Democracy? But where. A large state has only one effective form of governance - totalitarian dictators, who decide without debate and clearly what is "right" and what is "wrong"…

Adolf Eichmann, German civil servant and SS Obersturmbannführer
Adolf Eichmann, German civil servant and SS Obersturmbannführer. Performing the final solution to the Jewish question was a routine matter for him ...

It's creeping slowly but surely. The dictatorship of the new age. A dictatorship without a large dictator, but a dictatorship with a large number of small dictators. A dictatorship playing for free democracy. A dictatorship that almost no one notices: Bureaucratorship.

What is Bureaucratorship? It is government of unelected officials. I do not mean the "ala Fisher" government now, but the government of all those tax officials. A government of bureaucrats that no one knows. A government of bureaucrats who are not accountable to anyone.

How can officials rule? After all, they can only do what the law allows them to do.

Imagine that every regulation and every single procedure from every single state office or state institution, all of which would have to be approved by parliament. The state has hundreds of offices, thousands of officials. It is not even in the operational capacity of the parliament currently do something like that. There are an incredible quantity of authorities, officials and the resulting regulations and rules. In fact, officials decide many specific matters of our lives themselves, without control. He holds incredible power in his hands.

Nor would it change the fact that every official regulation has to go through parliament - as has already been said, it would be difficult for parliament. MEPs would vote on all these decisions "In a block," that is, without any further examination. The approval of a bureaucratic regulation would become a mere formality. Nothing would change about the whole thing.

However, if, under no circumstances at present, Parliament is in a position to control bureaucratic decision-making and to control it, unless officials may not care about the elected representatives of the citizens in their decision-making, that is the only thing - politicians, "people's representatives", but bureaucrats no longer rule.

A system where the "people", ie the "demos", do not rule, is logically not democratic. Like a system where there is no truly free market, it is logically not "free market". So what system do we live in?

We are not ruled by "people", but by bureaucrats. We do not live in a democracy, but in a Bureaucratorship. We are ruled by a group of people unelected by anyone. They do not represent anyone, only themselves. They arbitrarily rule in the boundaries of laws, which, however, easily change. However, all this is not the fault of bureaucrats.

How did we get here?

How did we get into the Bureaucratorship? Not at all - we somehow never really got out of it.

"Bureaucratorship" is a system where the citizens of the state are ruled by bureaucrats. It is a form of totalitarianism (or dictatorship), where unelected, unidentified anonymous people hold tremendous power in their hands. It is a system hiding behind democracy - it uses "elected representatives of the people" to expand its powers, often in such a way that a problem arises precisely because of bureaucracy, which is then solved bureaucratically or so that politicians decide on the basis of bureaucrats' documents and every bureaucrat also chooses to keep his own job.

How does a bureaucrat rule? He 's planning. The bureaucrat does not have to win the favor of anyone - the people do not know him, politicians are often not interested in him. A bureaucrat is not an entrepreneur - he is not motivated by "gaining his office". He is motivated only by his own profit. A bureaucrat is not paid by strangers for his services to them. The bureaucrat is paid by mandatory payments to citizens. Your income is secure regardless of performance.

If a bureaucrat rules by planning, it means nothing more than replacing the individual's own judgment of himself with his own. Since the bureaucrat is paid by mandatory payments and not voluntarily (ie not on a market basis, but violently), this means not only that the official replaces the individual decision-making of "man himself", but above all it means that the official forces others to judge!

In other words, The bureaucrat rules by planning your life for your money - whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter how "remote" the area of ​​bureaucratic decision-making is for us - in some respects, the official's decision affects each of us.

Who allowed it? Who allowed the bureaucracy to rule? Politicians did! Politicians who voted for this bureaucratic procedure for all of us. It was the politicians - the fatally conceited politicians - who defended the great state and the state apparatus that cared for everyone.

The state is not a "profitable enterprise", the state is a bureaucratic institution. In a small state, this institution is under the supervision of voters in the administration of politicians. A small state can be relatively free because the cumbersome bureaucratic apparatus is clear because it does not extend to many areas. It does not interfere directly in business and entrepreneurship, in human decision-making about oneself. The voter has an overview, politics deals with a narrowly selected specific range of topics. Such a state is democratic and democracy is an effective and rapid system of government. A small state is an institution with sovereign citizens.

In contrast, the great state is an institution that intervenes in many areas of our lives - private agreements, business and trade, and many more. The big state decides on the composition of branch commissions, on the health and pension of all. The big state is forced to deal with minor problems and irrelevant things. The big state is a confusing bureaucratic moloch. Democracy does not work and it cannot - Democracy stands and falls with the electorate. However, the voter-citizen is an individual and does not have an overview of all the issues in which the state is involved. He does not understand the state, he does not understand its bureaucratic functioning. Due to the number of nationalized areas, it has no overview or the power to change anything. The voter in a large state gradually loses interest in public affairs. In a large state, politicians and officials are not under the control of citizen voters. The big state is a sovereign institution with citizens.

