Census - a tool of dictatorship

The census is approaching. Promotional videos have recently been introduced to convince people that counting is a necessary thing. However, no, this is not the case.


Go to the nearest electrician and ask there how they order washing machines and televisions from the warehouse. Go to your local drug dealer and ask how and how much he orders cigarettes, newspapers and so on.

Then ask them how the census of ten years will help them to do that. They'll probably tell you it's useless. They will find out the necessary specific data themselves, for their money. They don't need your taxes to do that.

Who cares how many TVs, washing machines or private planes you have? Who cares what your religious faith, if any?

Nothing to anyone.

Euro subsidies and subsidies

It is said that we have to add up because of subsidies from the EU. So that the EU knows what and where to redistribute our money.

It is therefore clear that the census (houses and flats) is a relic from the days of dictatorships and totalitarianism, when state planning commissions or absolute rulers decided to a greater or lesser extent on an even redistribution of confiscated wealth, namely poverty. There is no census tool free state, where free citizens live, who freely decide what, where and how to buy, how they satisfy their needs, how they act.

If the EU really needs the census so much, it is very clear that the EU is not a free organization. We do not live in a free federation.

If entrepreneurs need a census, as the vice-president of the Confederation of Industry and Transport is trying to tell us in one spot, let those entrepreneurs pay for a representative survey on their own. If entrepreneurs really need this data, the census is just a subsidy for those entrepreneurs, a subsidy that the rest of us will pay again.

Privacy tax

It is not at all outrageous that a census is being held, but it is even worse that there is a penalty of up to 10 crowns for non-participation.

In other words, for maintaining your privacy, for refusing subsidies to entrepreneurs and the centrally-managing tendencies of the EU, for rejecting heaven-called state inefficiencies, when the state already has a lot of data, but is not able to collect it on its own, you get fine of up to ten thousand crowns.

The census is a privacy tax. Just as income tax reduces our income, privacy tax reduces our privacy - either you get summed up and reveal the color of your shorts (panties), or you pay. These are regular incendiary.

It is a morally disgusting and reprehensible act. It is nothing more than a relic of an authoritarian state that deserves the utmost contempt. It is disgusting that must be rejected.

In principle, we actually pay taxes (we have our money collected) in order for events to take place, for the rejection of which the state wants to forcibly fine us once again. This is absurd!

Poor sociologists!

I came across the argument that sociologists need that data, so we have to add up.

I'm sorry, but I really don't care what sociologists need or not. Sociologists are people like everyone else, they are not a privileged group. They have no greater right to my tax money than anyone other than entrepreneurs.

I don't care what sociologists need. If they need a census, let them organize it, let them pay for it. If they offer 500 CZK or a thousand (of their own) for filling in the form, I believe that they will get a very clear representative sample of the population - most people would fill out the form for them.

Head tax

In its monetary expression (fine for non-completion), the census is de facto not only a tax on privacy, but also a tax on capital. The tax that led to M. Thatcher in 1990.

Many of the things that defend the census have a much cheaper and simpler solution - deregulation and the market. There will be enough kindergartens if we deregulate kindergartens and abolish the state's role in this sector. It is also possible to solve the problem with (insufficient) hospitals and others.

The census is thus a tool for state planning commissions or for absolutist monarchs who decide on the redistribution of wealth, where everyone has the same nothing. A citizen of a free state does not need a census. My drug dealer doesn't need to know how many people live on his street, let alone the country, to buy supplies. My employer also doesn't de facto need the same data to invest - and if he does, he will pay for that data with his money, not yours.

So now the question is what country we live in. If in relatively free, I do not know why we add. However, if in any form of dictatorship, I fully understand the importance that the census states attach to. He needs to add up the exact numbers in order to give us poverty.

I want to live in a free country. What country do you want to live in?

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The fateful conceit of the census - The census is a classic example of fateful conceit. It is said that we need the census for the state to build flats, give pensions, run kindergartens. But should the state do this at all? What are the consequences?

Legislators, do you have the courage…? - You're just a bunch of cowards, who is afraid of that if she let people decide for themselves, they would find that no one really needed you. To maintain the illusion that I am unable to decide for myself about my retirement, you are slowly saying that without of the Holy Census we would all die on the day of retirement.


