Ruined Christmas

It's Christmas day. You have dárky? A lot of food? What about salad and fish?


You have an abundance of everything. Ask yourself: why do I get it? Yes, even today, on Christmas Eve, I will bother you with a little economy. But only a little. I won't go into detail.

In order to consume and demand, you must offer. That pile of salads, the most varied ones dárky even the beautifully decorated tree is also the result of your work. In order to buy them, you had to offer - your work, your knowledge and more.

If you were prevented from working (offering), you would dárky? Would you have that tree? The salad or the fish?

They didn't.

In many articles, in recent months I have dealt with how many payments the state enforces on (de facto) taxes over the "gross salary" of an employee. I have always said that the given payments will be paid in addition by (also) employees or potential employees, with lower employment.

Lower employment is higher unemployment. Higher unemployment is the thousands of people who would like to offer - and thanks to the state they cannot. These are the thousands of people who don't have that Christmas as nice as you or me. And maybe it's you.

Do you find this right? Does it sound moral to you? Sure - they get some social benefits and transfers from higher taxes - but they don't help them develop. They "help" them to be there still just as bad.

Let's remember them. For the thousands of people who - though they would like - don't have a beautiful Christmas. To thousands of women, men and children. For thousands giftsthat will not be expanded. For trees that will not be lit.

Let's remember them, and just for them let us try to do one thing - so that the state no longer spoils (not only) our lives. Christmas is a holiday of peace and quiet, solidarity. I wish I didn't have to write a similar article as early as Christmas.

Not even the next ones. So that many can enjoy Christmas like us.

Merry Christmas.