Personal ambitions - do we have anything without them?

Ambitions - plans, dreams, ambition, goal.

What are your ambitions? Whether current or lifelong. Say them out loud. Done? Great! You have ambitions - you are human. From all angles.

Did you want to be a princess, a prince, a garbage man, a soldier, a policeman, a veterinarian? Even as small children, we create ideas about our future lives. We create the ambitions we want to achieve. It is a goal of our endeavor.

Prince, a new toy car model, learn the math, don't fail, get into a good high school, graduate, get a college degree, good work, family, happy old age. Ambition, ambition, ambition.

Imagine two people - Mr. A and Mr. B. They both work in one company - the company XYZ, as They both start in the same position - a regular employee of the department. Mr. A is full of ambitions - he wants to grow, he wants to achieve something, he has high goals. So Mr. A tries and gradually grows - suddenly he is an assistant to the head of the department, then he himself is the head of the department, then he is promoted to the division management, then he becomes the head of the division… when he reaches the position of "President of XYZ, as" . Above him are only the shareholders… to whom he is.

Mr A has a high income. Thanks to his ambitions, he became a rich and respected person from a poor, ordinary worker. What about Mr. B?

Mr. B began as an ordinary clerk. When the new regulation came, he saw it as an obstacle. "Why the hell am I supposed to do this and that, when it hasn't had to be before? It's useless, I'll shit on it. ”That was Mr B's approach - he saw the new regulation as an obstacle, not an opportunity. After all - how did Mr A react in this situation?

"Hmm, more work? Well, we should get to it as soon as possible, let it be done as soon as possible - hey the rest of you, be careful not to forget it! ”He saw the new regulation as an opportunity.

The more we overcome obstacles, the more those obstacles will harden us - what seems impossible to us now seems impossible to us only due to our own limitations. If we manage what is impossible for us, we will break our own, personal limit and get to it next level - to another border, which used to be even more "impossible" and completely unimaginable for us. Now all you have to do is break down this border.

Our own personality and the limits of our possibilities with ourselves theseobstacles expand. The more obstacles the more we manage in other parts of our lives. Obstacles become opportunities. Opportunities for our development, to create a better one alreadythan who we are today.

Mr A had a positive attitude towards the new regulations and changes - he saw them as an opportunity for personal improvement. Thanks to that, he improved until he achieved a high position and a happy life. Just something won't surprise him anymore.

Mr B, on the other hand, had a negative attitude - everything new, everything extra he saw it as useless, as an obstacle in his routine work. He refused a change in his everyday work rhythm, and thus he also refused a change in his work position - for example, promotion.

People who set high goals, high ambitions and are not afraid of the changes that come with achieving them are successful. They can have a lot of money, a nice house, a great family and smart children. They grow above others who set low goals out of sheer fear or reluctance.

The problem of Czech (in) ambition

Let's look at developed countries. Ambitious people here are dear citizens, people to whom others generally have respect and esteem. The whole well-known "American dream" is built solely on ambition, when a poor person reaches heights out of nowhere thanks to his own diligence.

Let's look at the Czech Republic and further east - there is a certain degree of contempt for ambitious people, people despise them. This is for one reason - the same reason why they are recognized and supported by the ambitious and successful in the West - because they stand out above average.

The average Czech has kept his warm place for many years. Sometimes he gets a salary increase, quite often he cares about how useless the job is and his employer is a wonder not a bully. namore? Try? Stand out above average? No! Why would they do that when they have their certain…

We could see where life without ambition leads in practice before 1989. The system of the time turned the word "ambition" into no wonder. Everyone was average, everyone was equal, only some were more equal. Ambitiousness was suppressed - everyone had their place, where he stayed for thirty or forty years. Then he retired, where he rested until his death.

The system of that time controlled the personal development of the individual to such an extent that he restricted freedom. If he directed the personal development of the individual, he also managed the whole society. If there was a single exception, it meant an error in the company's management system. This single small rift could - if not caught soon - trigger a sharp avalanche if the people caught this rift and gradually completely disrupted the management system of socialist society. The dictatorship of the proletariat would cease to be a dictatorship, and thanks to the possibility of their own personal development, people could begin to think freely and discover the shortcomings of the system. They would begin to think critically, which was the last thing the socialist system needed.

After all, such a small crack in the form of dissidents helped to disrupt the socialist system in what was then Czechoslovakia. The free and critical mind of the then social underground was the rift. The Velvet Revolution was the avalanche.

For fifty years, ambition has been punished here. It may take fifty years or more for society's distorted view of ambition and ambition to return to normal. Only then will our country be able to grow, capable of the changes and reforms that are needed. Until then, most societies will be panicked.

For ambitious people, growth is more than just money. Ambition doesn't have to be just working progress or a happy family, she may even have a dream of her own family house somewhere in the village, lust object the whole world around and so on. Many people without ambitions do not realize that that growth can bring us much more money (money) in the end than trying to find a warm place.

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