  1. Luke, this article is the culmination of what Plato blames Athenian society through the mouth of Socrates: everyone feels that they can comment on everything, knowing nothing at all. Everyone can express themselves in everything and know nothing. Your articles have been sounding exactly the same lately. I do not criticize their content - I am not sure if I could, I criticize your constant criticism.

  2. to Martin:
    Unfortunately, he really doesn't have such data! Do you know what data is needed for a quality forecast? It is the census data from which the most accurate gender and age structure can be found, but also the structure of families, etc.…

  3. @Martin Novak: "How would you create a functioning pension reform without a quality forecast of the population, for which the data from the census are necessary?"
    And what specific data from the reading are needed for this and the state does not have it available, for example, through the social security administration?

  4. @ masox

    No, but it could happen that you will have to pay more officials, because a few hundred "jokers" have a certain nationality in your village and a minority commission had to be set up at the town hall, because the law somehow does not provide for "creativity".

  5. Hello,

    I would just have one question for the would-be economist… How would you create a functional pension reform without a quality population forecast, for which data from the census are necessary?

  6. One has to be creative 🙂 And are there any retroactive sanctions? Will they lock me up for it? 😛

  7. @ masox

    Some other steps are tied to some data, untruths can come out…

  8. @ Pavel Pátek

    Well, that one of the important roles of the state is to enforce certain things under threat of sanctions, it is clear, we really all probably know that. However, with the fact that the state is "me, you, we", this is not excluded - on the contrary, it even follows directly from it.
    Otherwise, you summed it up - at least in the case of Mr. Kubec, it is really a question of whether or not one of the tasks of the state should be to provide knowledge (… pay scientists, conduct censuses, etc., as it has all been said here)

  9. Some comments are really interesting… Basically, I share the view that this is a certain invasion of privacy. But it is not written anywhere that I have to fill in the true data (except for the basic ones), so I push what I want there so that it turns on my head, for example, and I will have peace. 🙂

  10. The idea that the state is like "I, you, we, you, they" is the result of a total misunderstanding of the role of the state from both a historical and a philosophical point of view. For God's sake, the state has never been and will never be anything other than an institution of collective violence! The only relevant thing is the purpose for which this violence is used. The relevant question is therefore for what purpose the use of violence by the census act is to be fined. The fine (sanction) just makes the whole act a violent act. The answer will depend on how we see the state and its role in society. If it is a state active, providing, guaranteeing and thus enforcing a certain ethics and morality, or a state passive, protecting and therefore guided by ethics and morality. In other words, the problem of whether or not to add up under a fine for non-participation is not about the addition itself, but about the idea of ​​the correct role of the state. It is the subject of controversy between the collectivist and the individualist.

  11. @ Martin

    Yeah, like they find out where a lonely retiree lives… Thank you, that's true, it could really endanger someone.
    The solution, in my opinion, is a net census (where there is no "treacherous" census commissioner, so there is no one to bring the data), but the clear thing is that not everyone is able to do it themselves yet or has someone to help them with it. So there's really something to remake here.

    Something else?!

  12. @David: Page 2 Housing certificate - List of persons in the apartment or other dwelling (name, surname, date of birth).
    And it's not just about landlords (that is, people who break into the apartment), but also about various underwater electricians, gasmen, and after all, all sorts of companies bothering with various "super-advantageous" phone offers, which of course save time and money if they have advance narrow circle of people who have a greater chance of being fooled.

  13. @ Martin

    The only information about the apartment, which is not self-evident (heating, toilet, bathroom) or visible from the outside (size) is whether it has internet.
    I don't think that will really help any apartment owner.

  14. @David: For example, thanks to the housing certificates, it is possible to beautifully select households promising to visit various fraudsters or other unfair elements. (This is just an example, I don't want to sacrifice more time to analyze the form at the moment.)

  15. I also vote for the proponents of the need for census, and I dare to say what they have said. Non-anonymous collection is necessary for completeness check, but the data is then anonymized for processing.

  16. Sory, but I just have to agree with this article, it's a pigsty, shamelessness and arrogance of power.

  17. @ Lukáš Kubec

    Yes, that was true in late 17th-century France. But who is the state in our country today ?!