The fact is that democracy is a system of government based on free trade, free human cooperation, a small state and low taxes. Every small democratic state that grew into a large state was either destroyed by foreign powers or transformed openly into some form of totalitarianism or dictatorship. Democracy cannot function in the environment of a large state - the whole system is automatically transformed into a system of bureaucracy. And who knows where to go next.

A large state has only one effective form of governance - totalitarian dictatorswho decide without discussion and clearly what is "right" and what is "wrong". A large state disrupts the functioning of markets, rational economic calculation is not possible in it. Inefficient "market output" is then taken as an excuse to bureaucratize other areas, the whole problem subsequently worsens.

Elected politicians thus handed over power from their hands to officials. The bureaucracy is not introduced by officials or zealous socialists from the ranks of intellectuals, but by politicians across the spectrum. The greater the appetite of politicians to "control" people's lives, the greater the power of officials. It is true that if, at first sight, the power of officials has increased "by 100%", in reality it is "200%". Why? Because The bureaucrat is also a voter and no one will vote for the abolition of his post.

Welcome to the Bureaucratorship. And the next time you go to the office again to beg the clerk in favor of complying with the "Million-Sixth" state ordinance, remember who you voted for in the last few elections before swearing.


And what does the best visible practical example of Bureaucratorship look like? Sometimes you vote in Parliament and find a moment when Members vote on a regulation that needs to be approved because the "European Union". This "Eurolegislation" is made up of Euro officials. This is one big Euro-Bureaucratorship.


  1. Thieves are worthy of thieves, the goodness of begging is, where there is competition and struggle, there is also the consumer purgatory, in which selfish parasites live, we are divided here into successful and unsuccessful parasites, because goodness, here is begging! Is it worth going to the polls, or going to throw eggs at presidents? All this is just a waste of time, let's look statistically and scientifically from the past of our cultural civilization, it must be clear to us that always big, here parasitized selfishly on small, if the small refused to submit, were punished by the big! There is no man here who can be a holy or political role model for us, and we could blindly follow him to make us better economically and socially in the future!

    Everyone is certainly 100% selfish liar and thief! The problem is competition and the struggle for existence, in this living world! The priority of life is competition and the struggle for existence! An animal is bad if it is hungry, and it is good if it is saturated, if it is hungry in society for a long time, society is also bad in the long run! Social parasites are evil because they are economically very hungry, the great global increase in crime is the result of an increase in economic hunger! Allocation systems need to be introduced globally, money and private property abolished, luxury goods will cease to be produced, and luxury services will not be there, there is no other way for us, we do not need greedy millionaires and evil dictators, we need to eliminate global economic hunger.

  2. Modernization is taking place everywhere, and thus the replacement of people by vending machines or robots, it is logical that all bureaucrats and politicians must turn soon.
    Cutting and saving must really be done everywhere, not just where no one can resist cutting and saving.
    Today, only one billion people in the world work productively, and this one billion people feed six billion people who do not work productively.
    Productive work produces real values ​​as needed; food, clothing, electronics, transport of goods, construction of cities and roads, etc.
    Many people, but their work does not produce anything valuable, so it is only unnecessary work, which arose due to the fact that there are big amateur mistakes in economics and politics.
    If instead of people only robots work everywhere, then what on earth will people do?
    Humans will live naked in the zoo, and will delight the robots who look at them when they visit the zoo.
    But there will be unbreakable glass between robots and humans, so that robots cannot feed stupid people, causing problems for zoo operators.
    Finally, we will be equal in power and economy, and we will no longer have to go to school and work.
    We will have plenty of tropical and other fruit, because next to us will be a large pavilion with monkeys, and according to the food catalog of the zoo, we will logically have the same quality food as competing monkeys.

