Nigel Farage: government of the post-democratic age

Nigel Farage
MEP Nigel Farage

Speech by Miguel Farage after the appointment of H. van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton.

Nigel Farage:

Welcome everyone, you are all kind of quiet this morning and I thought it would be a big and proud moment. It took you eight and a half years full of bullying, lying, ignoring democratic referendums, it took you eight and a half years to enforce this treaty, and you will have it on 1 December.

And, of course, the architects of it all, Giscard, want the EU to have a bigger global voice under this constitutional treaty. But I am afraid that the leaders have collapsed nervously, decided that they want their faces to appear on the global stage, not someone from the EU, so we have been named a few political dwarves.

Kissinger's question "who to call in Europe" was not answered, was it? I think the only answer can only be Mr Barroso, because he is the only one anyone in the world has ever heard of and is probably the big winner of these appointments, so it is no wonder, sir, that you look so happy this morning.

And we have a new President of Europe! Hermana van Rompuy. It doesn't look like a heavy weight, does it? I don't see him stopping traffic in Beijing or Washington, I doubt that even in Brussels, anyone would know who he is, and yet he will receive a salary that is higher than Obama's. Which tells you about this European political class and how it takes care of everything it needs.

But at least he's an elected politician, unlike Baroness Cathy Ashton, who is the real representative of today's political class. In a way, it's ideal, isn't it?

She has never had a proper job, and she has never been elected anywhere in her life, so I think she is perfect for this European Union.

She says she has never been elected anywhere and no one knows who she is, even the prime minister spoke of Baroness Ashdown instead of Ashton. I mean, no one has ever heard of her. It is even less known than Herman van Rompuy, which is a performance of that. She swung without a trace.

It is part of this post-democratic age. She got well married. She married an adviser, friend and supporter of Tony Blair and entered the House of Lords.

When she was in the House of Lords, she got one great job, and that was to push the Lisbon Treaty through the House of Lords, and to achieve that, she pretended to pretend to be completely different from the European Constitution. So she is good at preserving stone faces.

And it strongly stopped any attempt in the House of Lords to get a British referendum.

So here we have it. She has never held a public office, she has never had a proper job and she will get one of the top positions in the Union here. Her appointment is an insult to Britain.

But it's much worse.

(Nigel Farage was shouted by another MEP)

But at least I was elected, sir, unlike her, she was not elected and people do not have the power to dismiss her. But another chip. Something much more serious.

Cathy Ashton was an active member of the Nuclear Disarmament (CND) campaign. In fact, she was the treasurer of the nuclear disarmament campaign, at a time when the CND was receiving very substantial donations and refused to disclose the source. However, it is known that these gifts were received by a man named Bill Howard, who was a member of the British Communist Party.

Does Baroness Ashton deny that, when she was a treasurer, she took financial resources from organizations that opposed Western-style capitalism and democracy? This question must be asked.

And are we really all happy that someone who will be in charge of our foreign security policy was an activist group like the CND?

And if we really think so, then, honestly, we need a stick over our heads. I do not think that he is a suitable and the right person for this position, he has no experience, and until she answers that question - she took money from the enemies of the West - this question must be answered.

Well, if we have these two dwarves of ours, the blind will lead the blind, but I do not celebrate because they are being pushed by political unity, and while our leaders may have saved their own face on the international stage at the moment, they have all betrayed democracies in their countries. the state is here, an avalanche of new laws awaits us thanks to this Treaty of Lisbon, and I have no doubt that there must be a free and fair referendum in the UK to decide whether or not to remain part of this Union. I pray and hope that we choose to leave, but in any case, people simply have to be asked. Thank you.

Jerzy Buzek:

I would like to address Mr Farage. It would be most appropriate for you to soften your speech, because certain expressions are not acceptable to everyone…

Nigel Farage:

… It's all about bureaucracy versus democracy, things went terribly, terribly bad. But, Mr. President, may I ask you a question? You seem to be suggesting that I said something inappropriate, too much, or too bad, could you please explain what it was, I'd like to know.

Jerzy Buzek:

A way to explain how to select those so important people for the EU, and what you say about the whole issue. It is simply, in my opinion, completely inappropriate for the whole situation. It is my opinion.

Nigel Farege:

When you would be elected president, you said you would act as a neutral president to ensure that all parties were given the opportunity to speak. If you criticize me for the political content of what I said, then you are not doing your thing work neutral chairman.

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