had left - cigarettes. Their most loyal girlfriend, who will always satisfy their nervous system and fingers.

He claims that smoking is harmful and smelly. That it interferes with eating. That it should be swept from restaurants and inns to cold streets full of danger and disease!

How insensitive are these militant non-smokers! They would endanger the health of many young or old people just because of his selfish longing for "clean" and "fragrant" air! These nonsense who don't understand the smell of cigarette smoke, these rhinoceroses without taste, would we, the cigarette connoisseurs, want to preach to us what the smell is and what it is not? What is tasteful and what is not?

Isn't it we smokers who know the secret of cigarette smoke the best? They are not our lungs, which can be seen everywhere, how they are trained from constant training with cigarette smoke? Poor non-smoking lungs - they must be so weak!

These lazy, ignorant, will preach to us something about food when they can't even understand it sensuality and appropriateness such a great dessert and appetizer as cigarette? They will preach to us about a healthy lifestyle when they don't even know how nutritious a cigarette is when it can replace breakfast, and sometimes even food for the whole day? Yes, a cigarette contains metals. Iron is metal. Not perhaps iron for a healthy body?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are barbarians among us who do spoils the whole lunch by not smoking!

We smokers absolutely do not understand how these barbarians can live without smoking smoke and taste. cigarettes. They are non-smokers who deprive their children of regular walks to the local newsagent's. What's more - they harm their health by by not smoking they take away the opportunity to go outside!

It is clear that pubs and restaurants have always been a place of peace, relaxation, a place where a smoker can enjoy his life-giving cigarette in peace, sit in a family circle, and devote himself to his children.

It is clear that tradition dictates that we the gain of freedom - our right to smoke in the restaurant - they defended.

We have the right to smoke in the restaurant, no matter what the pub says!

It's about our peacethe our nervous system, about our metals, about our childrenthat would be impoverished!

We must defend ours the right to a smoky restaurant! That is why it needs to be ordered compulsory smoking in restaurants and pubs! It can't be otherwise!

Compulsory smoking is a sign of solidarity and responsibility

It commands us not only respect for us and our loved ones, but also our responsibility to others. We must defend those who work hard for tobacco companies and earn a living. Those of you who want to ban smoking are willing to stand up before sad faces children dismissed workers when they find out that this Christmas will no longer be rich in gifts and pleasures? Do you have the courage to stand before those sad eyes and say, “I ruined your childhood"?

Not only do we need to support the tobacco industry, not only the need to correct the barbaric tastes of our non-smoking fellow citizens. It needs to be secured a better and richer future for our children. We do it just for them. It is for them that it is necessary to enforce compulsory smoking in restaurants! Join us - don't forget, we're doing it for the good of our children!


  1. Each cigarette pack has a warning that warns the smoker that smoking is harmful to health. But even so, a number of smokers can't tell and continue their habit and addiction, but smokers should be a little considerate and smoke where no one minds

  2. Smoking a tobacco cigarette harms not only the health of the smoker, but also the immediate surroundings, because his surroundings become passive smokers. The decision should be up to the owner of the object

  3. @ 3,14ranha

    The pub is no public space. It is a private space - it is financed by private sources, not public ones. Don't be angry, but ban smoking on private property (in a restaurant) and forcing all smokers to go outside on the sidewalk, which is a REAL public property is absurd.

  4. re: waffles you put in my mouth what i didn't say, read my posts one more time
    (And of course I know that the ban is against the freedom of the individual, but it's smoking itself too! It's a drug and quite aggressive, besides, it's a smoker who ignites in public (with some restrictions, the pub is a public space, find out something) always crosses the line)

  5. PS: I am a non-smoker from Olomouc, so there is no personal resentment, we have a large selection of all types of pubs and my legs serve me well, I just mind the institutionalized hypocrisy:

    it is known that it is harmful, it is known that smoking x non-smoking signs are hypocrisy, it is known that the environment around the food is as important as the food itself, it is known that those who do not learn to smoke until 18 then have an order of magnitude less risk to start in adulthood and a smoker who should allow himself, not the other way around, he emits smoke…

    it is enough to think "what is and what is not visible" 😉

  6. I intend to work with the world as it lies and runs and not to construct any utopias… as there are standards for restaurant cuisine, so it is quite reasonable to separate food and cigarettes, ie. where food is served - non-smoking pub where smoking is served, food is not so simple, the law could be (and I'm talking about the whole pub, not about the signs from the joke from the swimming pool (you can pee, you can't pee) - smoke from certain levels cannot be ventilated)

  7. Deputies do not approve the ban, they would lose revenue from cigarette lobbyists. Non-smokers must find their own non-smoking place. There is already a group on Facebook: "Non-smoking restaurants in Prague" or straight Map of non-smoking restaurants at:

  8. @ 3,14ranha - How do people become entitled to the availability of a non-smoking restaurant? What is the act of making a non-smoking restaurant a "decency"?

