ODS competition campaign

You may have already encountered a website CSSD against you. This website is part of the ODS election campaign and has been running and functioning for some time now. The whole site could be used as a bible for blue opponents of orange politics. The whole look of the website is already done in a graceful orange color, which is complemented by positive black…

Jiří Paroubek and dairy fees
Jiří Paroubek fights against ...

ODS not only shows this website that it can use the Internet better for its promotion than the CSSD, which tries to use the Internet, but they are not very successful. The Internet "public" is not in their favor.

You have probably already come across a picture (or even a real billboard) in which Jiří Paroubek is fighting for the abolition of fees at the vet. It was originally the idea of ​​some foreign experts with whom the ODS cooperates. The Civic Democrats then grabbed the matter and launched a competition on the above-mentioned website, where you can design yourself th your billboard for CSSD.

The whole event beautifully reflects the entire CSSD campaign, which is de facto based solely on Jiří Paroubek. It slowly seems that no one but Jiří Paroubek is running for the CSSD. CSSD = Jiri Paroubek? So thank you then, I don't want to.

By the way, what is a win in a competition send a message to Jiří Paroubek about what you think about his populism? If this is your message very much quality, then you may be able to meet him as a real billboard. What is your message to Jiří Paroubek?