Marx's Ideals and Reality - The Parable between Capitalism and Socialism

 In the last part, we will look at the common features of capitalism and socialism and how these two systems affect man as an individual.

Karl Marx
Karl Marx

It is not possible to move from capitalism to communism
This is not possible even through another alternative system. Communist man according to Marx and capitalist man differ as night and day… ..

But capitalism and socialism are very similar in some respects. The Socialists, whose propaganda strictly condemned the West, had one fundamental thing in common with it, and that was simply the desire for profit, power, and prestige.

The driving force of capitalism is, to a certain extent, to convey these goals to the average citizen at the cost of some effort, which is then deservedly rewarded. In the East, however, only those in high positions through "workers" satisfied their needs. What did such a socialist "worker" have?

The opportunity to freely choose what type of home appliance they buy for the salary they receive for their honest work and obedience. The opportunity to buy a new car, new household equipment, the opportunity (or obligation) to participate in the regime's celebrations and certainly the obligation to blindly follow this regime and never show disagreement with the authorities. And most importantly, he had neither the opportunity nor the obligation to show more effort than is desirable (I deliberately do not include reporting and similar activities here, as these were primarily desirable).

Did the socialist regime raise a better person than the capitalist one? After the revolution, the people understood very well the possibilities offered by capitalism. The whole nineties were mainly marked by finance, privatization, making a profit… But did people understand what possibilities they had compared to socialism Offers democracy?

So what was the result of the failed journey to communism?

The essence of communism was twisted, his followers were damned, our system fell after a while. Democracy has emerged.

People enjoy it again democratically elects capitalism, which is directly overgrown with "former" communists. Then comes the financial recession and crisis, which is natural, but for which capitalism is damned again.
I will not forgive myself for a little criticism - how many people are able to realize that this crisis most of all draws attention to the bad phenomena in society and in the system as a whole that should be eliminated (waste, overproduction and economic inequality…)? It is no surprise, after all, that everyone is much more interested in not losing their chances of making financial profits and how to restore their dream perfection. But there is nothing wrong with that, the liberal argues. When everyone pursues their own interest, the invisible hand of the market can handle everything on its own… And so selfishness in society is actually directly required.

But one thing is certain - the communists were not pushed out of our society. They are still here, they still have a share in controlling the state. That is why I would like to mention the often-discussed name of the Communist Party. Just banning the Communist Party in the name of the name of its ideology is not the answer. On the contrary -  they must not be given the opportunity to hide behind the new name. Perhaps the word "communist" in the name of this party is the only thing that points to its POSSIBLE danger, which certainly cannot be said of other political parties that hide behind their noble names, but whose manifestations prove their obvious tendency to refer to the past. regime and base its policies on it.

On the way to perfection

I come to the conclusion that it is not a good idea to want to save the world, no matter how well we mean it. I can never say with certainty that my opinion and beliefs are correct, that I have no gaps in the context and that I know the reality. It is impossible to establish perfection - whatever we imagine under it. Is humanity ever at a point where it should be perfect? Evolution is the path to perfection. But when is the right time to achieve it? And let's think - it is really our goal to achieve it?

The tactic of the Marxists to seize power (I deliberately do not use the name "communists" now) was and is perseverance, the ability to wait a long time for their opportunity compared to the speed at which things happen around us. In reality, however, there is unimaginable violence - out of nowhere to change the world to your image, without even knowing him.

If we want to do real good and make the world a better place, we must first and foremost forget our own merits. We bring man to the good, without reminding him. No political party that needs to gain decisive influence and power can do that.

The truth is said to be hidden in a grain of sand. Every little child knows how many grains of sand are on Earth. Such grains should consist of a free world. It should not be one huge socialist rubble, sanded on the outside into a smooth pebble and eaten inside. But perhaps it should not consist of capitalist stones either - bumpy on top and almost empty inside. It is really interesting that this view is shared by the majority of the population. For the majority of the population, however, it is most comfortable to live with this situation, although it is not ideal. And we all complain about something we feed every day with our lifestyle.

So far, it has become clear that a democratic establishment gives us the greatest possible freedom. We are defending it and we want to prevent its threat. By threats we mean various extreme movements, inadaptable individuals or communism. Anything that could limit it for us. But who asks if we can use its possibilities properly? Can we protect her from ourselves? Don't we have to worry that the moment will come again when we have our teeth full and give communism (in whatever form) the green light? And for what reason would this happen - out of naive in the ability to attain true idyll, or out of a simple desire for material security? The first is a topic for good sci-fi for the next few hundred years, the vision of the second is usually populist Offers today's communists, relying more or less on Marxism-Leninism…

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