Let's ban the building of churches

The article is a loose continuation of the previous one, which touched on the issue of Islam in Europe and its resistance to it (In order to protect traditions). If the law does not discriminate, how to do so with a ban on mosques? Practical advice for supporters of the ban on the construction of mosques.

I am an atheist, like a large part of the Czech population. I am from Prague and it is incredible what is allowed, especially in the central part of the city.

They are occupied by a kind of building that serves as a center for the faithful, who, according to some evidence, wants restrict freedom. God, those people burned people like witches and they killed scientists - How can we allow them to have these buildings available? After all, it's straight threatens our freedom - wait until the majority of the population becomes followers of that faith and then - then they will want to burn you too!

He even claims that a person should have his first sex only when he is married. Such restriction of liberty! Worst of all, we don't even forbid them to call - they can use their bells, which sometimes restrict my freedom with noise to call! That's absolutely terrible! This must be forbidden, we must preserve our tradition of freedom!

Let's ban the building of churches! Let's ban the use of bells, let's demolish church steeples!

Enough discrimination

But that's definitely not all. The conservative star of recent weeks, Roman Joch, rightly pointed out that the law should not discriminate (either positively or negatively). The law should talk about people, not men, women, Arabs, Christians or homosexuals, but people.

We are moving forward according to this unequivocally correct principle.

After all, the law cannot discriminate! Let's not just ban the construction of churches! Let's ban construction any religious buildings! Let's ban any public convening of supporters of some faith!

But what else is religion? How about such Hinduism? We cannot take into account, religion as a religion, those who are on the border must also go, only minimal clues are enough. I never know what will develop in the future. So Yoga has no place in our country!

It is not acceptable for him to come to our country The Dalai Lama! We can't do ours tradition to put a threat, he would still spread his ideology here and that is what we want to protect ourselves from!

Theology in schools should be banned!

Contemporary priests (and other representatives of different religions) must stop practicing their faith and be registered so that we can control and to protect our freedom before their treacherous teachings!

The Bible, the Koran, and other religious texts must become forbidden texts! After all, it is not possible for anyone to publish books that threaten our freedom!

Jews, Arabs and others must either be forced to renounce their faith or to leave our country. We don't want them here, we want to save our tradition - our freedom!

Swearing is unacceptable! "God," "Jesus Christ," and other cry must be minimally taxed! After all, the state and society have the right to dispose of some resources to deal with them social good - And this is good!

And now a little seriously

Okay then, you get the above absurd? That is it, however typical argument conservatives, anti-Islamists.

As many conservatives themselves say, the law cannot discriminate. It cannot distinguish between women / men / homosexuals / Roma and others. The law can only know the people we all are. This is true "equality before the law." If we want to be consistent and not violate this principle, then anti-Islamists have no choice but to ban the construction of all religious buildings… and so on. As shown in the example.

Freedom generates freedom, just as non-freedom generates further non-freedom. As I wrote in previous article, we will not strengthen freedom by restricting it.



  1. The current difference between Christianity and Islam is in "maturity"… Christianity (so sorry, badly behaving Christians) we don't have to worry about much d… that time is over and Christianity has learned somehow, but Islam is younger and is probably going through its roughest stage… or rather more possibilities than before… Let us not fight against building mosques and the like less méně it is ugly and illogical to restrict freedom in this way… Let us deal only with real restriction of freedom… If the Arabs might force their faith when they wanted to behave violently, then let us intervene and defend against attacks, as if we were defending ourselves if they came from the Christian Church, but for God's sake we do not forbid we to build mosques somewhere and move Arabs here…

    Just such a thoughtful thought to think about Lukáš… Some time ago I learned that Germans want to give citizenship and the possibility of staying with them based on the value of iq… But I'm not sure exactly where it was written and how exactly it was written… it's an interesting topic to think about and, in my opinion, complete bullshit… again it restricts freedom and it won't help Germany… even a person with a low iq is good for something and beneficial to society and forms the whole of society… Everyone would do what is disposable and ideally these also exist in people with smaller iq