  3. Everything is in motion, what was, we will not change it, and we do not know anything about what will happen, the global consumer culture of the USA, like the flu virus, has invaded the whole world. Is the meaning of our life consuming or does human life have a different meaning?
    From the point of view of science and technology, life is a genetically intelligent program that controls biological engines, and as a result evolution is associated with competition and the struggle for; benefits, security, happiness, love, career, popularity, information, money, sex, drugs, food, etc. It is unbelievable about what is here, what is a live competition and fights for the opportunity to be a consumer here and to be better than competition.
    He is not here in this world; capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, buddhism, feudalism, etc. there is only greedy egoism, which has many false masks according to the situation in which greedy egoism is currently found!
    Let's look at the best books that have changed human thinking the most, many will think of the Bible but it is a mistake, fairy tales have changed the most human thinking! Every human culture is based on fairy tales, one of the most beautiful fairy tales is probably a very old fairy tale, in which is Aladdin, who owned a vicious lamp, in which lived the magical Genie, who fulfilled every wish of the lamp owner.
    Every child wants to fulfill secret wishes and it is necessary to think about it in depth! Buy our goods or our services and your secret wishes will come true, choose policies and they will fulfill your secret wishes, etc.
    But what if we spend money and time on something that our secret desires can never fulfill, so for example we have been studying at university for many years and after graduating from university we come across unexpectedly that everywhere they want us to have a long experience in the field, they knew it what was not taught at all in college, etc.
    We have been deceived a lot by the consumer system, is there a hidden mistake in the consumer system somewhere? But where is the real mistake in the consumer system? The mistake is in the great distance between people and the great distance between nations and cultures, the sharing of values ​​and information is possible only because there are no distances between us, we can often lie with someone in a double bed for many years and have children with them, and yet there is a great psychological and economic distance between us, and so over time there will be a divorce and the payment of alimony.
    Judas betrays Jesus because there was a great mental and economic distance between Jesus and Judas, Cain in the field kills his brother Abel in an argument, because there was a great mental and economic distance between the brothers, etc. But how is it possible that we so far mentally and economically distant and so we are very bad to each other?
    Jesus Christ has already explained the problem, no one can serve many lords, he will be grateful to one lord, and he will anger other lords by this, everyone must choose one right lord, and only this lord, then he must serve his whole life. Who is the right master we all have to serve?
    The right lord is the truth, if we lie to ourselves and others, we will be punished for it by repaying others and the result will be a world in which everyone lies and so everyone consumes alcohol and tobacco so that they do not go crazy from those selfish hypocritical lies!

  4. You will have no other god. But we have another god to whom we sacrifice reason, health, friendship, love, family and life, it is LAWN. And the world is set up so that LAKOMOSTI must be served even by those who are not its followers.
    You will not abuse my name CHRISTMAS. In the Middle Ages, the name of God (CHRISTMAS) was misused to recruit and wage crusade in the Holy Land. In the 20th century, priests lit deadly weapons.
    You will keep a day of rest. We do not observe the day of rest so that we can serve LAKOMOSTI every day in life. And we're still proud to be workaholics.
    You will honor your father and your mother. We have forgotten the ancient principle that worshiping ancestors is more important to the family than sacrificing to the gods. We have divided generations for easy manipulation and poor profits: family cohesion, where the views of seniors are respected, damages business and complicates the lives of fraudsters. That's why the cult of youth was graduated to generational hatred: Who should still feed the old parasites? The young dementians are certainly already shooting the pre-election clip "Talk to your grandmother, let them throw a bow!"
    You won't kill. But we have made our neighbors competitors and our competitors enemies that need to be eliminated, for example by murder. Uncompromisingly. Effectively. Mass. And what is a more powerful engine of prosperity than war? Who among the great players on the geopolitical chessboard will resist war fanfare? In addition, everything is justified by the defense of democracy, freedom and other Euro-Atlantic values. What do the millions of dead mean?
    You will not commit adultery. Is ancient fidelity possible at all, when the human age has more than doubled in three millennia? Psychologists and sexologists have told us so many disturbing facts about instincts, love and passion that they almost rule out lifelong fidelity. The couple's marriage model hasn't worked very well, but do we have anything better?
    You won't steal. Theft has always been a robbery since the beginning of human history, one of the most proven strategies for getting rich and for power. The multibillion-dollar fortunes have been acquired in the recent past by fraudsters with the strongest creed: "Extinguish and steal what you can!" We have become accustomed to the thief calling, "Catch the thief!" Whoever "laughs" out of greed buys; politics, police, courts and the media. How many are the incorruptible, majority, or already extinct minority?
    You won't lie. We all know the false promises of our politicians, which are not and will never be fulfilled. We all know wars that have been waged for obviously looted reasons. Advertising and business benefit mainly from ingenious misinformation. A lie disguised as truth seems to be a fundamental principle of human civilization.
    You do not desire your neighbor's wife. This is a very strict commandment when it prevents us from dreaming about foreign women. At the same time, the desire for the women of their neighbors is an innocent sin in a culture that has created prostitution, brothels, trafficking in women and perverted sexual practices, porn sites for which a medieval knight would draw his sword.
    You will not be greedy or envious. Who makes us lie, steal and kill, if not; greed, greed, envy, etc.? We haven't admired it in a long time; politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, athletes, etc. for what they can do, we are only fascinated by how much they earn. He who has little wants more, and he who has more wants everything. As if we didn't know that no one would take their stolen billions to the grave.
    What to add in the end ten?

    The world is wedged with generosity, and it serves the slaves of greed.

  5. -1-

    Flush egoistic manipulators and organizers to shit, because egoistic manipulators and organizers are the source of all the problems we have to deal with throughout our lives. Intelligence has created an ego that manipulates you and organizes everything, everything is enslaved by manipulators and organizers, it is a divine feeling of being able to manipulate and organize.


    Everything here is based on duality, there is nothing in which there is no duality; profit is here because of loss, love is here because of hatred, life is here because of death, shit is here because of food, laughter is here because of crying, freedom is here because of slavery, power is here because of helplessness, paradise is here because of purgatory, activity is here thanks to passivity, knowledge is here through learning, etc. There is always a desire for a miracle, miracles belong to fairy tales and dreams, life is enslaved by duality, a miracle means wanting something for free but it is just a theft and a lie, everything has to be paid for, what is free here has no real value.


