The wiser retreats - an easy excuse

Wiser retreats. Surely you all know this sentence and have heard it before. From this sentence it can be judged that retreating to the other party is a wise thing. Unfortunately, this is currently the case is not. With this sentence, people lie to themselves that retreating is the right thing to do. They justify the fact that they can't face up the situation that has arisen. Here are some tips of situations where this sentence can be used to avoid - for us a bad - result:

The first of these is a classic verbal argument over a problem or decision. Here, people disguise their weakness - the inability to admit defeat. One then thinks of one's thoughts about how embarrassed one is in front of everyone, that she cannot even defend her own opinion, proposal, and so on. That's why he'd better say at the last minute wiser retreats. But as you can see - it's just a lack of will to admit defeat.

Another tip is the reluctance to solve the problem. This often happens in situations where one party is a "customer" and the other is a "seller". Unfortunately, only honest people usually pay for this weakness here, as I will explain below.

Dishonest customers they are trying to cause the most problematic situation and thus trying to drive the seller into a tight spot. At the moment, there are two possibilities: the seller will not be afraid of the better one and will solve the situation so that he will comply with all the rules that bind him.

In the worse variant, he either doesn't know how to solve the situation, or he just doesn't like problems and their subsequent solution, listening to others how they murmur, how he could have done better or faster. That's why he decides to the customer step back because the wiser will retreat the customer he gets what he wants, plus usually something extra, as an apology for the problems caused. And we poor honest people can only swear in our spirit why we are actually honest when dishonesty goes all around.

To sum it up, it's better never to back down just because of our fear to resolve the situation. Stand up for your opinion and prove to yourself that you can do it.

What is it like? wiser retreats consequences for the future? If we are afraid to deal with the situation, inconvenience if we are afraid admit defeat, we get into a situation where only the dishonest and bolder win.

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