  2. Agreement. And you who disagree and claim that we grew up on Christian foundations and similar sentences that you have programmed and you don't even know about it, so I would refute you in 5 minutes. Go a little out among the people and think a little further. For example, that another company Islam is very orthodox compared to the company Jesus. Isn't it because this company is a few hundred years younger? And that the current company of Jesus is peaceful? Well, all temporary. If they had more power, you would blink at the wire as they would pinch you. You know their golden age of the Middle Ages is no longer the life they decided on the lives of all.

  3. @Vlada: I'm glad you wrote that this article is stupid and demagogic. This article is my "paraphrase" of the arguments of those who want to ban mosques, etc.

    So you yourself have now acknowledged that the "Islamophobia" argument is silly and demagogic.

  4. I wonder how many bottles had to rincet on the table before this truly stupid and demagogic article was written.

  5. So I pulled something from Michal: “reality.

    It is not possible to hold a referendum on the freedoms of minorities, just imagine a referendum on the construction of synagogues, you would certainly call it anti-Semitic, right? How about a referendum on the persecution of a minority?
    I live in Canada in a city with ca. 300.000 inhabitants, there is one synagogue and one Jewish cemetery, I live nearby, sometimes I see how many cars are there at a funeral.
    I go to practice and swim to the recreation center and when I'm on the "elliptical machine", I see from the window across the street to the local months, first it was one, for men and now they have bought a side house for women. Suddenly, so many bats appeared that I feel like in the Middle Ages. Each Friday is parked on the sides of about 15 taxis and dozens of the latest SUVs. Unfortunately, many like grasshoppers and people are starting to wonder when the expansion will end. So the next month? NO. I travel a lot, I've been to countries where Islam predominates, I've been in the months (sal over my head) and I don't care if there are churches, I don't go there for that. Minarets? Not only that, I experienced a lot of tearing up and neither sleep cracks nor oropax helped.
    You are young, be sensible. And if a Muslim woman makes you happy, get married and go live in her country. Then write here again.

  6. Isn't this the Qur'an? The Qur'an is the cause of everything. The second sura says that no one can force anyone, but in the 9th surprise that such people should be killed, persecuted and prepared for traps against them. So don't force them to kill right away unless they "understand" it themselves. If someone published such a book in the name of Adolf H., it would provoke a storm of resentment. In this case, the UN is preparing a law banning criticism of Islam and the Koran. Is everyone crazy? In Islamic countries, Christians are humiliated, burned, converts to Christianity are killed according to the orders of the Qur'an, missionaries are expelled at best, and we will hope that Muslims (+ immigrants from Islamic countries) will never fulfill what is required of them in the Qur'an? In Algiers, they will push you into a dungeon just for having a Bible with you.
    Will we be tolerant enough to tolerate this fascism?

  7. He obviously hit. The comments indicate who he struck: Elifas, for example, has not read such diarrhea and demagoguery for a long time (apt argumentation and formulation of attitudes, thanks, I understand), Mtd scored with neo-Marxist demagoguery. Too bad he didn't get along better.
    Probably none of them (and others) read it to the last paragraph. Otherwise it is not possible 🙂

  8. 11) I will elect someone who will not allow Islamization in our post-Christian territory

  9. Mirka, it is also not possible to build mosques in all so-called Christian countries, see Vatican. In addition, will it be fair to forbid Iranians, for example, to build a mosque because there are no churches in Saudi Arabia? What do Iranians have to do with this? It is possible in their country.

    Would you deprive the citizens of the Czech Republic of the right to do business freely on the basis of their ethnicity? Do you think they are to blame, as is the case in their countries? Such fascist thinking is really not just seen.