    The biggest problem here is that civilization demands intelligence from you, but when you start organizing something and manipulating something here, civilization will punish you for it, there are rules that must not be broken but what is intelligence to us if we have to live only according to firm rules that we must not break in order not to be punished by imprisonment or a fine. Satire sets the mirror for every greedy dictatorship, so there is power censorship that eliminates satire.


    Every power organization is a greedy dictatorship that censors everything and forcibly liquidates attempts at satire. Is it theoretically possible to create a nation that is not a greedy dictatorship, where there is no need for censorship to eliminate satire? It is possible with the technology used by the Borg, the point is to create a new person who will only be a cloned brain placed in a robot, we will all have the same brain and the same robotic bodies, there will be one common global thinking, privacy will be eliminated.


    Everything will be perfectly globalized, no names, we will only have serial numbers, no mass values, everything will be common, there will be no more conflict, between individuals or between organizations. Holy shit, you are above us, come your fucking kingdom, be your will here, both above and below, give us food for body and soul, forgive us that we like to shit on everything, protect us from being on us someone from the hill shit, amen.

  6. How to kill a bureaucratic tick? The global economic and social crisis is here due to the proliferation of globally bureaucratic ticks and sucking up economies and socially those who create real value here with their hard work. How did bureaucratic ticks actually originate in the world? At the time of the creation of joint ownership, a bureaucrat was needed to be in charge of joint ownership, logically from this it can be deduced that bureaucrats are trying to liquidate private property, because the less private property there is in the world, the more there will be bureaucrats who will take care of joint ownership and since they will be closest to joint ownership, they will have a state castle with servants and a state plane with aircrew, etc. President, senator, deputy, judge, director, king, emperor, nobleman, pope, etc. it is only the bureaucrats who take care of the common property, and so they are as good as big pigs in rye. When a lot of the common is taken, no one knows it, and that is the life of bureaucratic ticks, many times the bureaucratic ticks in the past of our cultural civilization have spoken of supporting the demise of common property. But promises are made, and only naive idiots rejoice in advance to know that bureaucratic ticks have deceived them and made great idiots out of them. The greater the common property there is, the more bureaucratic ticks will live on, the greatest common property here is the nation, and so nations logically have the greatest number of bureaucratic ticks. A parasite cannot exist without a host, if there is no common property in the world, then there will be no bureaucratic ticks. Let's look at the operation of a private TAXI service, how it is systematically intervened by violent bureaucrats, and how it is systematically vacuumed by those who operate this service. The one who runs the TAXI service privately is, in fact, a poor slave to the bureaucrats, and they can do with him whatever comes to mind.

  7. Take my warning seriously, idiot!
    I warn you against making mistakes, every mistake results in new mistakes, it's like a killing virus that can spread quickly globally and can result in; poverty, illness, death, imprisonment, war, divorce, dismissal, depression, suicide, homelessness, drug addiction, prostitution, dictatorship, sect, etc. 1 + 1 = 3 this is a mathematical error because it results in the wrong number 3 instead of the correct number 2. In an effort to have a powerful and rich person have power and wealth, there are taxes and so the result is the number 3, instead of the number 2, because there was an example, 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, taxes are the third 1, this number one but it should never be here! How were the taxes created? Taxes were created due to a mistake when we wanted to have stocks of values, in case we are in crisis, stocks of values ​​are a mistake, values ​​must be in a circle and must flow, they must not stop and accumulate for even a moment! A self-service cashier produces a net profit of CZK 200 per month, but she receives a net profit of only CZK 000 for her work, where on earth is the CZK 10? There are a large number of people in the company who do not produce a profit, so they forcibly take the saleswoman from the payout of 000 CZK every month to make themselves as good as; presidents, politicians, directors, soldiers, bureaucrats, celebrities, priests, pensioners, students, the disabled, gypsies, etc. Society punishes those who want to work in poverty and rewards those who do nothing here with great power and great wealth, someone long ago he brazenly calculated how much it cost the United States one year to serve as president of the United States, and was immediately killed by FBI agents, the state's greatest enemy. He also calculated all the indirect costs, such as; unemployment, bureaucracy, politics, the army, monopolies, churches, misinformation, etc. the entrepreneur knows very well the problem of hidden costs, which are huge, but unfortunately have to be paid on time. At the center of the central economy is always a black economic hole that absorbs big money, the more people working in the central economy, the more the center absorbs money. The way out is in global decentralization in economics and ideology, there is no other way, every family in the world must have the right to kill their children freely, and a man must have the right to kill his wife and a woman the right to kill his husband. What happens in the family must be a private matter for each family, the moment the sectarian state begins to interfere violently with what happens in the private family, and treats people in the family as their poor lawless slaves, at that moment human culture has collapsed globally, and is replaced by a poor sectarian central dictatorship!