    As for the group coming to you for your taxes, etc., you have just nicely described the functioning of the trade inspection against traders, the railway office against entrepreneurs in transport, firefighters as a fire safety supervisor, social workers. Yes, that's how it really works in the state - and I think it should work.

  18. @David

    I understand, even if I disagree diametrically.

    I don't want to get too involved in a lengthy debate here, but - you and I and our neighbors are not the state. One French monarch was very sincere when he said that "I am the state."

    A certain group follows me for my taxes and something requires me (otherwise it fines me). I don't require a census, I'm not part of that group. If censuses require statisticians, then they are the ones who, as an interest group, use the institutions of the state (monopoly of power) to threaten ("command") others. The state is thus an organization that allows someone to rule (command, legally rob).

  19. @ Martin

    Would you please describe how the census data on you could be misused ?!

  20. As Jana wrote in her first post, the data obtained from the census are certainly invaluable to many entrepreneurs. I did a marketing project myself, and the data from the statistical office (which it obtained, among other things, from the census) were invaluable.

    Of course, you are right and every company and every institute can get and pay for this data themselves. The question is whether it is beneficial for each such company to spend extra money on one set of information at a time. I would compare it, for example, to the construction of the energy industry. Every company can have its own electricity generator, but isn't it more efficient for everyone to simply build one big power plant for state money? Similarly, it could be compared to the construction of railways or roads.

    This data will certainly help authorities at all levels to better allocate their resources, and not waste our money - for example, he knows where many people live and how much infrastructure or other expenses will logically be needed. The spending associated with the census will pay back to the taxpayer many times over in the better efficiency of state institutions.

  21. @ Lukáš Kubec

    I understand, even if I disagree diametrically.

    I don't want to get too involved in some lengthy debate here (I just stumbled on your post on iDnes), but - the state is not some mystical distant "they are there", you and me and our neighbors are. A civil servant is yours and my employee with permission, he does service for us and we pay for it. And the problem of the state, on the other hand, is solely yours and my problem - who else should it be ?!
    Otherwise, the example with a teacher seems to me to be quite appropriate - just with that voluntariness; "Entrusting children to a teacher" has not been so voluntary for 250 years, and guess why…

    Yeah, I'm sorry for the typo in your name 🙂

  22. How does it happen that a link to this discussion disappears from the blog on iDnes out of nowhere? Did the author do it himself?

  23. If I did not miss something, then all the arguments in defense of the reading, which were made here, will omit one important thing. And that's _anonymous_ data collection. Neither for "political geography, geography of settlements and population or simple statistics", nor for finding out "how rich is a region, how much is on average per citizen of cars, televisions, etc.", nor for "energy strategy" there is a need to The data obtained (which, moreover, as already mentioned, still in the vast majority have - both the register of inhabitants and real estate and their owners, as well as motor vehicles, etc., etc.) are associated with specific persons.
    If the anonymous collection of the collected data were carried out at the time of collection, one of the fundamental objections to the reading (in the form in which it should be carried out) would be waived. However, the chosen method of data collection and processing does not provide sufficient protection against their misuse, so it is appropriate for the IMHO to refer to the LZPS, Article 10, paragraph 3 ("
    (3) Everyone has the right to protection against unauthorized collection, disclosure or other misuse of personal data. ")

  24. If we look at how far the state power reaches, how extensive the state as such is, then if it necessarily needs a census, it can be an authoritarian state. That the census is a logical tool of authoritarian regimes is a fact.

    Should there be any public research facilities? No.

    The teacher does not have to make children 🙂 When she wants to teach them and someone entrusts the children to her, it is their voluntary matter. This comparison is completely off.

    That the state has a mess in its databases is a problem of the state and not mine. This is certainly not an argument to make the census compulsory under the threat of violence - fines of up to ten thousand crowns.

