Freedom in shackles

"To defend our freedom? In front of whom? ”“ After all, in front of Muslims who would like to handcuff us in shackles!

A young man was sitting in the local small police station, not far from me - he might have been 25 years old.

He sat with his head in his hands, broken and obviously unhappy. He had handcuffs on his arms and legs. His clothes were torn, his face bruised.

"Hello," I said to one of the locals, "don't you know what this young man did?"

"But 'a terrible thing.' He is a Muslim - his parents moved here many years ago to flee from the government in their homeland, which wanted to imprison them for their way of practicing the faith. Well, this young man is in his house, which he bought a few years ago, wanted to set up a prayer room for his other fellow believers. "

The old native paused for a moment. He looked at the young Muslim with great contempt.

"So what did he do wrong?" I asked again.

"Well, the city council didn't let him. Although still in his house local Muslims began to meet, the council decided to intervene. She did quite right. They sent our police commando to his house - The meeting was dispersed. Well, and this young man started to defend himself, "the old man continued mockingly," imagine that! They say it's his House so he can invite whoever he wants! The cops pacified him nicely! ”

It all seemed confusing to me. "But isn't this exactly why his parents fled their country? Does the city council have the right to forbid anyone from meeting and practicing religion at all? ”

"Of course I do! The council must protect us - it must defend our freedom! "Said the old man with passion.

"To defend our freedom? Before whom? ”

"Well, in front of Muslims who would like to handcuff us in shackles!"

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