  8. As soon as anything tries to be disobedient, it is automatically justly punished by God, there is nothing in the Absolute that God does not punish for disobedience! God is not a holy person, he is a "DUALITY", everything here is controlled by duality, the tension between pros and cons, he manipulates everything, and he provides strength and resources to everything here! God is not in heaven, nor in the temple, he is everywhere like "DUALITY", another God has never been here, and will not be! He who believes in God who is not "DUALITY" is an ox, and therefore makes all the poor misery all his life. How did it happen that every person began to believe in bullshit, and so he became a poor dull ox who was brazenly playing here; emperor, king, leader, president, etc. The cause was mental illness, and a mentally ill person, many mentally wronged, and the more there were mentally ill people, the more people logically made mistakes, and so they became oxen, what they do from birth to death only bullshit, and believe the bullshit in the books or on the Internet. In 1992, I was in France for 9 months, at the castle of the ISKCON organization, where I scientifically observed how professional brainwashing works, in oxen, using Hindu holy ideology? The principle is simple, and it is called mental solitary confinement, the soul is thrown into solitary confinement, and thus mentally weakens so much that it begins to believe in holy bullshit, and so man quickly becomes a holy ox. Hindu holy ideology, created the holy ideologies on our planet, Jesus Christ, preached pure classical Hinduism!
    The principle of Hinduism is to eliminate aggression in the believer, and thus make him a worthy holy ox who obeys the holy elite. Is human aggression a mistake that society must eliminate? It's like drinking wine, it's about not getting drunk, and so that drunkenness doesn't cause us problems, in the right amount, wine is a cure, so the elimination of aggression must be under control so that the elimination of aggression doesn't cause us problems. Once a friend came to me at a castle in France and said that he needed me to help him, that he could not do it alone, I replied that I had already promised help to another friend, and that if he and that friend went and he would agree that I'll help him, so everything is fine. But what didn't happen was that my friends were aggressive, and they started arguing on the ground like animals about who to help, so in the end, unfortunately, it was a great shame that my friends couldn't control themselves and act like fools. Everyone needs medicine because he is sick and I am the medicine that every ox needs here, so I left ISKCON so that there would be no violence, because everyone here wanted me to help him recover mentally, because he no longer wanted to be an ox. Thank God I can laugh at oxen, so it's that the other ox is. This is the mental medicine that my friends often unfortunately fought with each other, and every one of those drugs wanted to take a lot to get mentally healthy. It's all about the key and the lock, if you get the right key, open the right lock, and so you will finally stop being an ox, which makes only bullshit here for life.

  9. The importance of optimal work is a priority, for the transformation of the system so that it serves us perfectly, life is the fulfillment of important tasks, what does not work is wrong. Work can be; mental, physical, mechanical, physical, chemical, etc. Work is always a manifestation of the energy that manipulates matter to accomplish a task. Work is possible only thanks to information and programs, the more advanced the information and programs, the more advanced the work and the work creates an environment in which to work, it is nature and civilization, soon there will be a virtual environment where you will work. There are mistakes associated with work and thanks to mistakes the work is logically wrong and thus unnecessary, with the help of optimization it is possible to find and correct mistakes, but often there is interest for our competitor or enemy to make mistakes, so we could defeat him and gain profit or advantage. Drugs are used to make our competitor or enemy wrong, the problem came when drug addiction became a global problem that no one knows how to deal with, and so we all make mistakes because of drugs, and so it is here; unemployment, misery, corruption, betrayal, hatred, dirt, mafia, etc. There are not only chemical drugs, the drug can also be us; security, advantage, profit, popularity, power, wealth, authority, love, fun, sleep, etc. Many physical illnesses are here due to addiction to a drug, so the problem for optimal work is the world of drugs that does not allow us to work optimally. We need to start doing something about this problem, our only real enemy here is drugs.

  10. Evolution created everything here, only man began to cause problems here by using fire and intelligence, and thus created a hellish consumer purgatory, where there is a characterless central bureaucracy. The government of hell has made people's lives hell with the help of hellish bad laws that everyone in this hell must follow, otherwise they are punished by the hellish elite. If someone stands up brazenly to the elite of hell, he is imprisoned or killed so that the elite of hell can do what suits them and not have to submit to what the poor people in consumer hell want. My father's parents perished in the Auschwitz concentration camp because they were Jews, the elite of hell may kill the poor in hell without trial, as if it were just cattle that must do everything that suits the elite and must not doubt anything here. The characterless central bureaucracy decides on us without us, so that it is well and can use large residences and expensive cars with a driver. At the moment when people were forbidden to kill themselves, a characterless central bureaucracy arose and made people a purgatory of life, logically if we want to eliminate this purgatory we must start killing ourselves again so that there will be no rich or poor people and only free people who do not pay. no taxes and fees to anyone!

