Let's throw a market doctor

The efforts of the government, especially Minister Heger, are useless. The Czech state health care cannot be cured, it can only be abolished. Let's do it - we don't need him.

Minister of Health Leoš Heger (photo - Týden.cz)
Minister of Health Leoš Heger (photo - Týden.cz)

I admit in advance that I am not monitoring the whole situation around the planned mass departures of doctors. However, I think that - in the current constellation of "stars" (understand the composition of the government, trade unions, medical chamber, etc.) - this situation has no solution.

The whole problem has a core elsewhere.

Everyone certainly values ​​our health. I believe that every at least a little healthy person considers their health useful. In that case, health is a regular asset. Like our pencil or our notebook. It can be said that health is part of our "human capital".

If we don't need a state-run "quasi-market" with pencils, why do we demand this for health? Our health is our property that benefits us if it is in order. Healthcare is a service like any other. Therefore abolish the cartel leading the regulation of health insurance companies, sell the state and regional (and any other "public") hospitals and abolish the Ministry of Health. We don't need either of them.

For healthcare to work perfectly, it must be able to evaluate signals from millions of patients, potential patients and physicians, every second, at every location. The state, as a "single center" (albeit scattered), does not and can never have the strength to handle and ensure this evaluation. We are the only ones who can evaluate these signals effectively all of us, the market.

I have quite respect for Minister Heger. He is an educated and certainly capable master. I am therefore extremely sorry that he is unnecessarily fixing his skills on solving a problem that, from his point of view, cannot be solved satisfactorily. Mr. Heger is trying to fix the irreparable.

The central brain of humanity?

I think our health is too fragile to give to one central brain. Being dependent on one "supplier" is dangerous. The state, as a supplier, is still highly incapable of doing so.

We each have our own specific knowledge about our health. This knowledge is given by time and place, it is individual. This knowledge is based on the efficient functioning of markets, and the state, as the "central brain", is too centralistic (by its very nature) to be able to voluntary human cooperation - replace. After many decades, we have healthcare here in a shameful state. This is a business card of the state proceedings.

A parallel with the crisis

It's interesting. Our "medical crisis" originated in a heavily state-run industry. It is parallel to the economic crisis, which arose in the financial markets that drive for change Ministry of Monetary Policy, ie the central bank - in other words, state.

In the name of the health of us all, let's get rid of it all.


  1. The most politically passable thing would probably be to start with an opt-out from ZP. Let everyone have the opportunity to stay in or leave the state system. Even such an advocate of socialist health care cannot tell you the ashes, and that would be enough for me (provided that health care was not subsidized from the state budget, that the ministry was paid from the ZP, and that health care laws applied only to public facilities).

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