Electoral program of the CSSD under the magnifying glass - part 1.

The Czech Social Democratic Party has in the last few years (or perhaps always always) profiled itself as a party for the poor, the helpless, the old… and so on. Let's look at their election program, how real is it and what does the CSSD actually promise us?

Justice means providing equal opportunities for all. Only people who have equal access to employment, education, health care and justice can be truly free. Only on equal terms can they enter into a truly fair competition and prove their abilities and talents.

Success and happiness cannot be the mere privilege of the privileged. Only a level playing field allows for the spontaneous birth of solidarity - a willingness to share one's own success and happiness with those who, for serious reasons, cannot take part in fair competition.

- source: cssd.cz

The CSSD itself declares that it is important equal access. That they are important level playing field. It is debatable that success and happiness cannot be the prerogative of the privileged - an old Czech proverb says that there are no cakes without work. So it depends on who is meant by the privileged.

We represent those fellow citizens who are, have been or will be dependent exclusively on their own honest work. Whether they are employees or entrepreneurs, students or pensioners. Honest work and honest business go hand in hand and have our full support. We are against thieves, tax cuts, insurance premiums or abuse of benefits. On all fronts, we will start the fight against corruption, which is an extremely serious problem of Czech society, including its form in politics.

- source: cssd.cz

Very noble, you could say. The problem, however, is that the CSSD had the greatest opportunity to implement these words from all sides after 1989 - they ruled for the longest period of time, as long as 8 years (1998 - 2006). It is well known that it was during this period (especially after 2002) that the abuse of social benefits became the largest.

As for the fight against corruption, to this day, the CSSD is headed by people who are associated with corrupt behavior, and this is a lot and the scandals are not very old. Just by chance:

Bioalcohol affair - May 24, 5 - The affair in which he was already accused several social democrats, started in full about two months ago. … The last of a series of interventions is directly to blame Minister of the Interior František Bublan. … “I care about one case two departments workso that one department does not comment on the events and does not spoil the work of the other department, "said Bublan, who is the number one of the CSSD in the Vysočina region, a fortnight ago. Members of this regional organizations are also two of the accused. When HN tried to find out yesterday what other department is working on the case, they received the following answer from the police presidium: "According to our information, no other departments are dealing with this case."

He was arrested Jan Hanáček, former Skromach secretary Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, chairman of the CSSD district party organization in Hodonín, Deputy Chairman of the CSSD Regional Committee of the South Moravian Region and member of the Central Executive Committee of the CSSD. Police blame him for corruption.

Z corruption the police also accused Eva Klimovičová, until recently Adviser and longtime associate to Health Secretary David Rath.

Minister of Agriculture Jan Mládek bought a house in Žižkov for 30 million, which is not really his. Young man played a significant role in lost arbitrations with CME and Nomura.

David Rath faces charges - Critics blame him for that benefits some pharmaceutical companies. It is said that these are mainly companies that pay for advertising in a journal published by the Medical Chamber or sponsored Rath's Educational Club Da Vinci.

And more and more. The list could be very long. But let's move on.

It was under social democratic governments that the Czech Republic began to achieve high economic growth, raise the living standards of the broad strata and when it finally established itself in the free Euro-Atlantic area by joining NATO and the European Union. Social democracy is a guarantee of freedom and justice, and its actions prove it throughout its existence, including the modern one.

- source: cssd.cz

How about saying it a little differently? It was under social democratic governments, when the Czech Republic, despite rapid growth, began to become enormously indebted, when time was wasted for important reforms (pensions and others) and when the roots of today's impending collapse of public budgets were sunk, their expenditures swelling, often without thinking.

Our goal is a democratic Europe that is understandable to citizens, stable, secure, and at the same time a Europe socially just, competitive, but also environmentally responsible.

- source: cssd.cz

Another noble goal. However, I would like to point out that the most socially just system so far is whether the system equal opportunities and not the system equal consumption. Does the CSSD also distinguish between these two concepts?

Addressing the crisis has become a major theme of current economic policy. While right-wing ideology once denies the crisis and at other times considers it a natural "cleansing" process, the left sees the crisis as a serious problem that requires an active solution. The right claims that the left owes the country, but the fact is that in practice it led the country to this year's record growth of public debt by more than 200 billion crowns. The Social Democrats, on the other hand, presented an update of their comprehensive anti-crisis program and introduced another anti-crisis program measures that comply with the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission.

- source: cssd.cz

It is not a right-wing ideology that sees the crisis as a natural cleansing process, but an economic "ideology". Periods of progression and recession simply alternate. The period of rapid progression (ie the period of growth) was mainly under the CSSD governments, but the state as such did not have such a large share (economic growth was more or less in the whole region). As I mentioned above, the period of growth is the best time for various reforms, streamlining of the state apparatus and the creation of reserves. Didn't your grandmothers tell you that if you're doing well, hide something for worse times?

And that is exactly what the CSSD did not do. Instead of doing health, retirement and other of the many necessary reforms, soc. dem. she only gave and owed. How is it possible that at a time when the Czech economy was growing by almost 6%, the state budget ended with a deficit of over one hundred billion, if we take into account that only 1% of growth brings to the state treasury several tens of billions of crowns compared to the previous year in addition?

If the CSSD did what it had to do (and what many observers pointed out), the current imminent budget deficit of 200 billion might not be a reality.

The overall goal of the economic policy of the future government under the leadership of the CSSD is to overcome the consequences of the economic crisis as quickly as possible, to restore healthy economic growth, and thus also to increase employment and increase the living standards of citizens. The formulation and implementation of our economic policy will always be based on the principle of mutuality partnership with employers 'and employees' representatives. We will strengthen the importance of tripartite in discussing all planned changes in the economic and social field. We strive for a society of dialogue and partnership, not for a society of permanent social confrontation.

- source: cssd.cz

The society of permanent social confrontation, where one social class fights against the other, created the CSSD here with its progressive taxation. This taxation is common in many European countries, but in all these countries there is usually also a magical social confrontation. I think it is not necessary to remind that the CSSD is the party that wants to make the tax system more complicated again and return to that social struggle - again it wants to introduce progressive taxation.

An equal tax is not so equal. As Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSD) recently said, "The head of CEZ pays the same taxes as a nurse." Mr. Sobotka, didn't you say somewhere that you had a degree in mathematics? Well, I don't know, I don't know, this is a misunderstanding of a substance called "percent", which is taught in elementary school. The head of Chezu pays the same part. The nurse will therefore pay 15% of the income in the order of thousands of crowns. The head of CEZ will pay the 15% of income in the order of up to one million crowns. Who will pay more?

To be continued.


  1. Sadly, potential CSSD voters will not usually read this. They are often selfish people, with less education, who are used to reaching out and waiting for what someone will give them without work.

  2. I know that you profess the right political direction, but the "old Czech proverb says" is written at the end with ypsilon.

  3. When I eat something and finish something here, I can continue. This was perhaps just one or two sections of their election program. Altogether there are 8 sections.

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