  11. I've known you since the moment you were created by an ox that was an idiot who was so stupid that he multiplied through sex so that some ox would be an idiot! You do not realize that you are an ox who is an idiot, because you exist in a cultural consumer bureaucratic civilization, where you are constantly surrounded by oxen that are morons. There is an exception to every rule and I am the rare exception, because I am not an ox who is an idiot, there are very few such exceptions in the world and you can recognize them by the fact that they do not have wrong addictions and only have the right addictions. Tell me your addictions and I'll tell you who you really are here. An ox who is an idiot is addicted to drugs and drugs have made a man an ox who is an idiot, what causes depression is also a drug, so drugs are not just chemical, drugs can be anything that easily manipulates us like a puppet and so we in oxen and morons transforms! The past clearly proves that there are bullshit everywhere that is stupid, and so there are concentration camps where people are killed, or bombs are thrown on cities to kill people. An ox who is a moron hates oxen that are morons, because they compete with him a lot from birth to death and thus reduce his value here and do not allow him to be the biggest ox that is a moron and thus get the position of president or director. Only an ox who is an idiot could create a cultural consumer bureaucratic civilization in which there is unemployment and misery! The worst part is that you are a coward, so you do not have the courage to get into a garbage container so that the garbage men can eliminate you from this poor world, where there are only oxen who are morons and play here; president, director, king, emperor, judge, minister, senator, deputy, general, professor, artist, priest, doctor, etc. You will not deceive me, I know you well! Thank God, laugh at the oxen what morons I can, so it's that the other ox, the moron is. In this ingenious divine meditation, the cure for your miserable problems is, as soon as you realize that you are an ox who is an idiot, you start doing something about it and finally get into that garbage container so that there is one ox that is an moron less. Do not jump down from a high height, you often endanger others unnecessarily and you cause unnecessarily many problems with it, with the removal of your dead body, you are just a poor biological waste and therefore you logically belong in a garbage container!

  12. Consumer society is transforming our cultural civilization into pathetic labor camps in which the worker is treated worse than the cattle. The whole system of modern consumer society is built only on control and punishment, personal emotional relationships disappear very quickly from our lives, everything is for sale and everything works on the principle of control and punishment. You work slowly and make mistakes, you are punished by dismissal and you become a dirty homeless man who begs for some food and collects trash cans and tries to collect what he gets a little money for. Love is only here for money, you have no money you have no right to love as a result of drug addiction and drugs make people poor puppets without intelligence what they think about how to survive and can no longer live normally. Crime and terrorism are beginning to grow rapidly, and the world is beginning to turn into a great battlefield, where we kill and rob ourselves callously because we want to survive and not want to starve to death. The reduction of social security is advancing very fast and the hope of retirement is constantly diminishing, as is the hope of creating economic security for oneself, because inflation is rapidly devaluing money and high taxes make it impossible for us to have financial reserves. in case of sickness and unemployment. We use contraception because the procreation of children in this evil consumer world no longer has any logical concept, no one has time for children here, because the consumer system cannot parasitize as much on children as it does on an adult, who is only a cheap money machine. this machine does not work properly due to age, it is automatically fired from his job and apartment and he becomes homeless.

  13. The one who makes the mistake loses and it doesn't matter what the fight is, where there is life there is also a fight for resources for growth and reproduction, so that we can live, we must have resources for growth and reproduction and to have it is logical. The most important thing is to start with only good seed, there can also be a good living system, if the seed is bad, it must be prevented from being able to grow and reproduce, it is not just plant seeds or seeds that give a man to a woman to give birth to a human child. , there are also information seeds from which ideological living systems arise. If there is a problem, it is necessary to solve it immediately and optimally, if the elite does not manage the optimal solution of problems, something needs to be done quickly. In the past, this problem was solved by exchanging people in elite places, but this is no longer enough, it is necessary to replace people in leading positions with modern electronics and technology. If it is no longer possible to defeat the computer in a game of chess, this means that the disinformation ideological holy period ends, when we were decided without us by a selfish ideological and business sect, and the old period of sectarian rule must be replaced by a period when electronics and technology take over. We do not need selfish bureaucrats who parasitize on us, but we need electronic control rooms that will allow us to easily obtain resources for growth and reproduction. You know how much a box of cigarettes costs, and why this product is ten times overpriced, so instead of costing CZK 6, it costs CZK 60. The elite need your money, the elite is not about destroying your health with smoking, it is about parasitizing a lot on you economically, logically the economy and politics cannot work where services and products are overpriced due to the selfish holy elite. If we postpone the constant introduction of science and technology into the management of society, the result must be only a great war, and in this war a logically large number of people will perish and a large number of values ​​will be destroyed. It is easy to change the surface by taking on new clothes, but it is difficult to change our subconscious, which so far thinks only of sex and food, not only is life alive through sex and food, but must also be interested in new programs and new information, otherwise will be punished; war, famine, epidemics, terrorism, drugs, sects, mafias, etc. So far, our cultural civilization is drunk from the benefits provided by central bureaucratic systems, and so in its intoxication it is deaf and blind to the fact that there is an economic and political long-term depression associated with poverty and unemployment. A classic example of the incompetence of the capitalist central system are the poor bureaucratic employment offices, where they do not get you a job or give you unemployment benefits, they just laugh at you and make you have problems. The elite are constantly reaching out to you in the desire to take money from you for taxes and fees, and when you are in need, they no longer want to give you a job or support, what kind of shepherd is his flock.

