How to save America from the Obama catastrophe?

We have a translation of an English article for you from Libertarian Party. The author (Wayne Allyn Root) reflects on how to save the American economy and what Obama "brought". He looks for the answer in analogy with the sitcom "Jerry Seinfeld Show".

Do you remember Seinfed? It was one of the most successful series in the history of American television production. The show revolved around Jerry Seinfeld and his friend George Costanzi. George was an incredible loser, everything he ever did ended up as a colossal failure.

One day everything changed. George hired George Steinbrenner along with world champion New York Yankees. He was lucky - important work, big money and beautiful women. Seinfeld was shocked. "George, how did you do that?"

"Simply," George said. "One day I woke up and realized that I was the biggest loser in the world. So I decided to start doing the exact opposite of what I had been doing until then. Every thought, opinion, decision… I do everything the other way around. And really - I'm lucky! "

As one of President Obama's greatest critics, I am constantly asked, "What would you do differently if you were president?" The answer is simple: ALL! That is Seinfeld's solution. Obama is George Costanza. Every decision he makes will harm America. Obama is killing the American dream. To save America, we must OPAK everything that Obama is doing.

Obama's agenda of "big state," big spending, big guilds, and big debt is leading America to such a level of economic catastrophe, debt, and unemployment that which we have not yet experienced. And the business will, of course, come with it. The answer to how we can save America and change economic development is simple: to do the exact opposite of everything Obama did. A few examples:

Obama has spent more than a trillion dollars on dysfunctional "stimulus packages" and another trillion dollars on "rescue packages." But now he wants even more. We should stop the "stimulus" and "rescue" packages. They are nothing more than an attempt to buy voters and "reward" political friends.

Obama imposed on everyone the largest income tax in history. And in the style of mafia firing, it put the burden on retailers the most. We should do the opposite. Taxpayers and retailers are the heroes of our economy - they create the majority of jobs and pay the most in taxes. We should reward them, for example, with annual tax holidays. It would probably cost the same as Obama's dysfunctional stimulus fiasco, and it would also help turn this economic Armageddon into one of the biggest economic booms in history. That would be Reagan's "tax cut" on steroids.

Obama has named "tsars" who should oversee every aspect of Americans' business and personal lives. However, it would be better to throw them all away and rather forget the word "car".

Obama has dramatically increased the size, scope, power and spending of the government, along with his health care and the financial reforms discussed. However, both should be revoked and do the exact opposite - dramatically reduce the size of government and return more money and power to citizens. We should seek to reduce spending on government officials by millions, halt their growth, and eliminate their obscene rewards and pensions, which are bankrupt America.

Obama does not believe in the laws of individual American states, he is suing the state of Arizona. We should stop these trials, secure borders, enforce immigration law and respect the rights of individual states - as required by the Constitution.

Obama spends billions in our failing public education system just to rewarded the teachers' union for their support in the campaign. However, we should abolish the Ministry of Education and eliminate government influence in this area. For now, we can move education funding to the state and regional levels and introduce "coupons" to give parents the freedom to consider alternatives such as homeschooling, private schools, or church schools. translator). We should abolish unions bringing together public sector employees and restore the administration's ability to hire, dismiss and increase salaries. based on performance.

Obama supports the Fed and wants him to printing more and more money, devalues ​​our currency, steals from every American's savings. We should audit the Fed and make it transparent and accessible to people - with a tendency Remove it as soon as possible.

Obama is responsible for the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, when a moratorium on oil extraction was in place 100 jobs. Obama's tragic decision destroyed the Gulf economy and made America more dependent on imported oil. We should do the opposite and encourage further mining from the sea - and allow mining closer to the shores, where accidents can be better prevented.

Obama has hired 18 new IRS agents (something like the tax office) and is demanding more taxes from retailers. They did we would cancel the IRS. and rationalize bureaucracy for retailers.

Obama has supported the release of terrorists from Lockerbie. We should demand that they be handed over to the United States so that we can impose the death penalty on them and satisfy the families of 270 victims, 190 of whom were Americans.

Obama treats allies, such as Israel, harshly, while adhering to the devilish rules of those who support terrorism (Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela), treating them with gloves and bowing to some. But we should do the opposite - treat allies with respect and not devote the whole day to the enemy. We should also do what should have been done decades ago: end foreign aid to America's despots and enemies around the world.

Obama stretches war in Afghanistan. We should do the opposite. We cannot win this war. The original intentions and goals were long overdue forgotten. Let's take our troops home.

Obama loves career politicians such as Pelosi, Reid, Dodd and Barney Frank. However, we should support the limits in our term of office and kick all "ass alpinists" out of DC. It's time to start again.

Finally, Obama is constantly violating the Constitution, which is accentuated by his hatred of weapons in the hands of obedient citizens. However, we should respect and follow the Constitution - the largest document ever created.

Yes, Obama is our own George Costanza, a cute loser from the famous Seinfeld. With the difference that Obama is a Marxist and not cute. Obama is leading America to tragedy, incompetence and bankruptcy. The answer to saving America is simple: Let's do the exact opposite of what Obama is.

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