Nigel Farage: There was no bureaucratic coup

Nigel Farage
MEP Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage:

This story will be told to children in future generations. Parents will say it was not, Europe was divided. There was a large wall right in the middle. And the people in the east were very poor and did not have democracy. And they lived in an evil system called communism, which killed millions of its own people.

Then came great joy, the wall was torn down. And we ended up with 27 nations whose people lived in democracy and 500 million people lived in peace.

But unfortunately… unfortunately, unfortunately…

(There is a big round of applause, such a man never really reaped in the EU parliament)

No, I have more. I promise… I promise you… I promise I will tell you more. Thanks thanks. Maybe I should sit down now.


Unfortunately, the story continues. Politicians in office were very greedy. They wanted money for themselves and they wanted power. And so they resorted to lies and deception. And so they devised the greatest bureaucratic coup the world has ever seen.

But they didn't need any bullets to do that, they were much smarter, much better intriguers. And so they enforced the new treaty. It was called the Treaty of Lisbon. And then, and then they gave 27 people absolute unlimited power.

They were the people, they were the people who made all the laws. Of course, they already had a flag and already had an anthem, but they continued to build a new state. But they ignored the citizens. And they did it, whether they knew it or not, that they had re-created the same evil system in which the people of Eastern Europe had previously lived.

But it was unbelievable - it was unbelievable that many of the new bosses had previously worked for the same evil system. Of course, the plan was flawed and their fantastic monetary project collapsed.

But the new bosses still didn't listen to the citizens. No, they made life difficult. They have thrown tens of millions of people into poverty, they have not let people speak. Finally, the people had to turn to violence to regain their nation states and democracy.

And the lesson… and the lesson of this story is that the bosses have not learned anything from history. Before entrusting power to this Commission, Members of the European Parliament, remember, 60 years ago, not the Iron Curtain fell on Europe, but now with this Commission, there is an economic iron track, and it feels very good in Greece today.

We can not build a new…

At the moment, MEP Farage's microphone was switched off by the President of the European Parliament, Mr Jerzy Buzek.

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