  10. I do not agree and I am on the side of those who say that there will be time for mosques in the Czech Republic only when ALL Muslim countries will also be religiously tolerant. That is a sensible approach. Of course, Buddhist temples will also need to be banned, because in most Buddhist countries there is no complete freedom of religion; not even mandirs will be allowed to build, or Hindus in India have attacked Christians countless times and demolished hundreds of churches - it must stop!

    At the same time, I am unequivocally opposed to allowing Vietnamese and other Asians to do private business here, because their countries do not have a free market, and how will poor Czechs who want to do business in China come to this?

    I'm telling you, gentlemen, something for something!

  11. The gospel truth. Freedom either is or is not. Not for some and not for some.

  12. Marco, you see, they're not, and some prophecies are odd and out of the bowl. You can also say that there will be churches in Saudi Arabia, and then towers will be built. Such speculations are about nothing, one has to look at reality.

    It is not possible to hold a referendum on the freedoms of minorities, just imagine a referendum on the construction of synagogues, you would certainly call it anti-Semitic, right? How about a referendum on the persecution of a minority? What if the decision was made positively? So would that be right? No, there can be no referendums on human rights, we either have human rights or we don't.

  13. they should examine the boy..and or wipe out that dumb cumak in the true multicultural paradise of one of the Parisians, red. suburbs..debil ..

  14. Do we have to (not) ban or (not) allow the construction of a mosque / church? A seemingly slight difference. Of course we should not ban it. However, everyone knows that if they want to build something bigger - even on their land, they have to ask permission from the office. And the permit office not only addresses freedom but also something like a city development plan, the interests of its citizens. So… As it was said in an old Czech film - We do not forbid it, but we also cannot allow it Vám

  15. Mr Kubec, we cannot ban ideas, books (Main Kampf, etc.), but we can find a point of contact for unifying opinions on man and his rights and obligations. 1) Many ideologies and religions differ, and frictions and more radical enforcement of doctrine arise, for fear of losing credibility; 2) Ideologies (even religious ones) want to interfere with the real and completely natural course of people's life on the basis of their mere thought-out, and distort the natural values ​​and the principle of cause and effect, or, conversely, personalize this principle and condition it, benefit (this is done through Islam, Christianity and Judaism on which they are based), 3.Idology destroys the natural principle of self-development and self-cultivation, and replaces it with psychological-emotional influences in order to obtain positive reactions only for one's learning… At the same time these ways of manipulation, interesting !!!!, 4) Ideologies and religions have a right to exist, but only for education about the human imagination, desires, ways, and for human beings who want to learn and learn from the fact that even the most self-saving ideology does not change man, but that man must change himself… THE PESIMIST PRINCIPLE, WHICH THE ONLY IS INCLUDED IN US, IS IN OUR GENES, AND ONLY WE CAN THIS POTENTIAL BJEVIT, AND USE FOR YOURSELF AND SURROUNDINGS (WE ARE SOCIAL BEINGS) - what are conservatives like Joch, and the right, or the ideologues of the left, and the God of the Nazis?

  16. So I stopped reading this after the second paragraph. Shit. Man, how old are you? 15? I apologize to all adolescents who, unlike you, are burning and have a little respect for history and our culture.

  17. This is a beautiful article and a very nice photo, if someone wrote a crisis there, otherwise I would not know what it is in the photo. Thanks. And that article is too much cinany.
    And now seriously. Your arguments are quite misleading, while the Middle Ages are long gone, no one burns the witches and forces people to convert to Christianity by force, Islam still practices sari law in many countries, absolute barbarism, does not respect human life. It goes hand in hand with culture. Your ideas are pretty, but completely off. Ordinary Muslims are peaceful, of course. Only the world does not consist only of peaceful Muslims, wherever Muslims live with other religions, there are contradictions. What is it? You mix pears and apples in the article, quite unsuccessfully. Why don't you have the courage to allow a discussion on Idnes? Because you know that your article is weak and you would catch it nicely in the discussion?
    How adaptable Muslims are, the situation in the EU shows clearly… unlike the Jewish or the Christian…
    Young men, correct the mistakes in the article, not just the grammar ones, and then we can have fun.

