Age of nominal discussions

It's been a Friday since the server introduced mandatory registration for the possibility to discuss under reports. And not just any kind of registration - a person registers under his real name and full address. In order to verify the identity of the data, the registration ends only by entering the authorization code, which will be sent to you by mail from the server operator.

From December 15, the server will be switched to a similar system, which is the Internet news of Lidové noviny. And - as before at - there have been many voices saying that freedom of speech is being restricted, the constitution is being violated and God knows what else.

Dear weeping defenders of freedom, you are crying on the wrong grave. Discussing themselves with their indiscipline, rudeness, vulgarity and breaking the law caused the tightening of oversight of the discussions. The rules of discussion are not bursting calendar.

Where you have been, you "protectors" of freedom of speech when there have been reasonable discussants in your beloved discussions ostracized swearing, rudeness, when they were insulted (either "just so", or on the basis of a different religion, nation, race or opinion), when the rules of decency and discussion were violated?

True - only the debaters, however, cannot be blamed for the terrible state of discussion. It is also partly the responsibility of the server operators, because it is their space and it is their duty to oversee the discussions.

However, if the current state of discussions on news sites was so intolerable that instead of adding value to the articles, the discussions showed only social waste that was not worth reading, it was necessary to intervene. Server operators need to live up to their responsibilities and simply increase control over discussions. This liability arises for them if the law is violated. However, it is not only (in case of violation of the law) their duty, it is also their sovereign right.

It's their website. Their server. It's their newspaper, their information, their data. If they wish, they can cancel the discussions. If they did, it would be purely their business, their right.

By the way, the absence of discussions abroad is nothing special (

The rules are not a "bursting calendar". If these rules of discussion have been systematically violated, if they have been consistently violated by law, it is not surprising that operators pay more attention to discussions and that more complex registration is needed to use them. The more complicated registration, which is also more time-consuming, eliminates the classic "Pep from Horní dolní" (which, according to Mirek Topolánek, is currently somewhere in Prague 13), which will discuss the "black jerks who are responsible for all the evil of the world “. That Pepa will probably have a problem with the fact that he can't immediately, he can't now, that he has to wait… and that they can de facto block him for life. Unpleasantly.

It should be noted that the user does not have the right to discuss below the articles. That the website of a private newspaper is private property. Ordering what may or may not be on that private property is the sovereign right of the owner. Not the user.

You can also discuss decently. Even Pep's favorite "black assholes who are to blame for all the evil in the world" can be said politely.

And most importantly, most discussants should realize that they belong to the discussion respect to the others, tolerance to other opinions and - importantly - ability admit your mistake.

If at least two of these four requirements are not met by most discussants, there is something wrong with the server, but something wrong with the users. With you.

Let's wake up - the rules are about to be followed (at least a little).

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