The right not to count

Basically, it doesn't matter why we reject the census. The reason is not significant. The only thing that determines is that we reject the census. In a voluntary world, of course, I have the right to decide what goods and services to use. Not in a world of violence. - Census is useless! - Census is useless!

It's here: the census. We have to add up for our own money, fill in what we have or do not have in the forms we have paid. And if we don't, it will cost our money to impose a fine, a punishment. Is it worth it to us?

The fact that the census is quite expensive in itself (even cheaper in billion-dollar China) is not relevant at this time. Another important issue is: do we like or don't like violence?

It is said that we live in a free country after the "velvet revolution". We have rights that the state protects us. The state is made up of us - they say that we have democracy, that is, that "we," the people, rule.

Do I rule? I don't feel that way. I don't feel like I live in a "free democracy." I would have the right not to count. I would have the right to decide freely without the threat of punishment. Unfortunately, I do not have this right.

What's more - me I have no right not to use public services. The state does not allow the construction of regular private highways or the introduction of regular private schools - all are subject to state regulation.

After all, all these modern "conveniences", such as the road, school and others, are said to be kindly protected by the state. That's why he says he has to add us up - to know which schools and which roads to build and implement.

This is a state so incompetentthat he needs to count us so expensively that he can provide us with some services?

God! Provision of all services and goods - car production and sale, writing a book and its distribution, all together, the entire market of goods and services as such it is extremely complex - it provides an infinite number services and goods to meet a de facto endless number of needs. Such a complex and monstrous mechanism does not need a census.

Why does the state need a census to provide such simple services (compared to the whole "market market")? How do all the entrepreneurs offering?

Rational calculations under socialism?

The state is completely incapable of offering us anything. Representatives of the state, who want to offer some kind of monopoly services because it is said that only their concept is "correct", are committing fatal fateful conceit. If they suppress any private market competition (such as in education) and subject the whole industry to state administration, they will not know the market prices that would arise from voluntary cooperation. If they don't know these prices, they know nothing. They have no information. He does not know who wants what, to whom to give and to whom not to give, where to invest.

Competition in estimating future prices is disappearing.

All they can do is plan for the industry centrally in the future. Replace people's individual plans with their own. They cannot plan according to prices - according to human preferences - but only retrospectively, according to statistics. In other words: they plan for the future according to the past. He drives the car only according to the rearview mirror.

In other words, either there will be too many or too few schools. Whatever it is, the result will be inefficient - it will be a waste of scarce and limited resources. So why aren't environmentalists defending the state administration?

At present, I do not have the right not to use non-state services in many areas. Private business in the true sense of the word is almost non-existent, because almost every area of ​​business must obey state will. I have no right to use private roads. I do not have the right to use fully private schools. I can't, the state made it impossible with its power. I have no right to decide how I would like and how I would consider it effective. I have no right to my own judgment. It is already determined in advance what I should choose.

I have no right to decide on my health. I have no right to decide on my property. I do not have the right to decide on the results of my work, on the use of profit from the price of my work. Today, it is modern to defend minorities - why does no one defend individual politics? After all, the individual is an absolute minority! There is no smaller, more vulnerable minority!

Where does the "state", the interest group, the census advocates, take the right to decide what is right and what is wrong? Where do counters take the audacity to force us to satisfy our own needs by violence, by threatening a fine? Where do the proponents of the census get the audacity to take our money and threaten us for it?

Freedom or aggression?

Basically, it doesn't matter why we reject the census. The specific reason is not relevant. The only thing that determines is that we reject the census. In a voluntary world, of course, I have the right to decide what goods and services to use. Not in a world of violence. In the voluntary world, I determine what my life will be like. I determine what I want or don't want. In the world of violence, the aggressor determines this for me regardless of my desires and needs. In the voluntary world, I have the right not to count. Not in a world of violence.

I reject unjustified violence. If you too, you can't logically support addition. If you defend violence, so be it. But please - please! - Leave me out of this. Plan for yourself, I want to have my own plan.

The final choice is entirely up to you. But don't force others to make the same decision by force. And what is the question? It is simple:

Do you want to decide for yourself, or do you want to let the aggressors decide for yourself?


  1. According to the Social Democrat Stanislav Křeček, the current census law is soft on citizens. During the next census, he would like to see the police at your home, who will check the veracity of the data you fill in.

    Stanislav Křeček was the only deputy in the Chamber of Deputies who did not vote in favor of the law, according to which a census is taking place today. At the time, it seemed to him that the state was too weak in the planned repression against the citizens and wanted to strengthen. That's why he didn't raise his hand. Today, as part of a reflection on the changes in the census in 2021, he even says: “Everyone can write what they want in the questionnaire, no one verifies it. There is no guarantee of the truth of the data. Other state bodies should enter the census, such as the police, which should be able to enter houses and find out the real situation there. "

  2. alda:
    So try to analyze those parts of the text of "the Japanese", from which it is possible to conclude that there is no understanding of the "topic" (or try to state what exactly).

    It is so terribly easy to write about something that is obvious and bad at first glance, that it's all bullshit, etc.

    Plus, I don't think giving a link = can shit something. But that's just a detail.

    However, if I understand your honored logic correctly, then in a hypothetical case where, for example, the state would oblige us to drink one beer a day, I would have to be a brewing expert to be able to do so (that is, something that interferes with my rights). express?

  3. According to you, only the statisticians paid by us can comment on the sheep census. All the others are the dumb sheep that must be counted against their will under the threat of a fine.

  4. ginseng:
    Ahjo… why, if the Japanese man writes something, everyone can shit, even if they obviously don't understand the topic?

  5. They are sows, because with a fine of 10.000 CZK, I de facto ensure that every average person can be cleaned, because that's a lot of money. I wonder why there is no fine of 10.000 if I do not go to the polls? Because elections are voluntary and therefore it is not bad to force them.
    Since I take the election as the top most important in this state and it is voluntary, everything else that is less important must also be unenforceable.
    I do not fill in the forms - it is for my whole family including the house, etc. 6 forms, so I expect a fine of 60.000.
    A lot of work must be ..

  6. Who has any acquaintances, let him get a law firm that will file a class action lawsuit and will recover, retroactively, the fines we have paid.

    In my opinion, it is necessary to proceed for each municipality with extended powers, and enforcing a fine, separately. List of municipalities with extended powers

    Mr. Pecina did not succeed in the constitutional lawsuit in 2001, because at the time of filing the lawsuit no fine had been enforced against him.

    This year, the Brno student Klára Burešová did it. So we'll see.

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