  14. Robots with artificial intelligence have decided that the right president of this planet will be GVKB, the advantage of this human personality is that he is the most popular personality in the world and also that he is already physically dead because he died in 2053 on his 100th birthday.
    It seems nonsense, how could a person who is physically dead be president?
    However, it is necessary to realize that there are robots with artificial intelligence, which look like humans and they can perfectly copy any great personality mentally and physically, the advantage here is that in case of assassination of the president nothing happens and there is an immediate replacement, so assassinations do not logically occur because they do not make sense.
    GBKB's best-known statement is, "work and when you're tired, go to bed right away", there are sleeping boxes everywhere and so no one is tired and everyone is relaxed, seemingly a trifle, but the perfection of our world consists of many little things and many of these The little thing was invented by GVKB, for example, electronic collars, which cannot be taken off and thanks to which each person has their own personal language and cannot talk to another person by voice, but must use a collar that translates words and excludes egoism and greed from communication.
    Another ingenious idea was to take children from people after birth and entrust them to an educational center in the world where education is provided only by robots and children do not have communication with parents.
    A person who is brought up by robots can live symbiotically with robots and has no problems with robots, this is a symbiotic friendship.
    Religious and political ideologies that made people fools and poor people were a big problem in the past, GVKB automatically eliminated all these ideologies and introduced a single ideology based on the fact that everything artificial intelligence says must be sacred to everyone without exception and must not be doubt it!
    In the economically dark miserable time in which GVKB lived, the world was ruled by callous and characterless poisonous human snakes that were beautifully dressed and beautifully spoken so that they could easily make working people poor economic slaves in a heartless consumer society.
    In that dark miserable time, people fought fiercely and competed for benefits and money, and he who had little sexual energy in him was hopeless of succeeding in this evil time.
    The obsession with sex was clearly shown at that time by the internet and sites that were much dedicated to sex, people at that time had sex like poor cattle, and there was also sex in which there were small children and animals, brutality was often used here.
    It can be said that only since man was raised only by robots in a world education camp, man became a cultural man and ceased to be a poor dumb animal that thought and lived like cattle.
    GVKB clearly defined for the first time what life and intelligence is when it called life and intelligence, as free programs that can automatically reproduce and grow.
    Freedom is associated with competition and the struggle for values, it is competition and struggle that is the basis of the functioning of the living system in the dark times in which GVKB lived. Competition and struggle was something that was suppressed and resulted in constant crises in both societies and individuals.

  15. We do not need politicians and bureaucrats, we need people to do business freely and to do well here.
    Life is a struggle for what we love and need, in this struggle those who serve others professionally and get the right reward for it, politicians and bureaucrats make entrepreneurs fools and the poor as a result of logic misery and crisis there is.
    The basis of freedom is the right to kill someone who parasitizes me or otherwise harms me economically, no one kills someone they love and need!
    Goodness is begging, violence belongs to natural life, what is the difference between a concentration camp and the fact that an entrepreneur kills a thief, in both cases there is violence against a stranger.
    Every central political and bureaucratic system will come to war after a certain time, because it will be overpopulated and thus the lack of subsistence resources in great wars will destroy enormous values ​​and kill unnecessarily good people!
    We are territorial beings, and if anyone in our territory harms us, we must kill him for it, unless we kill liars and thieves and he will soon become our master and make us his slave, who will have many responsibilities and no rights.
    The fight for freedom will be here as long as the killing of thieves and liars is forbidden, only the fear of death can tame thieves and liars, no other way to freedom is possible, because goodness is begging.

  16. Very nice article. Only in speed and roughly would I like to comment that I agree with Jiří's opinion, I have been carrying a similar idea in my head for several years.

    I would have said before that officials directly reworked and corrupt policies.

    It should be noted that the actions of officials are often not managed / organized. Officials fight, in principle, for themselves, controlled by some inner instinct, and by the instinct of their herd. Although certain levers undoubtedly exist here.

    Over time, the situation has changed. Today, I would rather evaluate the activities of officials as "preparation of documents for politicians". It is quite possible and probable that politicians know about their steps, but they simply dance a long rehearsed dance together, tolerate each other, partially need it. The existence of the others adds to their importance and gives them a sense of the existence of themselves (meaning the positions in the state they fill).

