Thanks for the favor!

During March, you visited more than 20 times. Thanks! Many of you also write interesting emails to me (Lukáš Kubec). Jakub Hájek he inspired me, so we will symbolically celebrate the XNUMXth person by looking at email correspondence.

"I'm 40 years old, unfortunately during my life I was forced to meet homosexuals: out of 10 I knew, there was only one young boy besides sex. orientation on the brain normal, with higher intelligence. "

"But a discussion to your fool article does not allow… a truly liberal… ’

"Mr. described it very nicely." A young egoist who ate all the wisdom of the world…. "

"After reading the blog, I came up with the only word you should attribute to the bullshit you're… .blb"

"Well, at least I know who was discussed on Sunday in Questions of Václav Moravec. There was talk of a decline in knowledge in the Czech Republic and the danger that we would be an open-air museum in Europe. Are you an economist? ”

"Your article should be published everywhere as evidence of the naivety, stupidity and UNFORGETTABLE THOUGHT of so-called liberals.
You have a chance to influence the early elections after the fall of this tunneling government. "

"By supporting this thieving government of tunnelers, you are making it possible to rob 'ordinary people.'
Like the "liberal," Klaus robbed the entire nation. "

"God, you're an ox"

"I'm sorry."

"Personally, I do not want to live in a land of idiots who claim that it is possible without strategies and that the freedom of the individual is superior to everything. Fortunately, SSO has 0,0 percent fart and will remain so. "

Thanks for the support until further writing! 🙂


  1. I keep my fingers crossed and I hope that in your generation you are not just an exception and therefore something other than a post-socialist "stupid mood" (which breathes from these "cute" emails) awaits us)

  2. "Klaus's Stolen Billions," "Neoliberals," and "Blue Komsomol" are my favorite left-wing cries.

    Btw, socani are still going, havistic truths are much rougher via mail 😀

    "Chu, I would hang on to hooks like that after each round!"

  3. 😀 good, that's exactly why it's still worth writing… and even sharper 🙂

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