Datosphere - the future of the Internet and the illusion of the Czech Pirate Party

Czech Pirate Party received a certain minor media response when it was created. This was mainly due to the fact that it is a new type of party - it does not address social issues, it does not address health care, nor the economy, it does not address the environment or faith or minorities. It solves the platform of the third millennium, it solves the internet.

Although this may not seem true, today's Internet is only an Internet in its infancy - the real one IThe Internet will only become apparent in the coming years, when the Internet will become the most important platform for many media, when more money flows through the Internet than television, radio and the press combined.

The future Internet with a big I will be somewhat different. It will not just be a mess of web and communication services, where there is a stark wall of tags between two users, but a living and interactive sphere of the human world - in accordance with the nomenclature of spheres, we will call it the "datosphere".

What will be the difference between that datosphere and today's internet?

People perceive the Internet primarily as a network that is accessed from a device - PC, laptop, phone. TV, radio, print or billboards are strictly separated from the Internet - they are "neighbors" of today's Internet, they live next to it and compete with it.

But the datosphere will be something else. The Internet will be the basis - we call it the Internet, but rather it will be the Net - the network. Perhaps the name "medium" or "ultramedia" would be more appropriate for the future Internet. Television, radio, the press, billboards, party election posters, telephoning, almost all human activity will not live next to the Internet, but will live in it. The Internet will be the basis for all information, for all the data that is generated in the world. Proto Datosphere, proto ultramedia.

However, this makes the Internet the most powerful tool in the future - whoever takes over the Internet would almost gain dominance over the world, because the Internet will be equal to everything.

Many organizations, governments, authorities and companies are aware of this. Therefore, they try to control the Internet, because if they do not start influencing the content of the Internet now, the train will pass them and they will not catch up in the future. If the Internet remains free and independent, it would mean a completely free and independent press, radio, television… everything in the future. Which many people may not like.

The fact that the Internet creates a kind of data sphere, where the Internet will be the alpha and omega of everything, can be seen today - whether it is IP telephony, IPTV, social networks or small independent Internet radios. But these are only the first little steps.

And what do the pirate parties or our Czech pirate party have to do with it?

As already mentioned, they focus on the Internet. At his liberty, they embark on a difficult struggle against the most powerful people in the world, who are guaranteed to want to control that datosphere.

The problem, however, is that these facts are de-facto behind the scenes. Only a few (in the thousands) in the Czech Republic and those companies know about this possible future development. People outside continue to vote for conservatives or socialists, who attack them with questions of taxes, health care or the social system. People are not interested in the Internet, they only serve them by email or to search for some information, maximally for fun. They have no idea about blocking any site or trying to influence the Internet, about the free principle of the Internet and about the possible future consequences of the development of the Internet, they don't care, they don't care.

The Internet is such a marginal topic for most people that they would rather choose low taxes, a social system, cheap highways or save forests. They would rather choose general topics that they see everywhere than "about that computer" topics. When you ask an ordinary person on some of ČPS's topics about the Internet, he either out of ignorance agrees with what ČPS is fighting against, or he says "and what I ask for an Internet, how we will be, is more important." And maybe they don't even realize that the way they will be can be greatly influenced by the Internet in the future.

The ČPS voter will also be more of a young person, which is good for the future, but it also has a few disadvantages.

First, it is the volatility of this constituency. It is necessary to force them to go to the polls at all and then to force them to vote for ČPS. It might not be a big problem for people 20+, but it will be difficult for first-time voters and voters in general under the age of 20, simply because they are not very interested in politics and choose the most common ones according to the "color of the tie". on television or because they have no idea about internet political topics and they seem unimportant to them (the fact that they use the internet intensively does not mean that they understand it - this is true to a great extent among today's young people, take the majority person!)

So ČPS has really nice posters with the slogans "Free Internet" or "Revision of the Copyright Act", but so far they are only posters for ČPS fans. These topics are literally stolen from the majority voter who would send ČPS to Parliament.

The tasks of ČPS should therefore be as follows:

  1. Mobilize your fans and those who would most likely go to vote for ČPS - young people - as soon as possible and force them to go to the polls.
  2. Get in touch with the general public (pre-election meetings are not completely thrown away, although they may cost some eggs…) and tell them co is ČPS, what are the topics of ČPS, why ČPS topics are important.
  3. Convince the general public that the topics of the Internet are as important as the topics of general life. At best, turn internet topics into topics of general life.
  4. And again - to be in contact not only with Internet users, but also with the general public and also offer topics of a general nature.
  5. Attract attention.