    Assume that there is no restaurant at all within a radius of 5 km from the house. In this case, is a person entitled to a non-smoking restaurant? Probably hard, it would mean an obligation for someone else to put it there - and such an obligation is called slavery. But why should someone have this right if someone builds a smoking restaurant in the area? How does it follow from the act of standing a smoking restaurant that the person was entitled to a non-smoking restaurant?

    And, of course, I don't deal with things like - at what distance from the place of residence (or work or cottage?) Should a person be entitled to a non-smoking restaurant? And why don't we impose an obligation to set up a non-smoking restaurant on anyone who thinks they are entitled to it? Why is it okay to impose this obligation on a completely foreign person, but not to impose it on oneself anymore?

  9. @ 3,14ranha - nothing he wrote changes anything about the fact that a certain group of people is trying to decide on the private property of strangers. In principle, it is the same, such as nationalization or expropriation (in an extreme situation).

    If it's just not my pub or restaurant, I don't have the right to set rules for them there. I can complain about them - and that's it. If they do not respond positively (for me) to my complaint, I will not go there again. It's not my space, it's not a "public place" (wherever it is and whatever it looks like), I have no right to set rules there.

    So ban widespread smoking in growth just because I don't like it? I don't like it when people go to a restaurant to eat and don't wash their hands before. Shall I order it by law? How will I punish the perpetrators? How will I control it? '

  10. I feel with liberals, but cigarettes are, in my opinion, the boundaries where the green tree of life beats the gray theory - you start with cigarettes voluntarily (unless you are an individual in development, what a wonder the ad is mostly aimed at young people: see marlboro cowboys = tough guys = guys with a cigarette)
    but then you lose that freedom by habit - the free ticket is one-way for most of the population (so it's a "misleading advertisement")

    It's interesting that in Ireland, for example, they don't need to spit like that, even though they have banned smoking in restaurants, they just don't smoke under the roof and it's as if it's rude to come there with excrement glued to the sole (no one solves smoking outside, in a few seconds blows)

    PS: non-smoking restaurants are usually more successful, but at the cost of quarreling with smoking "regulars" who are used to a kind of home law and comfort, so the dilemma is interpersonal (pub x regulars) and not economic
    in fact, a blanket ban would be a financial boost (it would evenly reduce the cost of entering the non-smoking restaurant sector - it is still a "conservative" business - you deal with customers and also serve only a small area where you can walk). can earn more than alcohol and cigarettes (unless you stand)

    PPS: you can light a cigarette outside, but in the low season you can hardly enjoy food outside or even a draft drink (unless you are Grandpa Frost) and let the numb smell of smokers say what he wants, cigarettes from a certain level of smoking CANNOT BE VENTILED, so some extra zones, or smoking bans at noon will not pull it off - just as a cigarette is a one-way street for a smoker, so a smoker is a one-way street for a restaurant, I'm sorry that the state will have to forbid it (it should be decency and obvious) but that in a restaurant (freely accessible, in some VIPs, for example, put their heads on it when they enjoy it) we don't spit on the floor or pee in the corner there is no fascism either, maybe I wrote it clearly

  11. Although I usually don't mind the smoke on the sidewalk so much (it can be dispersed…), I would rather understand the ban on smoking on the sidewalks (on the public ones, or near them) than in restaurants.

  12. "We are all dead in a long time," Mr. Keynes said. My little thing is to say that he never looks at the long-term consequences of political decisions, but mostly only at short ones. That half the restaurants go bankrupt because of it? So what. That there will be more smoking on the street? So we make a law about not smoking on the street, it doesn't matter that we will interfere with people's personal freedom, it's always been done here, so why not under the pretext of improving the conditions for "living", it looks SO NICE. And I agree with "v6ak" that in the restaurant we can sit in a non-smoking department, but on the sidewalk we can't avoid it. As a non-smoker, I hate smoke, it stinks of me, but for God's sake, let everyone do whatever they want, as long as it doesn't bother me. And if the restaurant is both smoking and non-smoking, I can go to it. It has never happened in my life, not counting the pub, that the smoke in the restaurant would bother me in some way. That's bullshit, but a good recession, Luke. 🙂

  13. I hope this is meant as an exaggeration and a counterweight to some (!) Non-smokers ('smoking in restaurants needs to be banned everywhere').

    BTW: No smoking in restaurants can add smokers to sidewalks. I can avoid the smoking restaurant, the smoking sidewalk is harder.

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