  25. @ Lukáš Krbec:

    Given how long censuses have been conducted (in our country since 1754) and everywhere, it seems to me "outside" to associate this with authoritarian regimes. The Communist Party government was authoritative, we can discuss 170 years of the Habsburg monarchy, but Masaryk Republic ?! USA, France, Britain ?!
    To say that if public research institutes want such a basic amount of data about society, to get it "for their own" (as if there were some "theirs"), it is like telling a teacher that if she wants to teach children, she has to get them herself. make.
    The fact that state authorities already have most of the aggregated data cannot be argued - the communication of this data to anyone else (including statisticians) is prohibited by law.
    And even if they don't, at the moment, census is unfortunately still a more convenient (and cheaper) option to obtain such data - it is to convert databases of individual branches of state administration from the software mishmash in which they are today into a single, mutually compatible format. , would be orders of magnitude more expensive.
    And otherwise - in the article you write about televisions, washing machines and airplanes… Nothing like that adds up. And there is really no one in your faith, so the information is also purely voluntary. Have you ever seen the census you are commenting on?
    The EU is one of the reasons for the census, but certainly not the main one. It was added half a century before the Union. And I don't even consider economic reasons to be the most important.

    @ Pieter van Dag:

    Where did you get the information that the Nazis used the results of the census to search for Jews and that it has not been counted in the Netherlands since the war, I don't know, but in fact the Nazis used primarily registries of Jewish communities (because what people admit about themselves they did not intend to rely) and in the Netherlands it is added every ten years - 1947, 1956, 1960, 1971 - last 2001.

  26. The only problem is that neither of the ruling parties is based on any rational political philosophy based on rational metaphysical and epistemological foundations and thus the resulting ethics and morals. The evaluation of the fact of the census, so it is legally enshrined in us from a point of view other than philosophical is irrelevant.

  27. The problem that is being discussed here is much deeper than it seems at first glance. This is not about expertise in statistics, economics or anything else. The article clearly indicates that the state is doing something NOT to do! And the answer to whether or not the state SHOULD carry out such research at all can be found only in the normative area, ie. real politics that stands on some political philosophy standing on the basis of some general philosophy. It is an ethical and moral problem, not an economic one or some other.

  28. I agree with Mr Záviš.
    My attention was drawn to the title of the article, but after reading it must be stated that it is a very superficial text, targeting rather the part of the readers who is ignorant of the matter and as such easily influenced. Anyone in the field would be able to easily refute your views. To those who have only superficial or no knowledge in this area, I would recommend that they submit to a more extensive study of the matter before criticism.

  29. Mr. Blazek,
    you address the author as an economist. However, you should note that the author expressed his opinion here not as an economist, but as a person with a healthy and solid philosophical, and therefore ethical and moral, basis. The view that the state should not do business is certainly not led by any economic theory, but by philosophy.

  30. Mr. Blazek, who should make the energy strategy? God willing, ideally no one. Unfortunately, the state is doing something that does not belong to it. It's his problem and I don't see the slightest reason why, under the threat of a fine (ergo violence), I have to give him some of my information (which, by the way, he often already has).

    Economics and mathematics? Mathematics can serve as an abstract tool for the idea. But definitely as a tool of methodology. That's my opinion.

  31. Mr. Economist, who will do our energy strategy, for example? After reading your article, I just hope not as misinformed economists as you do. You economists are an interesting variety at all, in what opinion do you consider yourself to be, is economics pure mathematics? For example, the results of sales of domestic merchants are to us with open borders on the dragon, one example, just from the top of my head, promotional videos I have not seen unlike you, so you have an advantage)). It should be remembered that 1 + 1 can be equal to 1,8 to 2,2. To step on your heels and work around you NO NO NO I DON'T WANT

  32. When an intelligence agent comes to me for a private company, I'll send him to hell. When the majority does the same, the company in question must look for another way to obtain the relevant information. And it's so okay. That the state does it violently is symptomatic. The state is an instrument of collective violence. And I ask, "For what purpose?" Let everyone figure it out. It's just proof of his arrogance and that his role is really different than it should be. Whoever believes that the state thus provides us with a greater "good", let him fulfill what he wants. I won't do it. I do not intend to support his collectivist mannerisms.

  33. I have nothing against your argument. But it always freezes me when an otherwise educated person has Czech grammar ("events took place"), with which he would have failed in primary school in my time. Perhaps at least your English is better than my generation.

  34. Well, I recommend the opponents of the article to visit the Netherlands. Important Nazi census statistics were used by the Nazis to quickly and conveniently select all Jews and send them to KZ-Lágr for cremation. Based on these facts, the Dutch voted after the war that they would like to do without the census in the future. And they don't seem to be doing badly…

  35. Mr. doc. Dependent, no one, no geographer, no scientist, sociologist, or even an economist (to whom I subscribe) has no greater right to force me to participate in the census under the threat of a fine than I have the right to force them.