ČPS's motto "the internet is our sea" is nice and in a way apt. However, for some political success, only the Internet is a small pond.


  1. Beautiful post, indeed.

    I get a little oriented in politics, I follow political events. And often at the level of smaller parties. I can even (at worst) estimate in which area which party has what priorities and goals. However, I am at least a little active, so I am actively interested in and looking for information.

    Unfortunately, the Czech public is usually disgusted with politics as such. Certainly this will be due in part to the fact that the public is overwhelmingly passive, that it is not looking for new directions, new paths and political parties. So surely there will be guilt on the part of the citizens as well, I do not deny that.

    But who wants whose votes - do citizens want your votes or vice versa? I would say the opposite. The Internet will not function as "strongly" in political agitation as in Iran, because our society is much freer after all. It is not necessary to create here (at least for now) a kind of underground layer of those who "tell the truth". Thanks to its relative freedom, the Internet is an amazing place for this political underground, but there is no place for this underground in the Czech Republic.

    Disgusting people with politics also means that it is much harder to start something new here than elsewhere. However, for convenience, the advantage is that the Czech Republic is a small country. To arouse some enthusiasm in people to lend you their vote in elections, you need to show them what you showed me in your previous post. So you're not just the "computer guys."

    I know your program, I know it's not just about the Internet. But the problem is that no one else knows de-facto. So people may agree with your views (if they know them at all) on the free internet, but until you give them a comprehensive recipe for managing the country, they will never give you a vote.

    You have the recipe, but you don't show it to anyone. Unfortunately.

  2. Lukáš, your contribution is quite apt, the internet as a medium, a tool, a means, it is just beginning to show its possibilities. Which we will be able to use if we don't look at it like Neanderthals on a sewing machine. However, we must not confuse the device with the goal. This is a fundamental mistake of your reasoning. The Czech Pirate Party (ČPS) strives to protect free access and use of the Internet as a unique, completely free tool for us citizens.
    A complete mistake is your statement that ČPS does not address healthcare, the economy, the environment, minorities, or faith. In this you completely falsely describe the real situation. Maybe by mistake, maybe by misunderstanding. The priorities of ČPS mean clear positions in the above-mentioned areas. Transparency of spending of funds and their maximum efficiency and the highest possible efficiency, not only in the above areas. In the liberal orientation of ČPS, respect for the freedom of the individual to one's own faith and beliefs is fully enshrined and unquestionably, discrimination against any minority group is completely rejected, equality between women and men, as well as younger and older, is taken for granted, and this is considered joint responsibility of individual groups towards each other. He respects the law over injustice and order over disorder. The advantage of individuals over the majority is rejected and the rights of minorities and against any disadvantage to them are respected.
    All you have to do is read the ČPS program and its statutes. Plus we have at least full literacy.

    The points that you state in the conclusion as tasks for ČPS are stimulating, but they have one basic flaw. They assume responsibility only on the part of ČPS. But it also has a second dimension with the right to vote, every citizen of the Czech Republic also has a responsibility, which gives the party the responsibility for himself to represent his interests for the next four years. I am not writing this because I would like to remove from ČPS the responsibility for addressing voters and the obligation to convince myself of my credibility. The point is that ČPS, because it has no business or lobby group behind it, does not have the resources for an equivalent promotional campaign as other parties. ČPS only has funds from donors in a transparent account and then the Internet for communication. Therefore, it depends a lot on the voters themselves to what extent the ČPS will support and share its opinions.
    In Iran, for example, young people use fully modern technology so that they are no longer enslaved by religious fanatics.
    Today, however, they are afraid of the same waves of people's democratization processes in our would-be democratic Czech Republic. It depends on each person what he will do for our life together in this state. Past generations over the last twenty years have allowed a lot to be led to cooked noodles from various populists to rats, and therefore they should humbly deal with young people who have a life ahead of them.
    But that's not how it works, and in today's society based entirely on utter selfishness, young people will have to take much more rights for their rights, ČPS is trying to take the first steps on this path.

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