State budget 2009: 40% for social worker, 64 billion for debt

If you decide to read the state budget, count on a multi-page overview of tables. Perhaps only two pages of the text form the law on the state budget itself, the remaining several dozen pages are filled with tables with an overview of individual components of the state budget.

I put it here work and I read the budget for this year. From the very beginning, it makes you smile when the estimated figure for the state budget deficit is 38 billion. If the economic crisis did not come, it would be one of the smallest deficits in the last few years.

The state debt at the end of 2008 amounted to 999,8 billion crowns (ie CZK 999). At present, it has already exceeded the value of one trillion crowns (the Czech Republic therefore owes more than 1 CZK) and if the forecasts for this year's deficit of about 200 billion crowns are fulfilled, we will owe about 1,2 trillion crowns (ie 1 CZK).

Future development is therefore infamous. Already for this year, it is calculated that the costs of maintaining the state debt will be paid 64 billion Czech crowns (ie  64 crowns). Just for comparison, it is the same amountas it forms budgets of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Health, Culture and Justice together.

Were it not for the state debt, we could theoretically afford another 2 ministries, or we could easily increase the budget of the Ministry of Health up to 4 times. Alternatively, the resulting budget could theoretically be a plus.

Interest on government debt in 2009 is 41,3 billion net (again for comparison - this is a little more than the budget of the entire Ministry of Agriculture in 2009). That is - purely mathematically - 4,13%. If the current estimate of this year's deficit of 200 billion were fulfilled, interest rates would be roughly next year CZK 49 (ie 49,56 billion crowns). Purely mathematically, theoretically, reality may be different.

Purely theoretically, the cost of government debt would then exceed the amount next year 72 billion crowns. This is already the same amount as in today's budget budgets of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Justice, the Academy of Sciences and the State Material Reserves Administration.

If the national debt continues to grow in the coming years, we can expect that we will no longer have enough money to repay it. Then we will all pay for a relatively comfortable past, not only with money (when, for example, most of our taxes would go to pay interest), but with a lower standard of living - it would be necessary to pay directly for free services today and with many social conveniences. long goodbye.

Let me remind you - we are only talking about interest. That is, alone repayment of this debt is already today a story that would fit into the science fiction genre. And let me just remind you that the above amounts "for the future" are only a rough estimate - just to give you an idea.

Thanks to today's social benefits that we receive today, it is our children who will live, when they will pay both high taxes and have to pay extra for many services. And they will only be able to dream of some generous social system as we have today. Ladies and gentlemen, say goodbye to him in the years to come.

Speaking of the social system, the budget of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is 462 crowns. This is about 40,1% of all state budget expenditures, ie more than 1/3 and almost 1/2.

The largest part of this amount is the payment of pensions. Pensions cost us a total 328 crowns (ie CZK 328 billion). It is 70,8% all expenditure of that ministry; and 28,5 % total state budget expenditures.

Compared to the amount that our pensions cost us, it works 78 261 962 000 crown, which are intended for social benefits, sickness benefits and unemployment benefits as a poorer relative. However, it is still not a negligible amount - for example, it is more than the budget of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Regional Development combined.

At the end, if you are interested in how much the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Office of the President of the Republic and the Office of the Government cost us, then it is 1,23 billion crowns, ie something around 1 % all expenditure. That's really it negligible amount.


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