    If they are interested in the data, there are also much more convenient and non-violent ways to achieve this data, I also shot them in the article. Let these people go into a normal shift and show how much they value our data, and at the same time we will show how much we value our own private information.

    Adding up how many of us there is, after all, even without other data, that.

  36. To call the census an instrument of dictatorship may be good for a sensational headline, but otherwise the opinion of a complete ignorant person. This statistical information is highly valued by geographers (whether political geography, geography of settlements and population or simple statistics), despite the fact that the state's ability to regularly census is one of the (many) criteria considered in creating the Human Development Index (where works on the data obtained below). It is therefore nonsense to brag about "arguments" that it is "expensive fun" or that it is data that the state has long had available. And the deliberate sabotage of the census by giving incorrect data is roughly the same "bravery" as when no one in the first grade of primary school wants to admit who broke that window…
    Although it may seem that this is another of Big Brother's tools, it is a wrong conclusion. Although a question may seem too personal to you, it is good to realize that even the officials processing the sheets will not be interested in how rich Mr. Josef Vomáčka from Dolní Horní is. They will be far more interested in how rich the region is, how much there is on average per citizen of cars, televisions, etc.

  37. Trafficker's unnecessary worry whether I go to work on foot or by bike and what position I will stop there… ;-)
    If this "poll" was anonymous, I don't care. But on one piece of paper, I will not associate my birth number with information that no one has anything in. And I will not provide information about third parties by any chance! (Employer, visits at .etc.)

  38. It is more complicated. These data are really indirectly needed for marketing analyzes. And the state does not give them, but sells them. Basically, even the trafficker or owner of an electricity store can go to the CZSO to find out the number and social composition of the population around his cheaper and more efficient than finding out later on small sales. And why indirectly? Larger companies, of course, do marketing analyzes themselves - but only on a limited sample of the population. But the sample must correspond in its composition to the composition of the whole number. And this cannot be determined other than by the national census.

  39. if the fine is not large, I suggest sacrificing it and not giving info.

  40. This is just another clove in the coffin. It is another step towards the complete enslavement of people. But it's hard to explain to people who watch TV feeds every day. Another is the plan of all the money on the electronic card - it will be such an atomic feeding, but it can also be turned off. We don't decide much about ourselves anymore.
    How I would love to be wrong.

  41. After all, Scitani is here only for state officials to show some activity and show how "indispensable" they are 🙂

    They will then read, then analyze it for 5 years, prepare for the next 5 years and collect money for uselessness, as always.

  42. If any office wants to fine me for coughing up this overpriced bullshit, then at least make fun of the money.

    Gender: I have and handsome
    Age: behead and count the annual rings
    I commute to work: on a broom, because Lucifer no longer wants to ride me on his back

  43. By census, the state gains
    1. information already available to it (population register, registry, vehicle register, real estate cadastre, etc.)

    2. information completely useless (how many refrigerators, PC, etc.)

    3. information for nothing (everything else)

  44. My opinion is that the state does not need most of the data from this reading anyway or it has already been obtained in other ways. The purpose of the reading must be in something else. The only thing that comes to my mind is: the enrichment of a certain privileged group of people at the expense of others. The message attached to this (the state shows us how much he despises us and considers us so unjust that they explained the importance of the event to us in a 25 mega form of video) is just a shake on the cake.

  45. For Jana: The state has nothing to do with marketing analysis (because the state has no business) and private companies do marketing analysis for their money (and those who participate voluntarily).

  46. Jano, this data is certainly invaluable in marketing analysis.

    Why should I pay marketing (but also other) companies the costs of their marketing analyzes?

    Should we pay taxes to fast-food companies for their production costs (including advertising, see marketing mix)? Should we buy them buns? Salads? Pay for advertising?

  47. Hello, I don't think I'm just speaking for myself right now. This information is invaluable in marketing analyzes (my one-sided view, the information will certainly be applied elsewhere). Or do you really think that all the data used in them is obtained according to the needs and order of the company?

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