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Raising children is a complex and extremely complex issue. As such, it cannot be left to just someone - the institution of the "parent" should be even more limited. Mandatory vaccination is the first positive step. Article ad absurdum.

We have to chop children like Bata's exercises
We have to chop children like Bata's exercises

Hot news of recent days: vaccination of children will be mandatory again.

I do not agree with that. I think it's not enough. After all, a parent is not an expert. Just as a parent does not have enough professional information about vaccination and its necessity (which must be mandatory), the parent does not have professional information in many other areas.

How can a parent know what is best for a child? The child himself will not tell him - he is not knowledgeable and responsible - and the parent himself is not a psychologist, a doctor, an expert to be able to judge. Parents must be completely deprived of their influence on the upbringing of their children!

In fact, children must not come into contact with their parents. Well, consider - everyone has a flaw. Thus, a parent cannot be a role model for his child - he will still pass on his defects to his children!

An office needs to be set up

Children raising - new complex beings of our society - it is an extremely complex thing and cannot be entrusted to just anyone. It is necessary to establish a special office - "State Educational Institute" (hereinafter referred to as SVU).

Babies would be transferred to this institution immediately after birth. In this institution, children will grow up until they reach adulthood - both physical and mental.

The staff of the institute will be formed top experts - educators, psychologists, pediatricians, doctors, nutritionists and many more. These must be the greatest leaders in the field - as has already been said, the upbringing of children must not be left to fool.

The children will be placed in rooms of about twenty - to get used to life in the group from a young age. Each room will have its own specific schedule when they will definitely have every part of the day planned. Nothing must be left to chance to create a new being. So they will have to spend every part of the day with an expert who knows what is good for those little irresponsible creatures. After all, children cannot make effective decisions on their own. Definitely a well-founded expert for them.

There is no room for any idleness in SVU. As many experts know, the best age for language learning is very early. In order for these new personalities to orient themselves in the world, from a young age at least three world languages ​​will be learned in parallel with their native language. After all, everyone knows that language skills are important.

The top team of psychologists will change the composition of the rooms so that there is one "ideal type" of child in each room. To have a child with similar personality traits in each room. Teaching will then be planned for these children and their employment must be planned from a young age. After all, a top team of psychologists and work experts knows better than an irresponsible and ignorant child what the child is doing best and what he should do. It doesn't matter if the child enjoys it and if he is interested in it, if he wants to. The best interests of the child are irrelevant when we consider what society needs and what is really good for the child (which, of course, only those experts know, not some "parent" who only needs a salesman in a store)

Of course, communication is needed between professionals. Therefore, when deciding what is good for a child, interaction between professionals is necessary. However, only among experts. The parent is irrelevant - he is not an expert, he knows nothing about human development. Child there is no need to ask - it is all for him that all this is done and he can be happy at all that we care so much about his good.

Every year, certain intelligence tests will be held, according to which it will also be further decided in which direction the child's development will take. It is quite clear that those who perform worse cannot do some fully skilled work. The results of these tests will be stored in the state database and in the identity cards of individuals. They will be available at all times.

Experts will again decide when an individual is an "adult" on the basis of physical and psychological tests. Only those who pass the tests can leave the institute in the adult world. After all, we cannot let immature individuals into a free, dangerous area full of traps!

By the way, and precisely because all immature individuals will be concentrated in SVU, we must protect them from all the dangers that await them. SVU must be strictly guarded all closed centers guarded by the latest technology and the best complex (adults) people. No one is allowed to enter without supervision, as well as out. All attempts by inmates ("children") to escape must be punished harshly and exemplary. Inmates ("children") are closed in SVU for their good, for their protection. If they cannot appreciate this, they need to be strongly reminded. Maybe by force.

Prenatal education course

Of course, we all know that prenatal education is also extremely important for a child. But as has already been said, a parent (especially a "future") can know nothing about raising a child. Therefore anyone who wants to have a child must take a prenatal education course, which will also be in the competence of SVU.

Any attempt (even unintended) to conceive a child by persons who have not taken a prenatal education course and do not have a certificate of passing the final examination of the course must be severely punished. The use of so-called. "Protections", ie contraceptives or condoms. Their use tells us nothing about people's intention to conceive a child.

Of course, if these people have a child, they have committed an incredible crime. The child - the poor - of course suffered from improper prenatal education. It's not perfect. He has defects. Until their death, these imperfect children will be locked up in special, separate parts of the SVU, where they will be kept under a strict regime until their death. These faulty personalities can never be released into the free world - from the essence of their prenatal education they can never be complex, correct.

