And who will save us?

They are afraid of air, water, clay. They are concerned about insecticides, pesticides, food additives, carcinogens. They are afraid of radon, they are afraid of asbestos. They are afraid of endangered species… but who is afraid of us?

"We feel so important," complains George Carlin in his great performance. And he's right.

We save snails, whales, flowers and trees. Why not. If someone does it voluntarily, it's commendable. But please - please! - Don't force it on others.

Imagine humanity. Just over 6 billion people huddled together on a rubble somewhere in space. Next to humanity, imagine the universe. The universe with all the planets, stars, matter and anti-matter, galaxies and black holes. Imagine the colossus, if you can. Now let me tell you an incredible thing - it works and nobody controls it!

God, imagine if the whole cosmic colossus had its government and ministries. In a paraphrase of a well-known quote, I'm afraid there won't be a big bang.

Violent saviors of the world

For many people, it must be something unimaginable. There is no one in the universe to protect white dwarfs or fading stars. There isn't even one association of planets with life or perhaps trade union of gravitational forces with banners "thank you, we are leaving". It just works.

If something as vast, colossal, complex with so many laws as the universe can work spontaneously, why couldn't such a nickname, something as small and completely simple (compared to the universe) as human society, work spontaneously reliably?

If a person today is not able to create a computer under his full control that is comparable to the ordinary human brain, why does one think that he can effectively plan the life of another person?

If people are not able to take care of themselves properly and we are constantly on the verge of extinction according to various "saviors of the world", why the hell does anyone think that the same people can control and determine the lives of other people? Or maybe save the planet - planet! The rubble that managed to create us and the whole environment around us! A planet that is obviously much more capable than we are.

Or have we accomplished what "she" did in all its breadth and complexity?

Compared to everything around us, we are actually quite incompetent and stupid. Why the hell do we think we can save something? Our "rescue" is nothing more than another planned intervention in nature. She'll deal with it over time - she'll just get rid of us. Maybe by letting us kill each other.

All these "protectors of everything" feel so extremely important, so important, that they have the right to use (institutionalized) violence against others. Such conceit! Such pride!

They claim that they have the right to order something under the threat of violence because "they defend the interests of the planet." Such a lie!

Isn't man the "product" of the planet? Isn't man still part of nature anyway? Aren't cities just human anthills? We have to destroy the anthill because they take up space nature? All these defenders think that people are "something extra". They are not. We are just intelligent animals. Often not even that. So we have no greater, but no less, right to interfere with nature than other animals.

At the same time, however, all these "protectors" are no more than me or you. They are not superhumans. They have no right to tell us what we can and can't do. They have no patent on what is good and what is bad. They have no right to restrict us from "interfering in nature", because they do not defend "hobbies planets / whales / snails…, “but only your own selfish interest, as George Carlin said: they are afraid they might feel a little uncomfortable here in the future. They do what all other people do - they interfere with nature - but they see "their" interference as something better than the interference of everyone else. At the same time, they do nothing different.

Unlike these rescuers, however the others do not try to control the course of the planet, the course of nature, the functioning of the universe. They have no ambition to do so, so somehow we know it's not possible. Only those hypocrites force the fulfillment of their own interests on us (through the state). They restrict others for their own freedom. As Milton Friedman said:

Opponents of freedom are mainly intellectuals and businessmen. The former because they want freedom for themselves but do not want it for others, and the latter because they want a free market for their competitors, but not for themselves.

- Milton Friedman

All these "protectors" belong to the group of intellectuals. They arrogantly set their goals on a pedestal above other people's goals, in order to justify the fact that they have the freedom to command and forbid us, while we have the "freedom to obey."


This type of people is everywhere you go today. Those who are "worried about everything."… These cows are creeping up on me. I'm sick of Earth Day, I'm sick of those hypocritical environmentalists.

- George Carlin

We are all "afraid of nature", but we are only afraid of ourselves. We tell others how they should be "considerate of nature" and we choose the Green Parties to order it all forcibly by the state, but we prefer not to tell anyone that everyone does it all for themselves.

That planet is actually stolen from everyone. Sure, calmly, why not. But please, let's face it. Because - then who will protect us from that state? Who will give us the opportunity to disobey? Who simply then will save us?


  1. Btw to article…

    "Imagine the colossus, if you can. Now let me tell you an incredible thing - it works and no one controls it!

    God, imagine if the whole cosmic colossus had its government and ministries. "

    Nice, how can someone write something like that in two sentences .. notice that the second sentence is indicated by the word PROHIBITION .. that it's just a rhetorical turn? Then I'm not sure if you are the right one who can write about the COVERINGS. How is it about the needed goose?

  2. Yeah .. I'm taking this .. And now the second version, what if the gentleman is damn next door?
    It reminds me of Cimrman's answer to the question of whether he is a believer: "I am such an atheist that I am sometimes afraid that God will punish me for it."

    Well, either we can sit here and stare and hope that the master's theory is good, but if we don't, when we find out, we are left with the expression "o ou" ..
    Or we will not be so superficial and lazy and we will at least try.
    Btw, I have met a few Americans for my taste, who have a pretty similar view of things as the gentleman. An interesting and dangerous mentality. There is also a possible solution to not worrying about anything, but that is the arrogance and superficiality.
    25 species a day that are dying out? From someone who is not interested in it, it is an interesting exaggeration, in fact untrue. And as far as endangered species are concerned, they are largely those whose humans have destroyed their natural habitat. So what is it all about?
    I'm sorry for people who don't have the slightest instinct for self-preservation. "Save the planet" is of course meant to save it for us. For our descendants. And what else should it be ?!

    Another note on Alessandra:
    The capacity of the human brain? So it has been overcome a long time ago. Rather, you meant neural phases, but we are successfully approaching them. The term "impossible" is out of place for a layman. Rather, express yourself that you cannot imagine it. Make it more realistic. Before the discovery of semiconductors, we also couldn't imagine much ... "Let there be light!" .. Let a piece of it get to you too ..

  3. One will never be able to create a computer that has better capacity than the brain. This is simply impossible. 😀 Just a note. 😉 Otherwise great, agree. Let people not clog my vegetarianism, let people not clog my global warming

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