Pedophile - criminal or victim?

Society is afraid of sexual deviants. That's the main thing. But he cannot, as a whole, handle and deal with this part of the population. - MUDr. Růžena Hajnová, Kuřim prison.

Pedophiles and other sex offenders. Today they are perceived as a waste of society, as a group of people who do not belong to us. However, it is not this perception of thesediseases precisely the cause of the crimes committed by those affected?


A sexual deviant is a completely normal person who did not have any significant problems in childhood, had an average number of friends, did not have any or no reduction in behavioral signs during schooling, does not differ significantly from other peers and could therefore be said to be it is a completely normal person who differs only in that he suffers from some sexual deviance. - Mgr. Milan Jirku, psychologist.

Homosexual. Man with abnormality, that is, a completely normal person who differs only in having a different sexual orientation. It's not to blame, it's already innate. A man we don't condemn in any way. Why?

Pedophile. Man with abnormality, that is, a completely normal person, differing only in that he has an illness. An illness that he cannot blame himself is congenital. The man we condemn. Why?

Do we condemn young children who were born with a defect? Any disease? No. So why condemn sexual deviants? With a little thought, we come to the conclusion that for many crimes committed by sexual deviants, we can actually - as a society - be ourselves.

Today's society has a phobia of sexual deviants. But it's a bit paranoid. This is for a simple reason - only about 10% of sex offenders are sexual deviants. So the pedophiles and others. An interesting fact.

However, this number could be even smaller. In the minds of today's people, it is an unreasonably inflated bubble. Our world is based on old Christian-Jewish principles, where sexual crimes are looked at quite roughly through your fingers. This, of course, is used by the media, and every case of sexual deviance simply inflates. Then people are scared. And as with animals, fear is a common cause of attack.

You would kill a person who was born with HIV / AIDS for that can hurt your surroundings? Probably not. Therefore, it should be logical that we do not like the fees paid by OSA for each PC burner, etc. Why do we not like the fees of OSA? Because these charges affect possibility, not deed.

However, pedophiles and other sexual deviants practice exactly what we don't like so much elsewhere - it affects possibility, not deed.

Let's condemn criminals, not the sick

And how it affects possibility? Social rejection. People who openly admit to pedophilia (or other sexual deviance) immediately become outcasts of society. And this despite the fact that they were still orderly and successful people. However, in the case of "religion", the past is erased and forgotten. But this attitude is very bad.

Sexual deviants must conceal their deviance as a result of this social intolerance. Imagine hiding a sore throat. They didn't go to the doctor's with her. They went to work with her, as if nothing had happened. You would act like you don't have sore throat. Untreated sore throat? Well, it can only turn out worse than it started, do you think?

When sexual deviants have to hide their deviance, that is, their illness, it can only get worse. From depression (another mental illness that can end in suicide) to crime.

If only sexual deviants didn't have to go their own way disease ashamed, they could talk about it in public and not have to be afraid to say "I am a sexual deviant", the way to cure them, correct them and make them live better would be much easier. What would that mean? The less the patient, the more possible life. The secret and repressed deviation (due to the fear of the reaction of society, ie the fear that is completely justified today) can continue through depression to the loss of self-control, which leads to crime.

Only after sexual deviants can talk about their illness normally, and only after they have to be afraid to go to the doctor, will we be able to convict those who, despite this open possibility, commit crimes as a result of their sexual deviance. So if it's not just a failed treatment…

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