The two creators of the crime, of course, face the most severe punishments. If the conception of untrained persons occurs during pregnancy, the pregnancy must be terminated immediately, regardless of the consequences this will have on the health of the parents. Then they will not escape punishment anyway.

And finally

No, I wasn't crazy. Of course, I do not agree with compulsory vaccination, the above text is an ad absurdum argument. If vaccination is necessary - why not the others? After all, a parent almost never has enough information…


  1. re: Máňa
    by the way - in western europe most people are vaccinated voluntarily and the others are protected by these volunteers (TB, tetanus, polio, diphtheria, mumps, measles, rubella are not historical names, they are still common diseases in the world, they sometimes occur in us, epidemics are prevented by better hygiene, but especially millions of vaccinated people who form a living shield)

    Would you come to terms with greater health contributions for people who weaken society's resilience to epidemics? Wouldn't you feel a little ungrateful to risk the health of others instead of yours?

  2. re: Máňa - I think they will soon change their minds when an epidemic breaks out in some community of African emigrants

    and we are close to Eastern Europe, where TB and other pleasures are still rampant

    PS: vaccination cannot be done as a "Hurvínek war" - if you finish something now, a possible epidemic may break out in thirty years (when the number of unvaccinated rises above the risk limit), there should certainly be a discussion between experts and the public, but I refuse adopt simple and pleasing solutions (the ratio of people rescued to those injured in fatal diseases is clearly in favor of MASS vaccination)

    PPS: otherwise the obligation to vaccinate should be determined according to the risks and the needs of the population, not according to the offer of pharmaceutical companies, all reasonable people will certainly agree on this

  3. In normal European countries, one to three vaccinations are mandatory, in some cases there is not even a vaccination at all. And they don't have epidemics there. Do you know how many injections with diseases are obligatorily injected into a small body in the Czech Banana Republic? NINE!

  4. The problem with compulsory vaccination is that nothing is 80% - the fact that you or I did not die of smallpox is not just because we are vaccinated (because vaccination works, say, with about XNUMX% efficiency)

    but also thanks to the fact that we do not get infected from WHO! and that is the key to eradicating disease

    I consider myself a pretty big right-winger, but I think the question of vaccination is too complicated to be solved ideologically

    An interesting thing is that thanks to compulsory vaccination, a less aggressive vaccine can be used, which is less protective but has fewer side effects (with some vaccines they can rarely be fatal)

    PS: we solve the theory here, not specific cases… even pharmacy is just "business" and sometimes people cough for the good of the people

  5. Flower, but I have nothing against vaccination. I consider the vaccination to be correct, I would have my children vaccinated.

    What I don't like is the duty to vaccinate. I don't have to be a vaccination expert to comment on a legal obligation (and to say that I do not agree with the obligation). I do not agree with the obligation to vaccinate, not with the vaccination itself.

    That is the difference…

  6. I'm sorry, but that's total nonsense you wrote. It is clear that you have no idea about the issue of vaccination, but you only have a strong need to comment on everything. It would take a little humility and from time to time admit that you don't know everything. I also do not comment on the performance of engines in Audi cars.

  7. Beware of arguments ad absurdum. For example, I have been arguing ad absurdum for so long that the state will want to impose on us what to wear as well - and Tržil is already planning mandatory reflective vests for pedestrians.
    Something quite similar to an article was coined by a psychologist in the daily "E15" sometime in the autumn of last year - so don't worry, you will see Brave New World as well. (Speaking of BNW - did you know that the UN recommends parents to sex games for children from the age of 3? Huxley would stare. But that's the way it is that some people take warnings as a guide on how to do something right).

  8. I'm glad that I don't decide on it (about the duty to vaccinate) but as a medic I have to insist that your view of vaccination is very simplistic - vaccination not only protects a specific individual, but also reduces the risk of epidemics

    education, behavior, money, all this can be obtained even in adulthood, but dead children cannot be revived…

    PS: I agree with the rest (after all, we also have empirics - the Nazis and communists had a few such projects and went bankrupt almost immediately, people are not machines)

  9. Quote from a specific father of two children:
    "The state is obliged to pay the maximum financial benefits to the parents, as the parents gave the state children, and the children are necessary for further improvement and maintenance of the state."

    I repeat "parents gave the status to children"

    So this parody article is not quite a parody. It's in line with the thinking of most (!?!) People.

  10. Brrrrr…. disgust of the highest caliber.

    But if something like that started to be announced from above, it wouldn't surprise me anymore.

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