Businessman and company

Thank God for the businessman. It is the entrepreneurs who form the society in which we live. It is the entrepreneurs who are the bearers of progress. It is the entrepreneurs who move our world forward.

Steve Jobs and Macintosh
Steve Jobs and Macintosh

In my opinion, it is no coincidence that in Czech we also use the word "society" to describe private companies, in English the equivalent of the word "society".

Because although many people won't like it, the "society" and the company have a lot in common.

What is this private company?

Although it may seem that the company is a totalitarian island floating in the market, this is not the case.

A company producing something, creating, trading something, must be established, someone must establish it. It is founded by an entrepreneur - a person who knows what he wants to sell, what he wants to trade with. However, the entrepreneur not only wants to offer, he also wants to demand.

It demands the money of its customers, it demands resources for its production. In order to get his products to customers, he asks people to help him - sellers and experts in many other industries.

They all offer their knowledge while asking for money from the entrepreneur. And the entrepreneur gets them that money with the help of the basic thing he brought to the company: the idea of ​​what to sell.

As a result, the company is a living organism of comparative specialization. People go to companies because it's better for them than fighting the market alone like a wolf. Within the company, we can work with many other people who can do something different from us.

And it is this diversity that makes what it earns. It is also advantageous for the cashier in the supermarket to cooperate with the store manager, marketing expert, sales director and others. They all provide this cashier with a service, thanks to which she can serve customers, who thus provide her with their payment. One marketing, business, visionary or other expert can make a living from thousands of people.

That is the reason why companies are established and why we also call them "companies" in Czech. Private companies are companies. People associate in them to exchange abilities with each other, thanks to which everyone profits from it.

However, the basis of everything is still the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur who discovered that there is room in the market to offer something, a product. The entrepreneur who, with his discovery, gave impetus to the emergence of a society of people with different abilities. The entrepreneur who, with his idea, brought salary to all people in his company.

If this entrepreneur makes a lot of money, it means that people (consumers) consider the products resulting from his discovery to be very useful, ie that the entrepreneur has discovered that consumers are missing something. If an entrepreneur becomes "immortal" for his discovery, it means that this entrepreneur really "moved" the fate of the world with his discovery.

Thank God for the businessman. It is the entrepreneurs who form the society in which we live. It is the entrepreneurs who are the bearers of progress. It is the entrepreneurs who move our world forward.

Companies are private companies. However, unlike societies identified, for example, by nationality or race, they have one essential feature: they are voluntary. We enter companies voluntarily and leave them voluntarily.

If I then have to choose between a company of which I am a part due to someone else's decision, a company that follows violent enforcement rules and a company that is only on a voluntary basis, I will choose the latter option. Those who speak of the immorality of private enterprise then speak essentially of the immorality of voluntariness and the morality of violence. This is not an attitude I can agree with.


  1. We do business and we try to create the best working conditions for our employees and an adequate salary. Because I say to myself, if the employee is satisfied, so will we. But in our republic, it is the case that you do a service or an order for someone, when the invoice is due in half a year and they will eventually tell you that they do not have money. You do 3 to 4 such deals and the company can go ahead.

  2. You have insufficient copying, Kubec,
    but you can give excellent!
    PS: You can run but you can not hide, you plagiator and stoolpidgeon.

  3. Of course, it is not used in English, it is different words, different meanings. It was not about English, but about Czech, where the word "society" has the meaning of both "society" and "company" (for clarity, I showed a difference in English terms).

  4. Quite a nice and brief summary of perhaps everyone's clear things. If it's not clear to someone, then your article is in the right place, but I'm afraid the right place should be elsewhere (on the web)…

    As for the English words firma a společnost, I meet the company in principle and so I was taught by "teachers". I have probably never taken society into my life in my life, I practically do not use this word at all, nor have I heard anyone else use it.
    Of course I know the word society, but I feel its meaning slightly different. It is in that, originally Latin, social, which suggests an alliance rather than an indefinite society. But I don't think that's really going to be a problem for most people and no difference. However, if someone talked to me about the company as a society, I would not react for at least two seconds…

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