  18. It's not about the Koran, the book didn't hurt anyone, nor was Kapital or Mein Kampf itself, it's about the people who were so politically bold with it. And today's Islam is in the hands of a jerk. Don't let an ordinary Muslim, it's like an ordinary German or a Russian, it's about who's at the oar. And you haven't figured that out yet.

  19. Not yet, Mr. Ocadlik, but they can be, then the minarets will come and we're asleep. Personally, I would let people vote freely, as in Switzerland, to hold a referendum and then you do not have to argue about whether the messiah is yes or no. 80%
    people decide against.

  20. Marco Polo, I do not deny that these acts are happening. I just have a different view of their causes, which means that bans do not solve anything, do not contribute to anything and can only make the whole situation worse.

    Jane, society doesn't exist. It is a virtual construct of individuals, it has no reason of its own, it does not think, does not act, does not do, does not own. She can be neither responsible nor irresponsible. So no one can be unresponsive to her. He cannot even have his own instinct for self-preservation. They are only individuals. Do you want to preserve our culture? Behave like that. Will the state prevent you from doing so? Choose accordingly. But you, like a Muslim immigrant, have no right to restrict the freedom of another.

  21. What is power is power. Slatanina of the highest caliber and really diarrhea !!! The author should note that he was born and raised on a continent that grew on Christian foundations - with all the positive and negative historical experiences. Every society must have a certain instinct for self-preservation. If it doesn't have it, it expires. We can wield freedom, "non-discrimination", laws…. but the only law that generally applies at the level of states and all communities is the law of the jungle. He just survives stronger. Just look at the history. Transversely, this also applies to the economy. If this were not the case, there would be no coups, revolutions, wars, etc.

  22. In Canada and the USA, these were the very months where new terrorists were "born". You can find out about 18 from Toronto, peaceful, scented Muslims met in the moon and conspiracy plotters. Do you want to travel in peace? Don't worry at the airport that if you see someone in the burqa, they will want to change flights quickly? Tell me, who ruined our flight, that there would be a nut from the Vatican? Do other people than Islam fly with explosives in their shoes, underwear, around their waists, etc.? If at least 10 years no strong man with a towel on his head explodes, then build a month or two. In the meantime, we will sign petitions against the construction. And it would be better to take the example of Switzerland. Salam (but with a bun)

  23. @ Lukáš Kubec: How the people who want to immigrate to us behaved in the territory of Saudi Arabia is absolutely key to deciding whether to let them into the Czech Republic at all. The fact that they do not allow churches to be built on their territory, or that they burn them down, shows, at least, strong religious intolerance. If people want to immigrate to us, they are unable to accept that there are other viruses and also some human rights to go somewhere else.
    The chances that such people will come from Saudi Arabia are, I dare say, significantly higher than we will say from Ukraine.

  24. Fuchimi, it is completely irrelevant whether we can build churches in Saudi Arabia. We don't have to care at all, the point here is whether we will have a free society here, not whether they will have it in Saudi Arabia, for example.

  25. Author, go build churches in Muslim countries! (and you get a carabiner on a fur coat when it gets dusty)
    Dude, pls, what kind of sailor are you kidding?

  26. It is interesting that as soon as someone speaks the general truth and says aloud what is the cornerstone of a free society, which is the aforementioned equality before the law, and puts anti-Islamic speeches on the level of things we automatically take, such as churches, etc. thus questioning the relevance of anti-Islamic ideas, so everyone breaks down and the only thing they can do is be weak-minded vulgar behavior jen and only because someone has touched our habits and our way of life and turned our own mirror.

  27. he didn't move it anymore. I had to jump to your site from now on to tell you what my colleagues did. If you make the name Free, you're like a fifth column. You really don't have to write everything. Keep something for yourself.

  28. I have not read such diarrhea and demagoguery in a long time - a waste of time. Unfortunately, there are idiots who applaud this nonsense….

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