    They can be without each other, but on the one hand they do not want to, and on the other hand it is an idea that is probably not uttered (it is suppressed perhaps only at the lowest level of consciousness, by most) because they suspect that citizens do not really need government officials or politicians…

  17. Thank you for this article, I have had exactly these thoughts about the government of unelected officials in my head for a long time.
    It is absolutely true, few people realize it. Politicians in big parties have no effort to change anything. After all, parliamentary parties are actually parasites too, they receive contributions from our taxes, for what?
    Most leading politicians lack responsibility, personal courage, statehood. Who can be said at the moment to be a real statesman? Perhaps only about President Václav Klaus.

    @David: Many officials play only a passive, unconscious role in the "bureaucracy". The fact that many of them actually give "performance" does not mean that what they do is useful and beneficial.

  18. @David - the salary of a civil servant is not obtained by a profitable method (business), where people would voluntarily rate his work as a beneficial, but forced payment, when people pay him, whether they like it or not. This is a fundamental difference in principle.

  19. I think these courts that "the official is not paid for performance", etc. , should be brought out only by someone who has several years of work experience in the state administration in their CV.

  20. It all looks chaotic, but you can find a way in it.
    Perhaps it would be good to ask where the right one has evaporated from all over the western world?
    Although I do not recognize Bilderberg as a conspiracy group, which in my opinion is just a speculation for idiots, I am sure that over the years of relatively stability in the countries, and so around the world, a group of powerful people has ruled to rule this world. I have no doubt about that. It can be cleared from what is happening. At the same time, people in western society have become quite rich and this capital needs to be gained.
    The world is driven to the benefit of a small group of powerful people, and the current trend is an extraordinarily devastating left-wing wave across society. Democratic elections cannot be taken as a free expression of the citizen, because they are very effectively manipulated by the media also in the hands of the powerful. And the media mainly make public opinion, the media make elections.
    So where does the right go, if we neglect the parties that are just blabbering on and the slowly awakening people who are starting to vote for the real right?
    Behind every politician is capital, and it is in the hands of the powerful.
    The right was uncomfortable for the plans of the powerful, so it simply could not get to rule.
    In the plans of the rich and powerful, of course, to be even richer and more powerful.
    And what is the introduction to the widest possible enforcement of the left? Left-wing systems and governments are the best and most effective way to crush democracy, freedom of speech, manipulate and enslave the maximum of people, and also get the maximum amount of money from them. Right-wing governments have done the exact opposite of what suits today's powerful. In a free country with a right-wing government, money remains fair to those who have earned it and are protected with their property by such a government. However, the current direction is such that people "democratically" climb into their pockets.
    The whole multicultural ideology with Islamization above all is one huge piece of money, in which, thanks to this crap, money is expelled from people in the end at the end of a few powerful ones.
    This is the basic move. Rest .
    It is a seemingly chaotic, but extremely thoughtful machine. It mainly uses the power of the word, corruption and the natural idiocy of people.
    Truth and love do not prevail. Truth and love are dreams of comfort from another dimension and as a weapon do not belong to our world with unchanging rules. Truth and love is a motto for strong suicides, enslavers of their own children, gravediggers of our culture and a joke for predators. Truth and love are, in our message, a very successful marketing move by neo-Marxist fascists and a tool for the victory of a group of several powerful. 
    We live in a "democracy" that has been stolen and abused. Overpriced and self-destructive neo-Marxist multicultural circus as a modern fascism together with planned and controlled Islamization and the need for deliberately overpopulation of the planet are a manifestation of this… Everything is one big and dirty business.
    We only build production units with a number, on which I develop, which put more pressure with a gloomy vision of retirement in the 70s.
    We name huge legacies and riches as strong, false, totally dysfunctional and self-destructive ideologies, and we base our children on the destructive fire in the future.
    We choose our own executioners who jump on the same bed with myopia. Drugged by the false degenerative well-being of sleep and dreams gave him a more hot dream, from which awakening will be very cruel.

    We are participants in the most advanced culture in the history of the human race, who are innocent, but nevertheless, in the heightened celebratory brightness of the Leftist mob, they voluntarily kneel before the barbarians for execution.
    No, the last battle will not ignite, but it will be one of many that has been, is and will always be necessary to establish and defend freedom and democracy.

  21. In our country, this situation is a remnant of the communist government, and in the west it has led to better perfection. The governments of the world rule against their own people. Democracy has been stolen and abused.
    The western left-wing world is very socialist
    and as a natural consequence it is fascinating again. Democracy and freedom of speech as an enemy of every left and totalitarianism are suppressed. positive discrimination. ”We have political processes to order here, as a sign of the slow totalization of society.

    Socialists and neo-Marxist criminals, led and ideologically infallibly dictating Brussels, are trying to give us more control over our lives and slowly enslave society.

    The Red Socialists, unrecognizable from their brown brothers, are trying to destroy the Western culture of the world with the modern fascism of multicultural ideology, to which they take the most aggressive and bloodiest ideologies in the human history of Islam to help.

    This cruel, racist, discriminatory, political-religious ideology, officially voting for the defeat of freedom, democracy, enslavement of the Jews, Christianity, and the physical liquidation of unbelievers, is fully and existentially supported by the left of the world.

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